Friday, July 30

1st post . explains

hello to the many fans of + aguysite blog. i've started a blog for many reasons. here they are.

one . i wanted to update and showcase new websites without having to mess with the monthly editions of i like having certain websites on for a full month so many visitors coming through can experience what others have days before. with aguysite blog, i am now able to update almost daily with more gayish news, male information + beautiful images.

two . i wanted to create another outlet to communicate with fans through my new blog. you can leave comments anonymously or with a blogger profile name. you can post thoughts on the current post or about any issue and i'll address each comment as i come across it. i don't post my email because of spam + scary emails.

three . i wanted to show a little more of my personality. i wanted to be more up to date on gay websites + news. my writing, so far, has not been an issue. i don't focus on politics or social issues. i'm all about pop culture and fun with aguysite blog. i'll leave the life changing slash thought provoking blogs for other guys to work on. i'm all about making your web experience that much for fun.

four . i needed a space on the interent that allows me to focus on issues. if for some reason my website is down, people can bookmark and visit aguysite blog for further information about pc problems, server problems, etc. if you're a fan of, it's your job to bookmark aguysite blog.

five . i get to post what i like to call 'new vintage' from previous monthly editions of i don't have an archive for people to go through. i treat like a monthly publication. slight updates but always fresh + new. when a month has come + gone i get to post some past stories or websites on aguysite blog. it's all about helping those who missed previous editions to catch up on what others have experienced.