Thursday, September 30

the blogmaster . an introduction

as my blog + website increases popularity, more + more people are attempting to contact me through my guestbook or blog. i don't post any emails anywhere on any site because i don't want spam mail or scary emails from unwanted individuals. because of those "scary emails" i do not post any more images of my self on either site. an image of me shouldn't matter if you better enjoy the site + blog. you should enjoy the work i put into the 2 sites and just leave it at that.

i've gone ahead and opened up a hotmail account for my blog audience. if i've featured your site and/or images and you either want to thank me or rip me a new hole, then you can vent your anger or kind words to aguysiteblog at hotmail dot com.

my complete profile can be found over at you'll get a better idea of who i am and what i'm all about there. the reason i created is to promote + educate + entertain guys like yourself who are into guys. i created aguysite blog because i needed daily updates + more space on the web to create my vision of being gay.

for those wanting to promote on or aguysite blog, you can email me with information. i don't ask for money or contracts. i, of course, don't mind gestures of thanks that includes sample merchandise or just two simple words... "thank you". the reason i do anything is because i choose to do so. don't expect me to advertise your site or product just because you ask. i'm not a pushover. i can't make everyone happy. i can't promote everyone.

for those wondering, my blog averages 600-1,100 hits a day. i have a steady audience that i hope enjoys what i do. i don't expect comments on each post but i enjoy reading what people have to say about my work. the content i post is related to gay material for a mature audience but nothing x rated. remember, is monthly with few updates. aguysite blog is daily.

now that you know a little about me, go ahead and post a comment about you. i'd love to know who's reading my blog and what you think. if no one posts, then my ego is not hurt. just keep those hits coming. aguysite blog is hard, erect and throbbing because of you. thank you for your time + interest.

Wednesday, September 22

big tex . cowboy "getting some"

for those unaware of a rather large, LARGE statue that stands in the middle of a state fair held in texas, a photo was taken that is just too funny. but before we get to that photo let us understand big tex.

starting friday sept 24th to october 17th, the state fair of texas opens with attractions ranging from their famous car shows to some famous football game to concerts from country artist to amusment park rides that are the best, let's not forget the fair games that most seem to be fixed! well...

big tex is considered to be the world's largest cowboy. for those interested in his origin, you can click here for more info. he may not be real but just imagine he was, he and the green giant would be fucking all night long, an amazing show for all gay citzens around the world. the reason i say this is because a photo was published that shows big tex "getting some". i will admit, when i stand at the base of him and look him. he gives me one hell of a woody. a big one that i have to adjust myself in public. i'm getting one right now!

"Tim Thibodeaux is perched precariously atop' Big Tex' as he prepares the 52-foot-tall talking cowboy figure for the opening of the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 20, 2004. Big Tex made his debut in 1952 and began greeting fairgoers in 1953."

check out his official artist website . rdriccoboni.comwait. big tex is only 52 years old? i'll take a rugged large 52 yr old cowboy any day over a 20something college boy! i did a search on and found this rugged cowboy that was a great find among a search of 168 under the word 'cowboy'. only known as 'SanDiegoWoofyItalian', this specimen is truly worthy of the name BIG TEX aka big san diego! GOD DAMN IT! look at that hairy pit!

Saturday, September 11

bb4 homo . will

big brother 4: u.s. version is done in september. as a gay reality nut watching a gay man play the game + lose... well, i just didn't care if he won or lost. i started to care when my dick hardened the minute i saw will (evicted week 6) at the jury house in Puerto Vallarta. i couldn't believe what a tan and much masturbation can do to a man. scruffy + lean + probably tastes like sea water mixed with sweat, very bitter yet f*ckable. i needed will's body. i had to watch every week to see what more they would show of will. and i'm sure i'm not the only one who noticed his 'cover boy' status. expect to see him all over gay magazines + websites fashion sites/gimmics. below is a glimpse of what i saw those unforgettable nights!

just bend over will!

more screencaps

the game: a number of contestants enter a house where all communication is cut off from the outside world. the players then vote one houseguest out a week through games such as 'power of veto' + 'head of household'. with the final 9 players, 7 of them become the jury that make the final vote as to which final two players walk away with the $500,000 prize. will is in that jury house. sequestered from the viewing public.

09 . 11

click . msn story

i remember

Thursday, September 9

tunes + commercials

lately i've been watching commercials and trying to figure the f*ck out "what is that song!?!" well i've got some web help for you. for example. the new hp player ad that debuted on the mtv vma's had hunky cowboys (+ rough cowgirls) dancing to some hip hop music. it was very creative. i loved it. but after seeing it. i needed to know who was that singing in the clip. selected pieces of music really does stick. with my web investigation skills working overdrive, i bring 3 sites that will hopefully help you find the song(s) you need to get through your day.

Ad Tunes

What's That Called

David Reviews

over at Ad Tunes, i found the artist name of that wickedly creepy ad from Levi's jeans where that white manniquin comes after the guy who bought his jeans. you can directly view that ad by clicking here. "You Put A Spell on Me" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

the other ad that was bugging me was the highly popular dancing cowfolk from HP technology. you can view it and the other similar hp ads by clicking here. the song played in this cowboy clip is "The Boogie That Be" by the Black Eyed Peas.

lastly, 'davids reviews' are more for commercials seen worldwide.

Sunday, September 5

hoobastank . doug "beef" robb

hoobastank . same direction . windows media format
i did watch the vma's 04 shot in miami, fl. and... well i hated it. but one band did perform called 'hoobastank' and they didn't 'stank' at all. they were good. they performed a simple set but that's all right. in fact,
the lead vocal, doug robb, is brothers with the lead vocal/singer of incubus.

[hoobastank . same direction . windows media format . click picture]

but wait, there's more. well, actually there isn't. i'm just reporting this story because i'm infactuated with doug robb's body + arms. i'm surprised the gay community [the ones into bodies + self pleasure] have not showcased these pictures in message boards or websites!

in a show back in los angeles, doug robb performed shirtless. in his designer jeans and red sneakers, this sweaty performer's body was captured in so many photos that i was unable to track them all. there are 3 large galleries you can view by clicking below. catch them before they're gone cause you know how the artist websites change... always leaving behind the image they once were and moving towards the image they are to become. thank you doug, for working out and yes, singing with sweaty passion.