Saturday, September 11

bb4 homo . will

big brother 4: u.s. version is done in september. as a gay reality nut watching a gay man play the game + lose... well, i just didn't care if he won or lost. i started to care when my dick hardened the minute i saw will (evicted week 6) at the jury house in Puerto Vallarta. i couldn't believe what a tan and much masturbation can do to a man. scruffy + lean + probably tastes like sea water mixed with sweat, very bitter yet f*ckable. i needed will's body. i had to watch every week to see what more they would show of will. and i'm sure i'm not the only one who noticed his 'cover boy' status. expect to see him all over gay magazines + websites fashion sites/gimmics. below is a glimpse of what i saw those unforgettable nights!

just bend over will!

more screencaps

the game: a number of contestants enter a house where all communication is cut off from the outside world. the players then vote one houseguest out a week through games such as 'power of veto' + 'head of household'. with the final 9 players, 7 of them become the jury that make the final vote as to which final two players walk away with the $500,000 prize. will is in that jury house. sequestered from the viewing public.


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