Thursday, September 30

the blogmaster . an introduction

as my blog + website increases popularity, more + more people are attempting to contact me through my guestbook or blog. i don't post any emails anywhere on any site because i don't want spam mail or scary emails from unwanted individuals. because of those "scary emails" i do not post any more images of my self on either site. an image of me shouldn't matter if you better enjoy the site + blog. you should enjoy the work i put into the 2 sites and just leave it at that.

i've gone ahead and opened up a hotmail account for my blog audience. if i've featured your site and/or images and you either want to thank me or rip me a new hole, then you can vent your anger or kind words to aguysiteblog at hotmail dot com.

my complete profile can be found over at you'll get a better idea of who i am and what i'm all about there. the reason i created is to promote + educate + entertain guys like yourself who are into guys. i created aguysite blog because i needed daily updates + more space on the web to create my vision of being gay.

for those wanting to promote on or aguysite blog, you can email me with information. i don't ask for money or contracts. i, of course, don't mind gestures of thanks that includes sample merchandise or just two simple words... "thank you". the reason i do anything is because i choose to do so. don't expect me to advertise your site or product just because you ask. i'm not a pushover. i can't make everyone happy. i can't promote everyone.

for those wondering, my blog averages 600-1,100 hits a day. i have a steady audience that i hope enjoys what i do. i don't expect comments on each post but i enjoy reading what people have to say about my work. the content i post is related to gay material for a mature audience but nothing x rated. remember, is monthly with few updates. aguysite blog is daily.

now that you know a little about me, go ahead and post a comment about you. i'd love to know who's reading my blog and what you think. if no one posts, then my ego is not hurt. just keep those hits coming. aguysite blog is hard, erect and throbbing because of you. thank you for your time + interest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Thomas&co. said...

I've stumbled onto your site. I am a new blogger, and in your content I see what I want to aim for. I really like it. Hey, maybe I'm your type of guy, too. How aged, though? Hmm.
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