Sunday, September 5

hoobastank . doug "beef" robb

hoobastank . same direction . windows media format
i did watch the vma's 04 shot in miami, fl. and... well i hated it. but one band did perform called 'hoobastank' and they didn't 'stank' at all. they were good. they performed a simple set but that's all right. in fact,
the lead vocal, doug robb, is brothers with the lead vocal/singer of incubus.

[hoobastank . same direction . windows media format . click picture]

but wait, there's more. well, actually there isn't. i'm just reporting this story because i'm infactuated with doug robb's body + arms. i'm surprised the gay community [the ones into bodies + self pleasure] have not showcased these pictures in message boards or websites!

in a show back in los angeles, doug robb performed shirtless. in his designer jeans and red sneakers, this sweaty performer's body was captured in so many photos that i was unable to track them all. there are 3 large galleries you can view by clicking below. catch them before they're gone cause you know how the artist websites change... always leaving behind the image they once were and moving towards the image they are to become. thank you doug, for working out and yes, singing with sweaty passion.


Blogger BMW said...

saw Doug Robb on a cable access MTV/type show the other night. he took off his shirt, so I was onto Google to find more, and found your site. Thanks for the links. I think I'll be a Hoobastank fan now!!!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to clear this up: Doug and Brandon are not brothers, friends, but not brothers.

12:11 PM  

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