Sunday, October 31


wish i was there for a night

i mean it! watch at your own risk!
spooky treat! . watch at your own risk!!!
windows media format

Tuesday, October 26

gabe kapler . who's that?

during the first airing of the world series on saturday, a group of my friends sat around to watch the game. a girl brought up a name that i know so very well. yet i played it off as if i never have heard of the man they call, gabe kapler. he's muscle. he's meat. he's a man with fcktastic features. he's brute and raw. his sweat is to be desired by many men's mouths. he is gabe kapler. the few photos below are a glimpse at his photo career.

gabe's boston salary: $750,000 - 2004

for some reason, gabe loves to take photos but has no official website. he changes teams every few years. i first heard the guy when he game to my neck of the woods, joining the texas rangers. suddenly he was in the world series with the boston red socks! here's an update for those unaware of his recent happenings. he is married and his wife has recently come forward to discuss her abuse from a previous boyfriend. kapler is jewish and as many have seen this photo of kapler with some beefy hunk, well go ahead + click the photo to find the source of this photo.

for those with a keen eye will notice a tatoo on kapler's left calf muscle of a star of David intertwined with the words "Baal Ratzon Chazak". translates to "strong mind/master of a strong will". when this hunky jew stands in an undressed manor in front of reporters, his tattoo is on full display.

on gabe's right calf is a tattoo of a flame with the words "Never Again" and the dates 1933-1945 for the span of hitler's war against the jews. he got the tats 5 years ago after he was already a major leaguer. His tattoos are a counterweight to assimilation

“It’s been a conversation point” in locker rooms, says Kapler, adding that he then has a chance to explain that the tattoos are “about being proud of who I am, where I come from, and the history of my culture.”

He has no regrets: “Do you think I’d put something on my body that will be there for the rest of my life if I didn’t feel completely confident and passionate about it?”

in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he was asked this and responded with this...

AJC: Didja know you were a gay icon?

GK: No, really?

AJC: Yeah, you should check out (a site for gay sports fans). You're very popular.

GK: That's funny . . . no, I did not know that.

The interviewer later said that Kapler's responses were not sarcastic; rather, he was either genuinely surprised or was feigning ignorance. [this excerpt was taken from the BASEBALL'S TOP 10 GAY ICONS write up in's blog]

well now you know more about kapler. feel free to see this sexual object as something more then just a piece of meat. a sweaty slab of very refined meat.

someone paid $40 on ebay for this issue!

missing: a blog stated that gabe kapler posed for 'international male' in a bikini. where is that issue/photo?

grand theft auto . thug edition

repost: nearly all nerds + gamers know about the grand theft auto series releasing its newest title 'san andreas'. with a mix of all things california, grand theft auto 4: san andreas is going to break records with its thuggish take on all things gang related/ghetto. yes, i play the game mutha fcukers. i enjoy the time i put into the game and it's my choice to waste my time playing it.

below is your first look at the windows media trailer. the official website. + a track you can download for free . [legal mp3 download at . dj krush] . i plan on downloading this track to my xbox when that version comes out later in 2005. other gay gamers know that with the xbox + gta series, one can listen to their own created radio station while driving the pimped out rides in these games. fckin a!

trailer . windows media

winamp media format
dj krush - with grace

cnn article . the release of gta4

Thursday, October 21 update

what'd u say?

it has been done! let the masses know! my official last day [at my day job] is scheduled for november 17th. that week is when i begin making my new full time job. you've seen what i can do with my spare time. now many of you will see what an amateur webmaster can do with plenty of gay pc time. i hope to make one of your top favorite web visits and help thousands of web visitors get in touch with their gay pop culture side. back to work.

november edition in the works. all new content!

[i tried to update last night.. but was having some ftp problems. it happens]

Tuesday, October 19

comments . type your mind

for some reason i didn't give the option for anyone to write a comment to anything i write. i'm still new to the whole blogging aspect so bear with me. i have now fixed this problem and anyone, anywhere can post a comment regarding anything i write. i didn't mean to come off as someone who only wants opinions or thoughts from other members. please... everyone with an erection and a woody... leave your voice regarding issues discussed on this blog.

i am also aware most people don't leave comments because many would rather be 'lurkers'. this is a term to describe people who move throughout the internet without interacting with the people who run + operate websites/blogs. let us know what you think. negative + positive comments = good interaction.

hey! and i know the grammer or spelling can be a little off here at blog but bear with me. i research and i type and i research and then i post. i try to edit minor mistakes or typos the best i can. remember, the english language can be written in many forms. let me do it the way i like to.

all right. back to work!

Monday, October 18

D.I.L.F. - dads i like to fck

at my tender age of twentysomething, i [like many youngsters] are attracted to an older man. a type of man that has certain qualities. he's a father. he's a married man. he is a dad that i would like to fck if given the chance. he can be hairy. he can be very well built. he can be devoted to his life yet will always need a young guy to help him get by in his everyday life. i've met some. you'll meet some.

the reason i'm thinking about horny dads is because i recently went to a pumpkin patch thing for families and i took this photo below. of a man that is a loving father, has a beautiful wife and a precious toddler. all i could think about was tasting his "dad" skin and getting hammered like a power tool in the rear by his "breeding" dick. he was an actual d.i.l.f.! live in person. in the flesh. right there for me. but he showed no interest in me. and i was fine with that. some of them are happy and in no need of young stud like me. he may have one on the side. or a young woman elsewhere. but he won't be the last d.i.l.f. i will meet.

a dad you only see once

those str8 boys claim that they created the m.i.l.f. phenomenon. [mothers i'd like to fck] they now claim they created the daughter version. d.i.l.f. [daughters i'd like to fck]. i scream bullsh*t. d.i.l.f. belongs to us. don't let those str8 jocks + horny dweebs take control of d.i.l.f. you can view many, many other versions of dilf over at urban dictionary right now.

and can you believe it. there is already a gay based adult website with the name dilf. the site offers horrible videos [which i'll probably download + whack off to later] and offers nothing great to look at. just average joes. i'd advise you if you discover this naughty website, save your money. go for the 3 day trial.

well what do you know, i discovered a press release on the dilf website that opened in 2003. and a year later they only have 7 videos... seven in a fckin year! come on!

"Well, if the straight markets can have MILF, why can't the gay arena have DILF?" asks Gary-Alan, owner of the new gay reality site DILF dot something

StudMoney Launches DILF dot something
September 3, 2003

- DILF dot something (http://www.dilf dot something) - Dads I Like to Fuck, a very unique gay reality site, has been successfully launched by Gary-Alan, President and Owner of StudMoney Affiliate Program (http://www.studmoney dot something).

DILF dot something is a very powerful site and is quickly making its mark on the gay adult web with fantastic sales. [luring you to join. seven freakin videos. in one year!] The "reality " approach of DILF dot something, mixed with the straight Dad’s first time, gives the surfer the ultimate in fantasy and adult entertainment. The first of its kind, DILF dot something has won over surfers who are looking for a site that is different, tempting and down right naughty.

StudMoney, an affiliate program brought to you by Gary-Alan, offers webmasters a 50/50 share of sales on this hot new niche property. With original niches, exclusive content and frequent updates [umm... no], StudMoney keeps both conversions AND retention in mind. Offering free content and awesome banners, along with original text links, webmasters will have an easy time promoting this fantastic and fresh new site. [umm... no]

lesson learned . d.i.l.f.

final thoughts: it's a good thing that this studmoney guy is doing this with dilf. but he needs to focus less on just getting your money and more on creating a larger, quality site. not a product that comes off as a waste of time or good for one week. we just don't see enough of dad types doing son types on adult sites. it's always about the freakin twinks doing other twinks! someone please change this.

Friday, October 15

the apprentice 2 . john the stud

just getting home, i immediately went online to find that 'fired interview' the today show puts online after no one watches it during the day. i wanted to see what this week's most handsome fired employee had to say. i'm talking about the 24 yr old san francisco bay god, John. for those who don't know [while at college] he won three division one national titles in the sport of rugby. he's done a whole lot of other great accomplishments but let's move on.

john . video profile

today show . interview

donald thinks . episode 6
"i can get any of these models-
to fall in love with my money."

he was the 6th person to get fired from the ultra boring donald. the season [so far] is just weak. i almost don't even care if i miss an episode anymore. i will admit i was captivated by the good genes god gifted to john's face + body. although his teenage antics + crude potty mouth left me with little desire to rush out to meet him in person... that is when he starts whoring himself around for some of that reality fame, i still adore his strong arms- i mean lips- i mean i adore him as a person. yes. a person.

the guys checking out... other guys?

i found his official website, it was a boring visit. he needs his site to get a revamped style, add some modeling photos, add more color, he needs to check out jennifer crisafulli's official site for tips. [check out her new photos, she's a brand new beauty!] gay viewers can contact him but who knows if he will respond. and i think he has a website link to his mother's[?] wonderful paintings.

the annoying people over at 'friendster' have created crappy bio pages for each contestant. john has one and says he's interested in dating women [f*ck!], was affiliated with the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, listens to frank sinatra + eminem, watches survivor + nip/tuck, doesn't trust people who doesn't like dogs and is quoted in saying "Watch the show to learn more about me, but if you don't like me then it was all the editing." now near the bottom of his profile exist 'friendster fans'. one of those fans is a gay personal trainer, frank aka bruno's bodyworks.

bruon's story: he grew up in the same area as john but moved to la following careers in singing/songwriting, computer instruction, modeling, real estate, design firm manager, etc thus finally focusing on personal trainer. he's been working out for 15 years, his friends all ask him for workout advice + tips which lead him to getting certified as a personal trainer. having a background in Psychology, he always incorporates the physical with the mental for a full body-mind workout. bruno is so popular that he has hired employees to handle his many clients.

his friendster profile lists he is only 35, enjoys tivo, adventure travel to such places as Switzerland - Bali - Tahiti, listens to madonna + depeche mode + creed, watches survivor + amazing race + six feet under + sex and the city + smallville. [who doesn't watch the new clark kent!] he is quoted in saying "i'm past the party and circuit scene and enjoy spending my time with quality individuals who are down to earth and real." he's a major cuddler, very independent and looking for mr. right. awwww!

check out bruno's fitness adventures. yum!

also, fans of the show are starting to think contestant kelly is a homo in hiding. his profile stats he is in a relationship. he can design women's clothing. he is extremely beautiful so i guess all that makes him gay... to me + many others. i adore him if he's straight. either way, i'm betting he'll make it to the end. he's flawless on the show. i do await that moment when he answers that loft phone, shirtless in boxers nearly ready to drop!

check out his official business website here.

you're either one or the other

Tuesday, October 12

manhunt . the gay contestant?

wha- wha- whatttt? what did you sgay?

in an interview with the houston chronicle, producer stuart krasnow says....

"The majority of the guys are straight..."

he goes on to sgay...

"Being a male model is really the rock-star life, and these guys lived it almost every night of the week. It's all about picking up women[men], getting women's[men's] phone numbers and talking about women[men]."

so which ones are gay? which are bisexual? which are confused? i have the first revelation to share with you. i found this information on a message board [campfire] and it seems all pictures + info match up.. this could be the first potential gay model ousted in manhunt. of course, during the first episode, he may just "i'm gay"

hunter . manhunt model

hunter's bio: he was born and raised in small rural town of DeQueen, Arkansas. he took up gymnastics at the age of five which then became his love. in high school, he played football, basketball, cross-country track, tennis, and was on the swim team. [sexual exploration sports, fckin a!] he was also voted Class Favorite + Most Handsome. wait- record scratching... he's presently enrolled at Ouachita Baptist University!?! he's been in two "true relationships" but is currently single + looking to mingle. he has several dreams and will do anything to help make those come true. [even dance in a gay bar???]

interview video
windows media format

these pictures below were found at the 'back street dance club' bar/website located at 1021 Jessie Rd, Little Rock, AR, 72202. in my research, DeQueen Lake is part of the Little Rock district. this bar is just miles down from his small town. and yes there is a gay man living in dequeen, ark. i found his profile at 'gay universe'. he's a 42 year old guy who enjoys "Phone Sex, Swing/Poly/Group, guys ages 18-65, he's hairy - tall - bisexual, and he's willing to travel 150 miles for s. e. x." click here for city info + a map to see exactly how far DeQueen is from Little Rock. the man in these images strongly resembles hunter. the man in question dances for men, hugs men, loves men in a gay club environment. check them out. . fotos

if hunter is not gay, then he is among the many, many guys who dance to take gay men's money. he would be no different then a lipstick lesbian dancing to steal money away from crude greasy old men. just know that nearly all men dancing on stages or clubs is not there for sex or love, they are there to take what they want. fame. lust. money. and maybe your will to live. [i'm writing this as i watch the last half hour of the premiere. i was watching real world philly. i'll catch manhunt: episode one again in an hour on bravo tv.]

the state fair . texas edition

here in dallas/ft worth area, a fair is held that is 'the state fair of texas'. with attractions such as big tex [the tallest cowboy in the world], the 2005 auto show, the flying house cat show, livestock auctions, world famous Texas vs. Oklahoma football game [held in the cotton bowl], famed U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, the super midway [amusment park rides, fun as sh*t], and so much more i can't even list everything. the fair has another weekend left open and i'm thinking about going again. the reason. so much male cowboy beef that you are suddenly a walking hard on!

since i'm not as comfortable showing my mug shot on everyone's pc, i took many pictures of the surrounding fair grounds + as many hot texans as i could... without them noticing me taking their mug shot! it was freakin hard to do it. people would look at me and i would suddenly go into 'fixin camera mode'.

the best images are below in a gallery i like to call...

'state fair texans'

coming out day . oct. 10th . gay group

image story: my favorite images were of the guy in the blue shirt + jeans that was demonstrating hauling large bags of cement dust stuff into the back of a pickup truck. he was fanfcuktastic. + that cowboy in the tan shirt. amazing. everything a cowboy should be. polite. well spoken. got close enough to smell his strong cologne. you know i was taking a full picture of him and he saw me! and then he thought he was in the way, so he tried to move out of the frame but i still got him! i love texas. oh and that young stud with the green jacket over his shoulder. pure solid lean muscle. i was hoping to get a glimpse of his arm to show you guys the definition of his young build, but i wasn't fast enough with the camera.

i was with straight people so i had to make sure no one suspecting me of taking pictures of guys. of men. of cowboys + jocks. maybe next time at six flags i'll get some bigger sweaty hairy nuts to take face shots.

Saturday, October 2

alexander . the bisexual

official site

big news: colin farrell, the guy nearly all gay men want to see in an adult film [co starring russell crowe + tom cruise], is about to be editing out of his own movie... again. the first time he played a bisexual character in "Home at the End of the World" where he reveals all his girth [penis, i'm talking about his penis] to the audience. women in sneak previews gasped at the size while the men said, "it wasn't that big, i don't know what people are making a fuss over". oh the jealously.

4 minutes . end titles . windows media format
alexander the great . the soundtrack
listen! 4 minutes . end titles

it seems the execs over at warner bros. films are in heated arguements over oliver stone to edit out those male on male scenes with colin's character - Alexander the Great with Bagoas, played by new cummer Francisco Bosch. This is marked as his first film noted by it seems oliver stone wanted to protray Alexander as a bisexual man but it seems as quoted from one insider says "Some of the suits at Warner Bros. think that the movie-going public just isn’t ready to see that." you mean the str8 football watching public? right you suited a-holes. women + gay men are ready. the men are at home watching the games. but the 'suits' want those studs between the ages of 18-49 to pay their dollars to see a str8 colin make out with a bisexual angelina jolie!

below is the new trailer for the film. windows media format.

super hi-res trailer

bonus: look for another interesting actor in the film. jonathan rhys-meyers will be playing Cassander in the great cinematic bisexu- i mean str8 film. born and raised in Ireland, this new actor/model to the states will sure leave his sweaty mark on gay audiences. and the ladies as well. also appearing in that 'bend it' soccer film + 'vanity fair' with that actress in pink. anyways, rhys-meyers is also a talented singer and musician, having performed his own vocals in the film 'Velvet Goldmine' and appearing on the film's soundtrack. rhys-meyers still resides in Ireland. one of his next big projects seems to be a live action version of 'the last unicorn'. he is simply a beautiful man. as seen in this publicity shot with british actor clive owen [who should have been the next bond!].

explore + conquer all men Alexander!