Tuesday, October 19

comments . type your mind

for some reason i didn't give the option for anyone to write a comment to anything i write. i'm still new to the whole blogging aspect so bear with me. i have now fixed this problem and anyone, anywhere can post a comment regarding anything i write. i didn't mean to come off as someone who only wants opinions or thoughts from other blogger.com members. please... everyone with an erection and a woody... leave your voice regarding aguysite.com. issues discussed on this blog.

i am also aware most people don't leave comments because many would rather be 'lurkers'. this is a term to describe people who move throughout the internet without interacting with the people who run + operate websites/blogs. let us know what you think. negative + positive comments = good interaction.

hey! and i know the grammer or spelling can be a little off here at aguysite.com blog but bear with me. i research and i type and i research and then i post. i try to edit minor mistakes or typos the best i can. remember, the english language can be written in many forms. let me do it the way i like to.

all right. back to work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Yum.

10:56 PM  
Blogger jon said...

I sympathize with you on the lurking phenomenon. And this is my shitty contribution to interaction...

5:48 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

why thank you! i appericate you speaking your funny thoughts on the issue of lurking! it's always good to read the thoughts of the average online visitor.

2:47 AM  
Blogger buff said...

Really cool site. You are genuine in your posts.
I have also speculated on the number of lurkers reading my blog but never posting.
You figure, if someone is interested in what you're writing, they might bother to post a comment.
I appreciate your writings, especially about Gabe the Babe. WOOF.
I'm a little bummed out today because of the election loss. So thanks for lifting my spirits. Big muscle hugs.

2:04 PM  

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