Tuesday, October 26

grand theft auto . thug edition

repost: nearly all nerds + gamers know about the grand theft auto series releasing its newest title 'san andreas'. with a mix of all things california, grand theft auto 4: san andreas is going to break records with its thuggish take on all things gang related/ghetto. yes, i play the game mutha fcukers. i enjoy the time i put into the game and it's my choice to waste my time playing it.

below is your first look at the windows media trailer. the official website. + a track you can download for free . [legal mp3 download at epitonic.com . dj krush] . i plan on downloading this track to my xbox when that version comes out later in 2005. other gay gamers know that with the xbox + gta series, one can listen to their own created radio station while driving the pimped out rides in these games. fckin a!

trailer . windows media

winamp media format
dj krush - with grace

cnn article . the release of gta4


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