Saturday, October 2

jake cruise . 9 day promotion

day one.

warning. if you are under 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to view adult material in your community, please exit now. we cannot be held responsible for your actions. we are not acting in any way to send you this information, you are choosing to receive it! by continuing further, it means that you understand and accept responsibility for your own actions, thus releasing the creators of this website and our service provider from all liability. thank you. enjoy.

note: this is a limited 9 day campaign for jake cruise, the website. he has invited webmasters such as myself to promote jake cruise as well as his models. return daily for reviews, photos + my detailed experiences. read + enjoy, then click + sign up with jake cruise. aguysite blog will continue to post regular posts daily with this limited campaign always following second.

clicking through: when you click through my blog onto the featured website, you'll see one annoying pop up banner. but that's it. just one. after you've read the "warning" and seen a glimpse of a jake cruise model "tommy", you should proceed by clicking enter. simple as a twink's pimple.

feast your eyes on the models. first you should see "michael" this week. he's tall, dark + porn handsome to some. he's got those eyes that put you in a horned up trance. just below, between his muscled thighs is... jake. he's puggy. balding. aged. eats well. hey, i'm being honest with you guys. this week will be an honest review. i don't suck up to anyone.

the webmaster: jake cruise, the name he's trademarked online, is an older gentleman who runs the site and gets to play with the models. he's basically a lucky male bitch! with money and connections. i'm assuming. for those not so turned on by this gentleman can voice their opinion through his "contacts" section. you can post feedback/comments about him appearing in videos or suggest that he start working out on camera with some of his featured models. you know, for those with a workout fetish.

i do not have a problem with jake cruise himself. i have a problem with the guys who see him as a problem. he's got every right to enjoy his models. this is his online life. congratulate him and then whack off to his content. he's funny... sometimes! he's active. he's... um. he's... well he's just a lucky male bitch. let's move on.

media: you'll need windows media 9 or quicktime media to experience his previews + videos. so go ahead and click on "michael", then click on "previews". there's a total of 10 previews. [including micheal's preview video]. each week, on friday, a new model or video debuts. each with a preview for those still thinking about signing up.

signing up: if you've used when signing up with an adult website, then you'll know it's quick + simple to do. first timers, just click on the "join now" that takes you to a "safe and secure online credit card processing form" protected by VScrub fraud tracker. it's safe + i use it when i want to get off online. i trust ccbill.

the question: after you've completed the membership process and obtain your name + password, move on in. ahhh, but before you can enter, there's a question to answer. well actually 2. first you choose whether you are using a modem or broadband connection. and then... he asks the "woman" question. um... when you get to it, my suggestion, click YES. but that's me. do what you want. i will say i've seen this question before last year and i've yet to see a nasty, useless woman on the website. i spit on straight behaviour.... and str8 boy erections.

michael: now you are able to enjoy michael. the featured model for this week. he stands at 6' 5". wears a dark suit [for those suit fetish readers] and has a very deep, entracing voice. oh his laugh, makes me weak in the nut sac. i would have liked to see a buffer replacement for jake cruise enjoy this man for a more enhanced visual pleasure but it's jake. lucky male bitch jake.

check back saturday for the full video review. i won't spoil a thing but you'll enjoy the read.

remember: it only takes a little over 20 bucks to enjoy jake cruise for a month. cancel anytime. what are you gonna do, spend the 20+ bucks on something from target or walmart. something clearanced or something that will just sit on a table somewhere. sign up and enjoy jake cruise. he's doing this for you... and himself. and for me. and for michael.

day two.

jake + michael: after saving it to my pc hardrive [just in case the power goes out and internet connection is lost], i click the windows media 9 version. at first look, the video is a good length compared to other websites. if you've shopped slash jerked around, you would know what i'm taking about.

the video starts off with the sit down introduction between the lucky male bitch jake + the adult "clark kent" michael. words happen and then we find out that michael may return for other videos with other jake cruise stars and i'm guessing a massage from jake. the webmaster does massage videos as well. i don't know, is that a fetish now?

most video introductions take their sweet ass time. in this video, a min and a few seconds in, we've got body contact between jake + michael. and as the free from jailbird diva would say, "and that's a good thing". i suddenly squint my eyes at jake looking at him with dirty jealousy. you f!ckin male bitch. at 1 min. and 57 secs in, we get a forced jake humurous moment. that's jake for ya. he's just having fun with his life. i'd probably do the same thing.

for those who haven't put 2 and 2 together, michael is dressed in a business suit with size 14 dress shoes and a height towering 6 feet 5 inches. everyone's got their own method of getting a business man undressed including jake. makes you wonder though, how would you start? i'd start with the zipper. get his "member" out while i would sit back enjoying a visual fantasy come true.

three minutes in, we get a glimpse at the exclusive "member". i'd like to think this is an x rated version of the man in steel, at work at his newspaper job, late at night with an older co-worker. f!ck, the glasses just came off. now he's just another porn star. i would have enjoyed the glasses on for the entire video. and how about the tie around his neck minus the suit + shirt. thumbs up for whoever does this on their site.

turn down the volume at 6 min. 19 secs. side note... thanks to michael, i'm gonna be erect as f!ck during next summer's new man of steel movie. when the clock checks in at 7 min. 8 seconds, we see jake's fetish on screen. oh he's got a dirty fetish that is probably the most acceptable to you. i'm not a fan of this fetish but many, many are.

at 8 min. 40 seconds, we immediatly go into another fetish. i won't say which one but another i'm not interest in... but many, many are. i think because of some spoken words said at this exact moment, many who enjoy gentlmen with younger guys will really begin to enjoy this video title in a whole new way.

my favorite video moment could be captured and framed when the clock reaches 12. min 35-37 seconds. now when michael begins to use the office chair as a prop, well... i need to buy one that tilts and can support a 6 foot 5 inch man. i wonder if i go to office depot and ask the salesboy to straddle the chair. quick, turn down the volume again at 13 min. 54-00 seconds.

15 min. in, we change fantasy scenes to another setting. goodbye musk scented office chair. "yes sir, we have the musk scent available in the back room", says the office depot employee. you know, jake cruise should sell that office chair on ebay or some naughty online auction. start heading in that direction jake. you never know when an item will sell.

now the pit fetish we see in the gallery section of michael's video is not seen in the video. you've got 2 fetishes in this piece jake, you should've put the pit lick in cause it's licktastic! at 16 min. 45 seconds, i fully agree with jake's comment. yes, michael does have the smile + face of a mr. quaid who happens to be one of the best creations to ever walk this earth. this video just got 10 times hotter for somebody's jerk off session.

next, the size 14 fetish kicks in big time but jake knows not to devote too much time to this moment. let's get this moving along. at 18 min. 13 seconds, jake does what i would have done. i love to do this to a guy during "censored". you know, we don't always have to suck it. let's make them happy in other ways.

at 19 min. 35 seconds, i don't know if michael is a great actor or really enjoying what he's doing to jake. some guys, no matter how built or average they are, enjoy a gentlemen like jake. nothing wrong with a bearish figure. nothing at all.

wow, at 22 min. 53 seconds, this video with michael just went f!ckin' amazing. love how michael is positioned and how jake is enjoying him. wow. let me capitalize that. WOW. i need to do that with a 6 foot 5 inch business man when i get the chance. F!CKIN AMAZING JAKE.

for those wondering, safe sex is practiced on jake cruise. but there are some bareback videos. you'll just have to join to see which jake does to michael during this next position. "i love my job" is uttered by jake during this moment. well that's good to know. it doesn't do anything for me or someone's erection to hear you boast about your accomplishments. i love my blog.

at 26 min. 35 seconds, my dick goes just a bit limp. but just a bit. not a fan of this particular jake view. i'm starting to wonder why the camera guy is showing this view. maybe for the jake fans [insert question mark]

as 29 min. clocks in, michael is enjoying jake's "censored" so good that i'm fixated on michael's face. suddenly michael becomes a dirty, fetished man after jake "censored...".

as the camera man spins around the final position between jake + michael, the business man's stock shoots through the roof! now you have the choice to turn down the volume or turn it up to fully enjoy michael's deep, manly grunts. as the video begins to fade out, we get one last signature michael laugh and that dennis quaid smile.

and there you have the aguysite blog's spoiler free review of jake + michael's video. expect at least 2 more reviews during this 9 day jake cruise promotion. any response or comments can and should be left just below.

Anonymous said...
Interesting review. However, I don't know what happened in the video. If you want to draw people to the website, explain what is happening. If Michael is blowing Jake, tell us. That makes me want to see it more than "censored" and "censored." A full description of the action makes me want to see it for myself. Most websites (Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, etc.) tell us more in the teaser than your review. Not trying to be too critical, just an observation.

7:08 PM
aguysite said...
thank you. the reason my review is vague or spoiler free is because i don't want mr. cruise to come after me for revealing too much.

i'll let him and other official websites do their "revelations". i will review in my own non-spoiler way that hopefully will intrigue someone to sign up with the site and experience the video with a clean slate. we all love a first time experience spoiler free.

this is my version of what a spoiler free review is. i'll take your observation in mind when i write my next video review as part of this 9 day campagin.

thank you for your interest in aguysite blog and taking the time to voice your opinoin. ;o)

2:18 AM

day three.

ohhh jake. the newest model slash performer featured on jake cruise goes by the name michael. now according to jake, michael "walked in through my studio door" and applied for a job online. jake goes on to say that he was "pleasantly surprised" that michael was a gorgeous 6'5" in height. by this i'm assuming jake didn't know what or who michael was. he came off as a guy who wanted to get into the business of adult entertainment both in front + behind the camera. dressed in his business attire, michael has a video interview + f!ck scene with jake, the webmaster with possible returns for other f!ck titles and maybe a massage video.

that's interesting to find out michael's story... but i of course checked another site and found michael under a different name. ohhh jake. were you fooled or just working the 3 degrees of amateur guy method.

it turns out michael appeared on randy blue back in march 2005. only michael went under a different name... Steel. here we find out from randy blue that Steel is a "straight guy" who was polite + sweet as he sat in the webmaster's living room. now Steel supposely had never tried on leather attire before so randy blue dressed up Steel in his first photo shoot for his website. we also find out Steel is 27 years old and apparently loves "fingered" arse play. don't we all!

next came a jerk off video for Steel and then another solo photo shoot. and now... drum roll please. his first f!ck video with a "hot texan" who happens to be a usc football player according to most proper.

this texan on Steel f!ck video was filmed in april 2nd 2005. randy blue tells us, "believe it or not", that trying to find hot guys who will do hardcore performances is not very easy. i'll say. maybe this is why jake cruise has borrowed or obtained Steel's services for a few weeks. now randy blue says this video with Steel was his first gay experience. he bottoms for this "hot texan" but does he bottom for jake cruise? sign up this week and find out!

and that's the backstory to jake cruise's newest 6 foot 5 inch model, michael. is this something jake doesn't know a thing abou or is there secrets between jake + randy that you and i have yet to find out... all this + more to be checked out on f!cksteria lane. for those with hard earned dough in the bank for multiple adult websites, sign up with jake cruise + randy blue for the complete web story.

[if anyone knows of michael/Steel's involvement on another website, post a comment below. for those with any thoughts on michael/Steel as a model, post below.]

Anonymous said...
This boy is
This is him too -

6:44 PM

day four.

review vs review: this is sexhearld dot com versus aguysite blog's review. basically what i've done is used another popular website's review and did a "they said, i said" thing. i'll either agree or disagree. it'll be fun for you to read. let's begin. sexhearld - sh:, aguysite blog - agsblog:

sh: Jake Cruise is a horny little devil.

You’ve got to hand it to the guy. He’s scoring with some of the hottest men you can find on the Internet, and his website, jakecruise, documents every nasty little thing he does. The flavor of the site is homegrown; no fluff or superfluous garbage clutters up his pages.

agsblog: hmmm. yes, jake cruise is a horny male bitch. a lucky one at that. and yes he does "score" with SOME of the hottest men on the internet. the flavor of his website, as i would describe, a studio in the bedroom kind of thing but there is some nonsense. for some reason, jake asks for you to pay 15-40 bucks for a dvd of a featured performer when you can just download the performer's video to your pc harddrive using your monthly membership. i mean, do you really need a dvd? that's superfluous.

sh: Have you been looking for gay web porn that will make you cum, and cum hard? This is a great place to find it. Jake’s eponymous website has the goods and he’s not shy about sharing. He’s genuine and you just have to smile as Jake winks and nods to the camera, giddily enjoying the fruits of his labours. Watch his hungry eyes as he sucks a veiny cock, intent on gobbling down a sweet load of cum, or as he spreads some hunk’s rock hard asscheeks to sample some hole. This man obviously delights in his work.

agsblog: yes i have and i've found it on another website. a fetish website! i can't tell you today which one but maybe in the near future. jake cruise is not the place to "cum hard" but a place to cum frequently. my selected fetish website makes me cum hard but not cum frequently. you see the difference? it's very hard to blend the two types of ejaculations on one website.

and yes, jake is genuine but i will not smile at jake's unneeded winks + nods to the camera. he's enjoying the fruits of his labor? he's enjoying paid performers! i'd get the same gratification if i had the money to pay these performers for sex. i'd rather enjoy jake + performer without jake's eyes staring right back at me. it's not a constant occurance but it makes my dick limp when i make eye contact with jake. althought, it just might make some of you harder!

sh: You may find yourself identifying with Jake. He’s gay porn’s “everyman,” putting his fingers and tongue in all the places most of us only dare to dream about. He’s got a style. Who else but Jake would brazenly lift some hot number’s stiff thick prick from off his flat belly, admire the cock meat pulsing in his hand, then look directly into the camera, winking before stuffing his mouth?

agsblog: he could be gay porn's "everyman" but that's a rather bold statement to make. don't belittle gay web visitors by implying that we dream about putting our fingers and tounge "in all the places most us only dare". we can get some rather better meat in person at a local club or coffee house. and yes, who else would take some prick's prick in his hand and wink at the camera... but only jake!

sh: His member home page is studded, both figuratively and literally, with over 90 different large video clips of his models, a great deal with accompanying photo sets. The thumbnails on the homepage give you an excellent snapshot of the model(s). Once the browser navigates to any given model’s video page, Jake gives you the option to download what you find – yes, everything’s downloadable! - or watch the clips in streaming format.

agsblog: today there are 133 videos but not all titles come with a photo gallery. the massage videos + audition videos rank up a total of 48 titles with no photo galleries. is that a problem? only to some of you. i'd rather have a video than a photo set. in fact, i need video to jerk off now. photo sets just don't do it for me anymore.

and yes, every video is downloadable. this is great news for those who dislike protected content on other websites. jake has yet to move into the protect media age but may in the near future. he can do whatever he wants. he's jake cruise!

sh: The models come in many different flavors, most leaning towards the perfect ideal. Mainstream pornstars such as Cameron Sage, Steven Richards and Ben Campezi often take a tumble with Jake in his bed or get comfy on his massage table, but he also films everyday men who cross his path. You’ll even find segments where Jake stands back, brings a couple of models in, and then lets ‘em loose.

Jake gets lap dances. He gets expert head. He gets fucked. He gets tag-teamed. He plows muscle ass. Ropes of hot cum are sprayed across his lips and chin. And that’s his warm-up.

agsblog: yes the models do come in many different international flavors. there's some models with memorable accents. i wish those models would say more rather then jake's unfunny punchlines to the obvious. [oh, don't make me laugh so HARD sexhearld!] it is unbelieveably hard, HARD for jake to let 2 models "loose" in a video segment. he has to make an uneeded + quick cameo or he has to be pleasured first and then steps back behind the camera. but of course, it's jake cruise and he can do whatever he wants. porn power!

i don't remember many lap dances but with 133 videos, i've got alot of viewing work ahead of me. yes he knows how to suck a prick + fuck with or without a condom and yes jake cruise gets tag teamed a few times [because he won't butt out].

but here's what bothers me about jake cruise + other popular website who involve bareback sex. i would hope some of these adult websites [with bareback content] feature an educational, downloadable [maybe free] video detailing these models are tested before bareback sex. the video then should go on to teach those of interest how to perform safe sex using condoms. yes it becomes a debate who's responisble for the choice of performing bareback sex but websites featuring the sex in question should be well aware that "gay monkey see, gay monkey do" seems to play into effect once too often. is this asking too much from adult websites?

sh: It’s hard to decide which model to start with. I started with “Jon” who has the smoky good looks of a guy in his thirties, then moved on to “Jesse,” a spunky little stripper, and finally “Marco,” who heats it up by showing Jake just how he likes to be jerked off. View these three and you’ve barely just scratched the surface of site content.

agsblog: I agree, it's quite difficult to choose your first model immediatly after signing up. there are many, many different types to feast your eyes on. for those who want to save the best for last, start with his very first model, not as attractive as his current selections but quite acceptable. the funnest part of watching the very first video is seeing jake in a thinner state but with a not so different face.

sh: Jake’s website put the starch back in this web browser’s shorts. He markets his content as “original,” and with the exception of sean cody, I can’t say I’ve seen content quite like Jake’s. After months of web surfing with no swells, it’s nice to be reminded that I, too, am a horny little devil.

agsblog: Jake's website has put some starch back in this web brower's shorts but not enough as other's have. He is original to an extent but has yet to become high quality as another favorite jerk off website i won't name. if jake cruise wants to be completely original, maybe he should feature my 'bareback' video idea.

i will say this. jake cruise is for the masses. and yet, for some reason, he has the least number of sign ups monthly [base on my other affiliated websites charts]. i think it's because people don't give jake cruise a chance. yes he's bigger in the belly and butt but his gay heart is warm and fuzzy. he's acceptable. he's cruisin' for the next best thing for you to enjoy. he works for you... and his self pleasure.

should gay web visitors use his body and face as a final decision for signing up with jake cruise? yes for some. and no for others. if you've come across this featured site before and passed it up because of jake, then sign up for michael. sign up because of ethan. sign up for that warm, hung pecker in your pants. enjoy jake cruise for the very first time today!

day five.

nick: described on jake cruise as a "straight boy", nick is one of the models that should make your think twice about signing up. it's your own fault how you take that statement. nick is a former marine [according to jake] and apparently is "the closest man to Adonis". for those who don't know, adonis is...

for those now intrigued enough by nick's body + smirk, some may be happy to know that this performer did not allow jake cruise anywhere near him. that's right. jake was not allowed to touch nick. oh it was a delight watching jake somewhat beg slash ask over and over if he could do this or do that. nick gave out quick "nope" responses out of his straight lips. [although this all could have been rehearsed before hand and jake messed with nick off camera... who knows but jake!]

i'm not aware of nick's other web happenings, if any, and if nick has allowed another guy to touch him in such a blasphemous way. if you know, please post below.

i'm very happy jake cruise was able to get nick for this one video. nick as yet to reappear on the website. i wonder why... jake! you know, there's a method to bring straight men into the bedroom and then there's a simple way of running them off. i think jake has run nick off for good. thanks jake! at least we have this wonderful solo video of nick the former marine.

day six.

cover boy tommy: like that yearly sports magazine, some pretty thing gets the cover for the whole world to see. this model becomes the first image we see when picking up the yearly issue. when visiting jake cruise, you will see his cover model, tommy. this muscled young guy becomes your first image of what jake cruise attempts to represent: in shape models. no twinks. and the frat boy ideal.

a more experienced web visitor should be able to recognize this model from another web venture. but before we get to this model's past, let's find out more about tommy. he's a 23 year old northern californian who "sent me pictures and said he was interested in being on my site" or so jake cruise says. described as an "all american sweetheart", it is revealed that tommy had "never had sex with a man". how jake plays with words... tommy does have a history in the adult business and it may be true what jake said about tommy never having sexual intercourse with a "man" but he has had... wait a moment, moving on.

tommy returned for a massage video due to jake cruise visitors demands. apparently jake tells us that tommy was "the one model that's generated more interest than any other". tommy was the one that got me to join way back when he debuted so there's something about this 23 year old.

tommy disappears from the site for a few weeks and then returns for jake cruise's first wrestling video. then jake added on 'tommy's audition' which makes four videos for you to enjoy. jake goes on to tell us that he gets plenty of email requests weekly for this all american boy. i wonder... what was tommy doing before he met jake... and after he met jake... and during the course of the four videeos... one wonders. could it be...

international amateur adult video! according to jake cruise, tommy first appeared back in january 2004. we were told that tommy had never had sex with a "man". that is true because tommy has had sex with twenty something guys! no "men" so far, well until jake cruise that is.

we first discover tommy was featured on the cover of a 2002 video title "straight naughty college students". it's odd because on the cover he's labeled as "exclusive" under the name tommy. but on the back cover, the name reads "joshua, 23 years old" with the text "His major is criminal justice. His love and pastime is to workout, and it shows. This stud is fit and loves to expose himself in front of the camera but won’t admit that he is an exhibitionist." hmmm...

when 2003 hits, we get three titles featuring the "exclusive" tommy. first up is "men of vancouver" featuring tommy in his first male on male shower/bedroom scene with a guy, hoyce. in the same year, not sure in which order, he came back for a sixth installment for the "straight naughty college students" series. here tommy is suddenly 22 years old and now a lover of exhibitioists while studying to become a police officer.

now just when you thought tommy could not top himself, a couple of guys top tommy! returning for the second installment of "men of vancouver", tommy has 2 scenes, one with douglas and then a threesome with douglas + billy. both "exclusive" tommy + douglas grace the cover of this f!ckfest video title. i'm not completely sure if tommy get's gang banged in this title but who really cares, he was with guys! that's one for the team!

so if jake cruise says tommy started off on his website back in january 2004, then these would be tommy's beginnings. there's nothing wrong with jake either knowing beforehand tommy's career or just finding out with you and i. in the end, tommy is an adult performer who has a huge fan base including myself.

do any of you know of tommy's other web happenings? please post a comment below. many tommy fans would love to hear from you.

bonus: for those wondering, the original jake cruise cover model was max, a stripper from ft. lauderdale. he is featured on the site once you sign up.

Anonymous said...
Thank you for all of your investigative work.

A Fan.

9:30 PM

day seven & eight.

dexter: this amazing creation has been featured in three titles for jake cruise [including a massage video]. jake tells us that dexter is a stunt man, works in l.a. and was discovered by jake through a photo that a friend took at a party. we also find out that dexter is apparently another one of those "straight" guys who has never been with a guy. i'm sorry. it becomes so f!ckin' hard to believe that "dexter" has never, ever... EVER done anything with another guy due to his wild life working in l.a. drenched in wonderful, glorious tats.

well, whether this was before or after or during his work with jake cruise, dexter has more work on the web. it turns out dexter has appeared on a male bondage website under the alias, jamal. he's done about 5 photo shoots/videos with this site and does various bondage scenes that include ropes, ducktape + mouth piece things. jamal must be into gay fetishes because he also appears on "my friends feet" under the same name. here jamal lets a white guy suck all over his big black feet until he jerks + shoots. he also does another video with the same site with a similar outcome. and after checking both fetish website's links page, jake cruise is listed under each. is jamal a fetish whore or just willing to anyyything for cash. maybe both. click here for a glimpse at jamal in action.

go head and check him out on jake cruise if you really want to see this man perform on camera without any hardcore fetish interests. he's just vanilla enough to be enjoyed on jake cruise.

Rod said...

Now that's what I'm talking about. LL COOL J + DEXTER + BONDAGE

Is it my birthday?

The Jake Cruise shots are hot ta def of Dexter. But the fetish shots ... omg.

3:52 AM
aguysite said...
it was a quite a pleasure to please a man like you rod. ;o)

12:19 PM

day nine.

day 9: the final day at my very first attempt for a blog promotion is here. i did my best. i still have to review another title for day eight, it's the reason why day 7 is merged with day 8. i was very busy that day. for those wondering, this review came around the last week of the month which happens to be the same week i'm getting the next edition for ready. always comes first. it's why most of my daily aguysite blog posts where less written and more visual treats.

for those fans of this 9 day promotion, i will archive the entire campaign on the right side of the blog along with adding the next jake cruise review for day eight. this last post is just a glimpse at more guys jake cruise has to offer + other video titles. as i write this, with a big thanks to you, this limited promotion has had 12 official sign ups for jake cruise.

i have yet to see any other similar websites do what i've done. i enjoyed putting together a last minute campaign and i hope to do it again sometime this summer. i'll choose the next website unless someone approaches me through my blog email on why i should promote their site. jake cruise will not have another campaign but i will revisit the campaign sometime during the summer.

my last thoughts on jake cruise... he's a webmaster that provides "content of interest" to those willing to accept the adult service he offers. i and jake understand that most web visitors are looking for high quality websites to spend their money on. so if there was a top ten adult list for gay consumers, i would place jake cruise at around number 5 on the list. yes, i'm flat out honest that there are other websites with larger based audiences + younger models but jake cruise is for the men and guys with the understanding that jake has his own unique style at his content. it's a place where age is not a problem. where visual body types fall into fit models to healthy weight webmaster. a place online where no woman has yet to appear on the website. and that's a damn good thing.

so try out jake cruise. tell him + aguysite blog sent you. i take a final bow to the men of jake cruise and the lucky male bitch behind it all. thank you jake cruise for everything you do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your so fuckn lucky to touch them

5:32 PM  
Blogger Mitch Haase said...

This is a cool site but I think you might be pushing the gay angle a little bit. I am all about jerking off to men but I am not gay in any way shape or form. I have never and will never take it up the ass.

10:55 PM  
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