Wednesday, January 19

midnight sun . cirque du soleil

i've discovered something beautiful + entertaining beyond what i could imagine. cirque du soleil's street festival entitled 'midnight sun' was shown on awhile back and after one viewing of the spectacle, i was hooked. i quickly went online in search of ordering the dvd, which i didn't even know if it would be available, and there it was. on the gay friendly bookstore barnes and noble. for a retail price of 40 bucks. i quickly ordered and await my own copy in the mail.

i can't even attempt to spoil the experience for those who have yet to view this material. i'm a big fan of street carnivale fun + street fairs that involve performers, music + crowds of wonderous people such as myself. but for those in seek of some visual guidence, then click below for your first glimpse at what you'll see...

windows media format

the music has yet to find its way onto a disc but the dvd's dolby digital 5.1 track should be just fine when watching. you know, that night when i saw it on bravo, i dvr'ed it, meaning recording it on my digital video recorder, and i would play it whenever i was doing anything in the home. i would show it to people dropping in. i would play it for my dogs who i think seem to enjoy the music and i played it while i took down the fake christmas tree. i still can't get enough of this program only bravo cable channel could offer us.

midnight sun history: the show debuted on july 2004 at the montreal jazz fest. the show celebrated cirque du soleil's 20th anniversary and the montreal jazz festival's 25th anniversary. midnight Sun also features renowned musicians Youssou N'Dour, Daniela Mercury and Jorane. joining them are Francesca Gagnon, Élise Velle, Mathieu Lavoie, Laur Fugère and Francine Poitras, all of whom are established Cirque du Soleil singers. bonus: real one format video preview . montreal jazz festival

and what is my favorite part you don't ask... well it's the big finale. many of you will get a glimpse of it on the trailer above but when i first saw + heard it, i couldn't stop the visual addiction. that woman who sang the final 2 songs, Francesca Gagnon, made the entire viewing experience finish quite nicely. i found her official website with yet to debut material. this woman sings Alegria . mp3 sample the only way it should be heard.

i also could not understand a single word but i tend to focus on the instrumental aspect of songs more than the words. below are gallery images as well as links to many online items regarding the ever so immaculate cirque du soleil. thank you for reading and discover the phenomenon fcking right now!

bonus: cirque du soleil press release for 2005 annoucements.