Monday, February 28

is teen bear magazine real?

people across gay blogs + websites are building attention on genex's "teen bear magazine". but the question comes + cumes + comes again. all over the place. is this magazine real? where can one obtain this furry literature? and do you have the hairy bull nuts to go to a store and ask for "teen bear magazine"? here blog reports on the growing cult following.

teen bear magazine was created this year, with three editions out, as a joke. but who jokes about bears? these online editions are mostly just magazine cover photo + index page. there is no official publication magazine out right now. genex has an interview with a previous featured model as reported in my previous 'teen bear magazine' entry. now as other web blogs show interest in write ups + everyday people leave the same question in genex's comments... "where can i buy it", well it just makes sense that teen bear merchandise will hit the gay web in summer 2005 [as told by the creator himself, genex]. my thoughts, bear lotion, great for the skin + hair.

march's issue with the 'DOMESTICATE' bear comes with its own talkback. he doesn't look like a teen but should ever teen look the same? are we suppose to adore + view the same twinks over and over with just a little bit of hair on them? some young bucks are gifted with height, a massive build and a furry coat of luxurious man hair. that is a teen bear to me. don't focus so much on the word, it's just a brand name. a good brand name.

people are also questioning if the domestic cover/context photos was professionally done. now i know i've seen those photos in some profile but i can't remember where. or maybe it was i do remember seeing them somewhere [i think] and thought that was really odd that someone was using a photo of them doing housework to promote themselves. i'm sure the creator will reveal his identity soon.

a request for a website for teenbear magazine should be created. but the best name has been taken way back in april 2002 by an australian based 'smutnames dot com'. my thoughts. is still available. so is + but if one really loves, it expires april 2005, but will smutnames dot com keep it. that is the question just a very few care about.

and finally, like my last post, i will feature four teen slash twentysomething bears that deserve your full erection attention! but before we meet those furry four, here are some i thought deserve a glance by you. grahamkrackerz is "just a bottom boy who loves furry men". also there's a cub, Graham who lives in tokyo! he says he loves "bears, muscle bears, hairy boys, am just a cub, but hey, i am still growing;" hey aren't we all. i hope he grows into something as powerful and massive as grhrymuscle.

BeardedMusPup is a 24 yr old impressive bearded spaniard who resides in queens, ny. he is proud he is "decently hairy everywhere except back". he's keeps in shape by lifting with low reps + high sets. he's a yogi who meditates daily and is in search of an artist who will sketch him a self protrait. oh jesus slash budda, if i could have that talent, i'd set up my stuff for a week in his place. i think he is tired of non serious people online, if you want to get know him, check out more insight by reading his daily journal entitled "devan and tree". he has some redish hair in his genes that leads us to our next featured teen[ish] bear.

Furry_Redcub is one of the rarest bears/cubs one can find in the urban jungle. his species of teen bear migrates in the seattle area weighing in at an impressive 190 pounds. his gently thick coat of bright red hair can be seen at its best in the morning light as this red cub roams his many mountains. if you attempt to approach this rare breed of bear, please understand that one must handle him with tender care + brute force.

smurugbyjock is our next featured teen bear. at the ripe young age of 22, this 5th year senior over at smu is in search of "big hot muscle daddy or similar hot jock". he considers himself to be VGL and Moderately Hairy in the areas of the chest, arms, legs + face. this college bear also travels quite often during his off season of schooling. he enjoys life to the fulliest as this 6 ft 2 in beast moves through pride/gay events as seen in his yahoo photo album. and i love his friend's body, triguytx over at big muscle.

Woffson6969 is my last selection for this blog entry. only known as 'woffson' to some, this talented photographer showcases his own work at his official site. this guy also has an artistic interest in hands. today he is "working primarily out of Manhattan Aristiles is looking for a gallery to support his work and will be updating his web site regularly".

that's it. i'm starting to think i need to feature some 'daddy' stuff on blog. maybe even a daddy section in i'm still thinking about him. i mean it, the section.

Monday, February 21 . march edition

debuts tuesday march 1st 2005

Saturday, February 12

the gift of love . fashion shows

eight days. over 200 shows. new york fashion week has come and gone for the fall nights. my gift for fans is my love for the fashion... show. i'm not known for wearing the latest trend or always pulling off a GQ look, but i do enjoy the risks many individuals take every season, always pulling off something rare with re-evention qualities that's so fabufucklious.

so what i was not able to get to new york for fashion week. could a fag from texas even get in? now it's your chance to get a front row to some of the greatest fashion shows this past new york fashion week had to offer. farther below are some fashion shows from a different season, each worth a look. get a taste how it is to sit in a fabufucklious show filled with wonderful chosen music + backdrops that make the models almost emerge from your pc screen. do remember to full screen all video. it's always better to enlarge something.

for those in need of more fashion love. check out this humorfuckerous video gem where a model collapses at the end of the runway. an article of some fabric got loose and took the couragous lady down with it. it reminds most of sex + the city moment when carrie walks down the runway and collapses. she gets up and... well
enjoy the video. from the spring 2005 collection of the talented maggie barry.
a model collapses . she comes out at 1:40 secs. one more runway show. the opening is beautiful [don't miss the james bond around 7 minutes in] + the rami kashou items are full of some kind of fresh lush. enjoy the love of fashion... shows.

perez hilton . trashtastic cousin

where's the paris + perez dog fight?

just take a right at the manhole

Friday, February 11

project runway 2 . austin's revenge

i shed a tear when austin was eliminated from the contest. oh that dreadful wendy, if i ever see that wicked witch on the streets of new york, i'll, we'll i just might throw red paint on her. yes i will. that's what you would do, wouldn't you? i'd make sure that paint- ahh fuck her. moving on.

did you know was down during the airing of austin's departure and sometime after that? that's how popular this show has gotten. the current cast awaits the reunion special mixed with outtakes to be followed a week later by the grand finale in new york but right now i want to focus on next season's cast. whether they've started casting or have yet to start, here's my rundown of what the cast should include. by this i mean the roles new cast members should play. if you check out the official project runway site, you'll notice wendy is known as 'the longshot' and austin as 'the artist'. i have my own titles for your next fashion starlets.

designs with little to less clothing

first 'out' contestant i hope

everything is done by her rules

disputes + cries every episode

aggressive fabrics + brutal words

walks off the show, i hope

your design becomes her better design

the female austin with a warm voice

also, for fans of the current season, you can download an mp3 of the exit music here. and go head and check out some of the spoiler fashions over at getty images. there's even a big online shop of project runway merchandise you can buy till your heart's desire. there's a special section where each designer got to design their own tee for us to wear, well that biatch wendy has her rabid face on the front all witch like. alexandra did something similar but she's just devine. every time i write a new piece in this fckin' blog i come off more fem. let me grab my nuts and spit and go watch the game. enjoy my other "straight acting" posts.

Sunday, February 6

darryl worley . country boy

in my recent trip to tar-gay. i scanned the cd's and saw a country boy, or should i say, country man leaning on a car [i don't fix cars so i don't know what kind] showing off his country arms + unshaven face. the name 'darryl worley' kept my lips moist as i repeated until i was able to write his name down. coming home i researched online and discovered a beast of a man that i am in need of sharing with many fans.

he towers at an amazing 6 feet 6 inches, is married [sorry fellas], raises hell on his october 31st birthdays, was born in memphis, shows off his stunning blue eyes, created the popular, yet controversial anthem 'Have You Forgotten?', plays the harmonica + guitar, performed for one of the buitcsh's largest victory '04 rally [i mean that in a nice way], graduated with highest honors with a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Northern Alabama, created the Darryl Worley Foundation [a not-for-profit organization that includes Hardin County, St. Jude Research Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation] and still calls his father 'daddy'.

i have moved across the internet land for the best fotos of darryl worley. some will take you to a darryl inspired link, mv, or foto. for more information, check out his official website,

in other darryl news: he's quoted in saying "I would do just about anything I could to see George W. Bush back in the White House. But I don't think the stage is the place to campaign. To get into politics on the stage would be working a little outside of your profession, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think that would show a whole lot of taste." and has gotten alot of negative feedback from the anti-bush campaign regarding his song, 'Have You Forgotten?'. you can read about old rants over at +

my final words on darryl is that he's a piece of prime meat. we can't keep bitchin' about bush + darryl's song forever. we all move on. and we all can keep him as a fantasy for the rest of our horny lives. i personally don't even care if he is disgusted by this one gay fan's playful lust over his body that he + 'a higher being' created. he's just an impressive, tall, mouth-watering piece of grade A fckin meat. so enjoy the galleria.

family tree mv . windows media format

interview . winstock festival

more darryl fotos .

100 fotos .

tennessee river run . mv

i miss my friend album . interview

dreamworks official site . darryl worley

Friday, February 4

ray . cinematic

what'd i say

theatrical trailer

Thursday, February 3

foto . chris evans

just another pose for mr. evans.

Tuesday, February 1

teenbear . the magazine

i somehow came across this blog, genex, and found an image. i focus on images first because, like most, we hate to read unless we can relate to it. well, this image of a young bear (in training) on the cover of a magazine got me emailing the creator of the original post on where i could buy the mag or get my own copy. it turns out he writes...


The magazine is a purely a joke on my blog. But you can link to it as there will be frequent updates/new issues coming out. Lol.

Thanks for reading,

well, i was crushed just a little bit. i think it's time for new magazines with different audiences to push ideas like this forward for possible consumers such as myself. i don't think this idea, or joke, is at all unnecessary but essential with the current abercrombie/hollister image most magazines go for. i will admit that i enjoy the clean shaven style but i appericate the teen bear just the same. no big difference between the two.

reaction to the image caused a slight ripple on other blogs. some commented "'s more teen cub than teen bear... we bears must all go through our cub phases... luv to help that guy through his." + "he's about 2 chest hairs from twinkdom." here's my comment. there's nothing wrong with him, although he should remain shirtless for the rest of his life.

now for those wondering who the model on the cover is, i don't know but there's another table of contents page out there in blogland where the creator of this "joke" conducted his mock interview.

genex interview . dave m

now i've come across some 'big muscle bears' profiles to showcase with this blog entry. each comes with a great story.

collegecub has a big bear boyfriend as seen through his photos. he writes/sings music which you can download for free over at soundclick. i listened to a few tracks and thought he has passion but needs direction. his bmb profile states: "I have a dream that some day the world will learn to let differences exist, instead of trying to make them conform to what they think they should be."

ironman may not be the true cub that most wish for, but he does allow his body to mass produce hair in the right places. he does have a "best friend" who is a rather nice bear who calls ironman 'my sexy cub... the hottest thing'. a big ol' bear hug to you guys.

surfincub is a pretty simple guy. he states in his profile "Just lookin' to meet people for whatever may come our way. (yeah that's vague... but it's not like anyone ever read what I wrote before)" he showcases nicely photographed images of himself and thinks "dave m" is an awesome guy! i really didn't know these two new each other. i just searched with an age range of 18-25, picked three guys and liked surfincub. small gay web it is!

new vintage . 02|04

i've gone ahead and entitled something posted back in the days of past as 'new vintage'. the definition of vintage to most is "the period of time when something appeared or began, or when somebody was born or flourished" so i begin my 'new vintage' material.

this was originally posted as part of my february 2004 edition. it then moved to the old version of 'the love' section and now has a home on aguysite blog.

69 things... . feature

if you don't have a friend who has been through it all or a buddy who is willing to give you 'gay' advice, then you need these lists supplied by unzipped dot net, a leading publication in all things adult. each cover model below gives you a direct path to 69 things you need to know about... "dating" . "sex" . "personal ads" and "looking good".

and for the ones short on time, here are my random top picks from each list.

7. Help him get undressed.

16. Most guys do not check their e-mail or
empty their voice mail every ten minutes.

56. Wear less jewelry as you get older.

67 No, all of the good men aren’t taken.
Where have you been looking?