Sunday, February 6

darryl worley . country boy

in my recent trip to tar-gay. i scanned the cd's and saw a country boy, or should i say, country man leaning on a car [i don't fix cars so i don't know what kind] showing off his country arms + unshaven face. the name 'darryl worley' kept my lips moist as i repeated until i was able to write his name down. coming home i researched online and discovered a beast of a man that i am in need of sharing with many fans.

he towers at an amazing 6 feet 6 inches, is married [sorry fellas], raises hell on his october 31st birthdays, was born in memphis, shows off his stunning blue eyes, created the popular, yet controversial anthem 'Have You Forgotten?', plays the harmonica + guitar, performed for one of the buitcsh's largest victory '04 rally [i mean that in a nice way], graduated with highest honors with a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Northern Alabama, created the Darryl Worley Foundation [a not-for-profit organization that includes Hardin County, St. Jude Research Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation] and still calls his father 'daddy'.

i have moved across the internet land for the best fotos of darryl worley. some will take you to a darryl inspired link, mv, or foto. for more information, check out his official website,

in other darryl news: he's quoted in saying "I would do just about anything I could to see George W. Bush back in the White House. But I don't think the stage is the place to campaign. To get into politics on the stage would be working a little outside of your profession, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think that would show a whole lot of taste." and has gotten alot of negative feedback from the anti-bush campaign regarding his song, 'Have You Forgotten?'. you can read about old rants over at +

my final words on darryl is that he's a piece of prime meat. we can't keep bitchin' about bush + darryl's song forever. we all move on. and we all can keep him as a fantasy for the rest of our horny lives. i personally don't even care if he is disgusted by this one gay fan's playful lust over his body that he + 'a higher being' created. he's just an impressive, tall, mouth-watering piece of grade A fckin meat. so enjoy the galleria.

family tree mv . windows media format

interview . winstock festival

more darryl fotos .

100 fotos .

tennessee river run . mv

i miss my friend album . interview

dreamworks official site . darryl worley


Blogger fuzzbearchest said...

I have listened to his songs, and I sense "gaydar" blips on my screen. I think the wife is a beard all tied up in the Worlybird Cafe in TN, while Darryl plays the circuit. Great body, great hairy chest and arms. I hope after getting a few beers into Darryl he'd consider a little man-play!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for Darryl and I find it reprehensible that you would publish this anywhere.....especially using his copywrighted pics, etc.....he was not a happy camper when we brought this to his attention.
I think I would be very careful about writing these kinds of articles about a well known celebrity. Does the word, liable mean anything to you.
I have nothing against your sexual preference but I sure hold issue with what you have published here. At least show some respect.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

Give this blog and many others a break, he just talked about him and if this Daryl guy can talk about America, a nation of freedom, then why censor this blog's attempt at writing about what he enjoys like Darryl writes and sings about what he enjoys.

People like you take the world of straight far too seriously.

12:38 AM  

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