Saturday, February 12

the gift of love . fashion shows

eight days. over 200 shows. new york fashion week has come and gone for the fall nights. my gift for fans is my love for the fashion... show. i'm not known for wearing the latest trend or always pulling off a GQ look, but i do enjoy the risks many individuals take every season, always pulling off something rare with re-evention qualities that's so fabufucklious.

so what i was not able to get to new york for fashion week. could a fag from texas even get in? now it's your chance to get a front row to some of the greatest fashion shows this past new york fashion week had to offer. farther below are some fashion shows from a different season, each worth a look. get a taste how it is to sit in a fabufucklious show filled with wonderful chosen music + backdrops that make the models almost emerge from your pc screen. do remember to full screen all video. it's always better to enlarge something.

for those in need of more fashion love. check out this humorfuckerous video gem where a model collapses at the end of the runway. an article of some fabric got loose and took the couragous lady down with it. it reminds most of sex + the city moment when carrie walks down the runway and collapses. she gets up and... well
enjoy the video. from the spring 2005 collection of the talented maggie barry.
a model collapses . she comes out at 1:40 secs. one more runway show. the opening is beautiful [don't miss the james bond around 7 minutes in] + the rami kashou items are full of some kind of fresh lush. enjoy the love of fashion... shows.


Blogger savante said...

Hey, been reading your blog for some time so I decided to drop a line. What can I say, I like the way you write.


8:54 AM  
Blogger aguysite said...

thank you paul. the way i write is still a work in progress. it's different when someone writes emails or blogs, a different personality comes out. i'm not as vocal or harsh in person. i don't know why that is.

and interesting story blog you created. i don't see many gay blogs such as yours with mini stories. if you could write one about a young [legal] guy and a dennis quaid/harrison ford type guys, old hollywood star maybe from the black + white days, that would be nice. i like vintage settings.

thank you again.

5:42 PM  

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