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is teen bear magazine real?

people across gay blogs + websites are building attention on genex's "teen bear magazine". but the question comes + cumes + comes again. all over the place. is this magazine real? where can one obtain this furry literature? and do you have the hairy bull nuts to go to a store and ask for "teen bear magazine"? here blog reports on the growing cult following.

teen bear magazine was created this year, with three editions out, as a joke. but who jokes about bears? these online editions are mostly just magazine cover photo + index page. there is no official publication magazine out right now. genex has an interview with a previous featured model as reported in my previous 'teen bear magazine' entry. now as other web blogs show interest in write ups + everyday people leave the same question in genex's comments... "where can i buy it", well it just makes sense that teen bear merchandise will hit the gay web in summer 2005 [as told by the creator himself, genex]. my thoughts, bear lotion, great for the skin + hair.

march's issue with the 'DOMESTICATE' bear comes with its own talkback. he doesn't look like a teen but should ever teen look the same? are we suppose to adore + view the same twinks over and over with just a little bit of hair on them? some young bucks are gifted with height, a massive build and a furry coat of luxurious man hair. that is a teen bear to me. don't focus so much on the word, it's just a brand name. a good brand name.

people are also questioning if the domestic cover/context photos was professionally done. now i know i've seen those photos in some profile but i can't remember where. or maybe it was i do remember seeing them somewhere [i think] and thought that was really odd that someone was using a photo of them doing housework to promote themselves. i'm sure the creator will reveal his identity soon.

a request for a website for teenbear magazine should be created. but the best name has been taken way back in april 2002 by an australian based 'smutnames dot com'. my thoughts. is still available. so is + but if one really loves, it expires april 2005, but will smutnames dot com keep it. that is the question just a very few care about.

and finally, like my last post, i will feature four teen slash twentysomething bears that deserve your full erection attention! but before we meet those furry four, here are some i thought deserve a glance by you. grahamkrackerz is "just a bottom boy who loves furry men". also there's a cub, Graham who lives in tokyo! he says he loves "bears, muscle bears, hairy boys, am just a cub, but hey, i am still growing;" hey aren't we all. i hope he grows into something as powerful and massive as grhrymuscle.

BeardedMusPup is a 24 yr old impressive bearded spaniard who resides in queens, ny. he is proud he is "decently hairy everywhere except back". he's keeps in shape by lifting with low reps + high sets. he's a yogi who meditates daily and is in search of an artist who will sketch him a self protrait. oh jesus slash budda, if i could have that talent, i'd set up my stuff for a week in his place. i think he is tired of non serious people online, if you want to get know him, check out more insight by reading his daily journal entitled "devan and tree". he has some redish hair in his genes that leads us to our next featured teen[ish] bear.

Furry_Redcub is one of the rarest bears/cubs one can find in the urban jungle. his species of teen bear migrates in the seattle area weighing in at an impressive 190 pounds. his gently thick coat of bright red hair can be seen at its best in the morning light as this red cub roams his many mountains. if you attempt to approach this rare breed of bear, please understand that one must handle him with tender care + brute force.

smurugbyjock is our next featured teen bear. at the ripe young age of 22, this 5th year senior over at smu is in search of "big hot muscle daddy or similar hot jock". he considers himself to be VGL and Moderately Hairy in the areas of the chest, arms, legs + face. this college bear also travels quite often during his off season of schooling. he enjoys life to the fulliest as this 6 ft 2 in beast moves through pride/gay events as seen in his yahoo photo album. and i love his friend's body, triguytx over at big muscle.

Woffson6969 is my last selection for this blog entry. only known as 'woffson' to some, this talented photographer showcases his own work at his official site. this guy also has an artistic interest in hands. today he is "working primarily out of Manhattan Aristiles is looking for a gallery to support his work and will be updating his web site regularly".

that's it. i'm starting to think i need to feature some 'daddy' stuff on blog. maybe even a daddy section in i'm still thinking about him. i mean it, the section.


Anonymous Tony R said...


Maybe I can clear up some of the mystery - since I am the one who created Teen Bear magazine.

I realize there's alot of talk about it right now. For the moment, it only exists on my blog. It's just a way I blow off steam from the day to day garbage I have to design for less interesting clients.

That said, everyone seems to be enjoying it. I did check to see if was taken. And someone from smutnames wrote me and told me the going price was around $1000. Whatever to that. I may purchase as it's not too expensive.

As for merchandise. I'm currently working on a line of t-shirts for the magazine. I may try to sell them online through my blog and use Paypal or something. They should be cool.

And lastly - the whole point of this stupid thing is to have fun. Of course it's not a magazine meant for teens. It's for the rest of us to laugh. Some people have written to me and asked if it'd be appropriate for a 35 year old to wear a teen bear mag t-shirt. I can't think of anything much cooler. Especially if the shirt looks vintage and ratty and like it's been around for years.

Stay tuned in to Teen Bear at

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fabulous Write Up On Bears In The Making!!!!!!!!!!!

2:19 AM  
Blogger Jacko83 said...

just to say hi .. it's not a real comment.. i know.. i'll write something more intresting another time.
merrry xmas.

10:44 AM  

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