Tuesday, February 1

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i've gone ahead and entitled something posted back in the days of aguysite.com past as 'new vintage'. the definition of vintage to most is "the period of time when something appeared or began, or when somebody was born or flourished" so i begin my 'new vintage' material.

this was originally posted as part of my february 2004 edition. it then moved to the old version of 'the love' section and now has a home on aguysite blog.

69 things... . unzipped.net feature

if you don't have a friend who has been through it all or a buddy who is willing to give you 'gay' advice, then you need these lists supplied by unzipped dot net, a leading publication in all things adult. each cover model below gives you a direct path to 69 things you need to know about... "dating" . "sex" . "personal ads" and "looking good".

and for the ones short on time, here are my random top picks from each list.

7. Help him get undressed.

16. Most guys do not check their e-mail or
empty their voice mail every ten minutes.

56. Wear less jewelry as you get older.

67 No, all of the good men aren’t taken.
Where have you been looking?


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