Friday, February 11

project runway 2 . austin's revenge

i shed a tear when austin was eliminated from the contest. oh that dreadful wendy, if i ever see that wicked witch on the streets of new york, i'll, we'll i just might throw red paint on her. yes i will. that's what you would do, wouldn't you? i'd make sure that paint- ahh fuck her. moving on.

did you know was down during the airing of austin's departure and sometime after that? that's how popular this show has gotten. the current cast awaits the reunion special mixed with outtakes to be followed a week later by the grand finale in new york but right now i want to focus on next season's cast. whether they've started casting or have yet to start, here's my rundown of what the cast should include. by this i mean the roles new cast members should play. if you check out the official project runway site, you'll notice wendy is known as 'the longshot' and austin as 'the artist'. i have my own titles for your next fashion starlets.

designs with little to less clothing

first 'out' contestant i hope

everything is done by her rules

disputes + cries every episode

aggressive fabrics + brutal words

walks off the show, i hope

your design becomes her better design

the female austin with a warm voice

also, for fans of the current season, you can download an mp3 of the exit music here. and go head and check out some of the spoiler fashions over at getty images. there's even a big online shop of project runway merchandise you can buy till your heart's desire. there's a special section where each designer got to design their own tee for us to wear, well that biatch wendy has her rabid face on the front all witch like. alexandra did something similar but she's just devine. every time i write a new piece in this fckin' blog i come off more fem. let me grab my nuts and spit and go watch the game. enjoy my other "straight acting" posts.


Blogger Perez Hilton said...

You forgot a few

The Drug Addict
The Phony
The Diva
The Victorian
The Bohemian
The Sometimes Drug Addict

6:05 PM  

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