Tuesday, February 1

teenbear . the magazine

i somehow came across this blog, genex, and found an image. i focus on images first because, like most, we hate to read unless we can relate to it. well, this image of a young bear (in training) on the cover of a magazine got me emailing the creator of the original post on where i could buy the mag or get my own copy. it turns out he writes...


The magazine is a purely a joke on my blog. But you can link to it as there will be frequent updates/new issues coming out. Lol. www.genex.typepad.com/genex.

Thanks for reading,

well, i was crushed just a little bit. i think it's time for new magazines with different audiences to push ideas like this forward for possible consumers such as myself. i don't think this idea, or joke, is at all unnecessary but essential with the current abercrombie/hollister image most magazines go for. i will admit that i enjoy the clean shaven style but i appericate the teen bear just the same. no big difference between the two.

reaction to the image caused a slight ripple on other blogs. some commented "...it's more teen cub than teen bear... we bears must all go through our cub phases... luv to help that guy through his." + "he's about 2 chest hairs from twinkdom." here's my comment. there's nothing wrong with him, although he should remain shirtless for the rest of his life.

now for those wondering who the model on the cover is, i don't know but there's another table of contents page out there in blogland where the creator of this "joke" conducted his mock interview.

genex interview . dave m

now i've come across some 'big muscle bears' profiles to showcase with this blog entry. each comes with a great story.

collegecub has a big bear boyfriend as seen through his photos. he writes/sings music which you can download for free over at soundclick. i listened to a few tracks and thought he has passion but needs direction. his bmb profile states: "I have a dream that some day the world will learn to let differences exist, instead of trying to make them conform to what they think they should be."

ironman may not be the true cub that most wish for, but he does allow his body to mass produce hair in the right places. he does have a "best friend" who is a rather nice bear who calls ironman 'my sexy cub... the hottest thing'. a big ol' bear hug to you guys.

surfincub is a pretty simple guy. he states in his profile "Just lookin' to meet people for whatever may come our way. (yeah that's vague... but it's not like anyone ever read what I wrote before)" he showcases nicely photographed images of himself and thinks "dave m" is an awesome guy! i really didn't know these two new each other. i just searched bigmusclebears.com with an age range of 18-25, picked three guys and liked surfincub. small gay web it is!


Blogger Karsh said...

Oh man...this is some hot stuff. Now if only I could find some o' this down here in Atlanta. *sigh*


12:38 AM  
Blogger aguysite said...

thank you. yeah i can't help you with bears in atlanta. they don't seem to migrate that way... ;o(

1:29 AM  
Blogger gay movies said...

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Blogger aguysite said...

i can't believe that was posted on my blog.

1:07 AM  

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