Wednesday, March 30

magmozine . the fab covers

all magmozines will do just about anything to capture your interest while you browse your local barnes and noble type stores. but one magazine seems to always capture my watchful eye. here is a small collection of magazine covers that should attract your eye and then it will be up to you whether you feel the content inside matches the magazine's skin. fab magazine dot com

Monday, March 28

learn to lust . the nerd

calculus + physics = lust

the woman . "no man shall say no to me"

here's my next "pathetic" attempt at a superhero. she is the arch villian of my last super one i created and it turns out her back story involves "the hero" himself.

one night as she and her fag friends went out for a night of clubbing at 'the pistol' + 'the rear end', she noticed a guy standing in line. waiting to get in. his skin was white and he wore something off the rack of some manchic designer's closet.

when her and her gal- i mean guy pals enter 'the rear end', she noticed her white skinned cutie sitting at the bar, drinking a cumtini. she left her friends and approached the guy.

with a gentle tap on his shoulder, he turns to her with a smile. he says hello as she attempts her best line on him. "i saw you in my dreams last night and i new if i wished hard enough, you'd be real."

he thanks her but turns away. after her next pick up line fails followed by a few more, she begins to grow 'emotional'. "do i not turn you on?" she finally asks grabbing his shoulder for a str8 answer. he shakes his head no laughing just a small bit. her awaiting answer expression turns to angry woman frustration because a man can never read a woman's true intentions. fearful, our hero jumps from his seat bumping into a bartender holding a tray of bitchtini's, each with a flame lit surface.

i'm watching you menthe drinks fall on the woman as she falls to her knees screaming. the bitchtini's secret juice disappearing into her skin. the fire burning her eyes! her hair ruined by getting wet. the bartender begins to take a step backwards, she's transforming! our hero leaves into the crowd, pushing past sweaty chests + flexed biceps. a large explosion is heard as our hero exits the club.

inside, sweaty twink dancers and pornstars have fallen as a woman now stands. her anne loft clothing ripped and burning off as "the woman" creates fire on her hands. her eyes are bright yellow and full of emotion. her gorgeous lips begin to move... "no man shall say no to me."

our hero created his arch enemy like that bat one created his funny one. she is a woman scorned. say tuned for the sidekick for our hero to debut... remember, he'll be pathetic too.

i'm watching you men

Saturday, March 26

the hero . "i will make you a man"

listen to his theme music . the world is mine . windows media format

thanks to twenty-something blog, i've been able to bring you's first super hero. he even comes with theme music, the world is mine! [just click on his crotch to experience it!]
created to protect + its many fans from villainous fakers + gay bashers, this hero is your answer to all of your bedroom prayers. he fights gay crime. he protects those from seedy men when gay boys are out + about. and he teaches virgins, no matter what your age, how a true man kisses, sucks + f!cks.

born on a farm under his gay father's watchful eyes, this strapping young boy grew into breathtaking high school track + field nerd. though still a virgin through his school years, it wasn't until a spring morning when his gentleman neighbor stopped by for a cup of creme. the boy's father's were out on a cruise leaving the 19 year old son all alone. seduced by the gentleman, the boy experienced love making by a true man in the farmhouse.

when the climax of the passionate experience erupted from between his muscled thighs, his white eyes opened for the first time. his skin turned white. the gentleman's seed changed the boy into something new. something magnificent.

when his father's returned, the boy could not hide his new skin tone and "special" powers. he told them that he had changed. something was different. one of his father's bent down to his level and told him a few words that the boy would remember till this day. "you're not a faggot. you're the faggot!"

a special suit was created by the father's to protect their boy from std's, filth + women! they watched as he flew away into the rainbow sky, a tear escaping one of his father's eyes. the other father looked at him and said, "you're so the woman of this relationship."

today when a boy is in trouble or unable to "perform", the hero shows up to protect + perform. when you hear his theme music, you'll know he's near.

his true identity must remain a close guarded secret!

there's more to come on this new super hero. you'll meet his arch enemy. "the woman". you'll meet his super friends. and you'll find out how far he'll go to peform for a man. [trust me, he's a whore, he'll do about anything + anyone]

happy easter guys!

easter bunny making some chocolate

hide a condom in an easter
egg. then f!ck like rabbits!

Friday, March 25

dernier cri . carta da parati

fashion wallpaper

Tuesday, March 22

foto . the connoisseur

musicography . educate urself

brotha2brotha once wrote that my blog "creates mood". and so i started thinking... he also stated "For some reason, there's an overwhelming urge to play bossa nova while enjoying this weblog and your companion site." and then it hit me. this wonderful man saw and somehow heard my vision of + aguysite blog. i smiled when i read that. he fckin got it.

for the past year i've been unable to create an audio companion to go with my websites. i didn't know how to execute one. i didn't know what tools i could use that would enable me to give my visitors my audio vision of what i think an experience through my websites should be like. and now i have. much thanks to itunes.

and so i created "aguysite musicographies". these are companion soundtracks that one can download + experience while they move through + aguysite blog. but i've taken my audio infusions one step further. with each audio companion mix i create, there is a story that unfolds. you will be able to better understand my track choices and why each track follows the next.

now each track is chosen for different reasons. some may hold the track to it's lyrics. i select a track based on 2 things. the instrumental backdrops + a few spoken words. if the mix does not make sense to you, the story will bring your vision in sync with mine.

music does have universal appeal. it gives us an international communication. brings social understandings to some. and sometimes non verbal messages are delivered with precise precision. this is my new audio vision. aguysite musicographies.

tune in april 1st for the first audio companion. it's entitled "pornostar musicography". [for those eager to get a taste of it, find in the usa section of itunes]

debuts april 1st!

Monday, March 21

troy aikman . the texan d.i.l.f.

this texan d.i.l.f. [dad i'd like 2 fck... and taste... and experience... and-] has been plastered all over my tee v channels here in dallas. he's in a series of some wing-eating fast food commercials and just bought his own car/truck dealership with him talking to us about buying his driving contraptions. he may be an unattainable d.i.l.f. but he can always be a fantasy of mine and now yours.

and yes, he's been done the road of being accused of being gay. i think some gayish guy somewhere wanted to sleep with the guy and he told one person and they told another about troy being gay... i just can't understand why we gay boys need to have our gay fantasies gay. just cause someone is famous, they're suddenly fighting gay rumors. i can't wait to deny, deny + deny when i get famous so i can have some outfckinragous coming out moment live on tee v!

i believe troy aikman is str8 as an arrow and that just makes my jerk off fantasy with the man that much better. you can view an article over at the advocate that covers how celebs deal with the gay rumor. oprah was also featured in this write up and makes a funny statement, "I am not in the closet. I am not coming out of the closet. I am not gay." [like a vinatage sitcom moment where i fold my arms and smile + shake my head left to right] "OOhhh oprah!" cue audience laughter and then fade to black.

Friday, March 18

star wars 3D . 2007

right click + save as . star wars revenge of the sith theatrical trailer . quicktime format

Lucas adds 'Star' power to 3-D campaign

LAS VEGAS -- George Lucas is such a fan of the latest 3-D technology that he is planning to remaster all of the "Star Wars" films for rerelease in 3-D. Appearing as part of a sextet of high-profile directors promoting 3-D and digital cinema at ShoWest on Thursday, Lucas said he hadn't yet committed to a precise schedule but hoped to have the first film ready for the 30th anniversary of the original "Star Wars" movie in 2007 and that he would then rerelease one "Star Wars" film per year in 3-D. Lucas was joined by James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis, Robert Rodriguez and Randal Kleiser. Peter Jackson joined the group via a pretaped 3-D segment. They all implored the exhibition community to invest in digital projectors, which would allow theaters to show their upcoming movies in 3-D. Cameron is in preproduction on the 3-D film "Battle Angel," planned for a 2007 release. Zemeckis has two 3-D features in production, and Rodriguez is readying "The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D" for release in the summer. Jackson, who is currently filming "King Kong," announced no specific 3-D plans, but according to sources he has installed a 3-D master suite in his production offices in New Zealand.

source . the hollywood reporter

cinematic . the amityville body

Wednesday, March 16

march mv's . the blog edition

kylie minogue . giving it up . windows media format

mariah carey . it's like that . windows media format

basement jaxx . oh my gosh . real one format

daddy oohhh! . the 8th dvd

for fans of, many know about daddy oohhh! productions through 2 interviews, one with the ceo + one with a popular daddy oohhh! performer. on april 1st, their next dvd gets released nationwide entitled "Last Call".

the premise for this dvd is a bar is closing up with a few guys left playing pool attempting to leave but when "randy" bartenders clean up their work areas, the playful fun begins.

this is daddy oohhh!'s 8th full length production. go ahead and check out the official site by clicking the "Last Call" images. i can only post softcore images, the naughty ones can be found over at the official site. enjoy all that they can offer over at Daddy Oohhh! Productions!

Tuesday, March 15

kid rock . sexy?

i just discovered this image. forgive me
for reading "past the times" news.

Monday, March 14 letter . march

to those of interest,

today i write to give my visitors a peek at what's to come with + aguysite blog. is the heart and soul of my work. it's a website that attempts to bring the best gay content together on one site. there you'll find monthly editions, aguysite sections, articles + web features that should interest every gay man. i recently started 'aguysite blog' for daily updates, rants + further website promotions. i think i've successfully built a simple yet entertaining blog that is currently gaining a solid audience.

recently i started a new blog, guytv, which follows reality shows + tee v antics. here i am currently writing episode summaries with a fag's twist for mtv's real world vs road rules: inferno 2. also, the 'guy tv' reality section on will now filter into this new blog and vanish from my website. if you're a fan of + my blog, do bookmark guytv for new fresh content from a gay viewer's perspective.

i'm working on bringing my newest interview with "muscle matt" to as well as working on the restruction of the "chat dot com" web feature. i was not happy with how things were coming out with the first attempt of "chat dot com". now i've been investigating chat rooms + profile websites to better help you chat your way to some kind of internet bliss.

one of my newest web creations will be featured on aguysite blog entitled 'the gentleman interviews'. i can't go into any further details about what this is about but i expect it's something i haven't seen on any blog.

remember if you have any questions, input or comments, please feel free to drop a note in any of my posts. i once wrote a post about "lurkers" in which people visit yet rarely say a thing. it's your choice to write a few words down. it's your choice not to write anything. i just ask that you click, jerk and educate yourself with everything, aguysite blog + guytv has to offer.

thank you for the new fans + the fans who were with me from the start. i do everything because of you. thank you.

Sunday, March 13

learn to lust . arcepje ymm

i can't reveal the identity of this buff bod because he believes in the man upstairs and most likely slash maybe wants to see me go downnn... stairs. but i like that i can lust for him. he has the best arms on any rocker i've seen so far. unless you guys beg to differ, just point me in the right erection- i mean direction. his story is also heart felt. his... well if i told ya, you'd figure him out! enjoy this rocker's arms. here's a hint, he's somewhere on the web. [arcepje ymm is his first and last name switched around, i also posted this with his name and then quickly deleted it, oops.]

Saturday, March 12

d'geyrald & taneo . symba music

a label created in 2002 by louisiana boys is symba music corp. at first glimpse the site seems to cater to gay guys with a flare for electronic music, but it doesn't really state that they are gay operated or gay owned. they help promote dj's, authors and many talented interpreters with no hesitation to listen to your demo! their website states that "No matter our opinion about your project, we will give you feedback". sounds like a company i can enjoy and you could use.

inside the site you'll find an mv from a talented duo, d'geyrald & taneo. i checked out their video "i'm your man" and witnessed a behind the scenes featurette where they speak in french? [with subtitles] which quickly is followed by their full length video. this led to a d&t investigaytion.

this official symba music site reveals that d'geyrald was part of a group at the age of 16 that went by the name, GSQUAD. with world success on the group and female fans at his unwanted disposal, d'geyrald decided to go off for a solo career + come out of the closet. he later signed with independent label symba music and help the new company gain new artists. he currently is one of many individuals helping a europe gay tv station, pink tv, get off the ground. and that's d'geyrald in a smooth nut sac shell. not much info on taneo just yet.

i love how you can pass through one site through another and another with each discovery worth your time. thank you symba. thank you d'geyrald. thank you francoise.

bonus: for an interview in french with d'geyrald, click here + translate yourself. for additional party fotos, check out lyon clubbing.

Friday, March 11

steven muller . men + their image

Thursday, March 10

they only lasted 28 days...

the amityville horror . theatrical trailer . windows media format

crazy, sexy?

the art of love . tasteful erotica

this is your introduction to 'the art of love' sexblog style website. on a july.04 posting, the creator makes a few bold statements. first, the creator is fully aware of adult material on the world wide web but asks, where is the erotic, tasteful art? the creator locates selected choices and showcases other people's work with an artistic personal point of view. this is your chance to discover new work, new talent + maybe become inspired by others to pursue your artistic interests. are you the next notable artist? photographer? erotic model? bookmark 'the art of love' and embrace tasteful erotica.

this sexblog style website has inspired me to find something tasteful + new for you. this is paul roberts photography. he works in the black + white medium photographing my favorite kind of men. mature men. real men. all man men. he deserves your attention + your erection's attention. this is paul roberts.

Wednesday, March 9

new vintage . paris combo

last summer i came across some talented musicians that i shared with readers back in july.04. if you remember, they were displayed through two videos in which you can view again today. Paris Combo is described as a "quintet of young French musicians who take their influences from the late Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, punk and techno groups and the French screen siren Arletty. Together they play an infectious swing that's popular now in Paris cabarets."

back in in the year .99, they embarked on a two week u.s. tour. since then they've created a total of six albums that can be purchased through amazon dot com. their new album, motifs, was released in the states on jan 11th .05 with fourteen new tracks. [track #1 is one of my favorites, high low in]

the group includes an australian pianist + trumpeter, an arabic/gypsy jazz inspired guitarist, a frenchman swing influenced drummer and a madagascar born bassist/singer. the group has even captured the interest of the los angeles times who wrote "music with the sort of engaging appeal that bypasses any need for definition or category. This, when you get right down to it, is what all music should—and too often doesn’t—have to offer."

with a current canadian + u.s. tour in motion, kenny o. of chicago left this impression on amazon dot com spotlight reviews. "Having just seen them live last night in Chicago, they are every bit as good in the flesh. They are witty and urbane, but unpretentious at the same time... They had people dancing in the aisles. If Paris Combo does not find great success in the music world, it will be a shame."

i give you your first + maybe second introduction to paris combo. music with quality + world flavor. the videos below are from past albums as the group has yet to debut a new video for motifs. plus fans of paris combo can download some mp3's over at itunes, tracks taken from their last album + live cd. enjoy.

Tuesday, March 8

fotolog . the web drug continues

Monday, March 7

rome . the next hb-ho!

for those few million who caught the season debut of deadwood and the [explosive, should be recoginzed for emmyglobesguild awards] new episode of carinvale would have gotten their first sneak preview of ROME. the next big series from hbo, in association with bbc + rai, will debut in june for fans of the roman empire + fans of roman men. the creators have put 100 million dollars [75 million euro] into the project currently shooting its twelve episodes in italy. 350 crew members worked in two units separated by the colors red + yellow [the official colors of roma]. they also got 200+ men to play extras as roman soliders. 200+ roman meat. yum.

cinecitta studios, aka cinema city, in italy was the central shooting locations for the series. such powerful classics + current films shot on location include: ben-hur, cleopatra, gangs of new york + passon of the christ. i wonder if any gay porn epics were shot there. oh yes, the talented mr. ripley starring closet case matt damon.

for those unaware of the story behind hbo's "rome", here's the big, quick rundown. the series tells the story of Julius Caesar through the eyes of two of his soldiers, portraying both the upper and lower classes of ancient Rome in gritty, graphic detail. this show will be hbo's most expensive series in its history. with 27+ million subscribers, the network hopes the once pitched mini-series will pay off big as a series. also, the two soliders are actually based from actual writings by caesar himself.

as the for the setting, the creators want to show ancient rome as realisitc and not a polished hollywood vision. with that said, expect to see public toilets that conset of a hole along a plank used by both men + women. with such detail + attention, the production has undergone problems as highlighted by many articles across the net with one quote repeated that seems to make the days in italy go by just a little bit better. "We're learning as we go."

the first three episodes will be directed by michael apted. this is the man responsible for disastrous flicks such as enough, blink + the world is not enough. but just because he is not a hit at the box office doesn't mean he can't be a riot on tv. actually he is the head man over at the directors guild of america. other directors on board for future season episodes include Alan Poul [Six Feet Under], Allen Coulter [The Sopranos], Julian Farino [Entourage] and Timothy Van Patten [Sex and the City].

now onto the only actor that caught my interest. james purefoy has a role in the new series as... well that has yet to be determined but i believe he may play one of the 2 leading male characters.

what i do know about his past that may be of interest is that he screen tested for goldeneye as james bond but lost out to pierce. now, just a few months ago, he was up for consideration as the new, younger bond in the next film to be directed by martin campbell [the director of goldeneye] but purefoy lost out again to the final two bond choices... british actors Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. but listen to this excerpt taken from ny post page six back in feb. 2004.

"Which Broadway hunk lost his chance at being the next James Bond because of rumors he's gay? The movie's producers found out he was a little too close to his male assistant, and were worried about the secret getting out and weakening the Bond machismo..."

now james has done some theatre work but who's to say this story was about him trying yet again for the role when we all knew pierce was out after the last bond bomb. although, james purefoy does mention a son in his hello magazine interview regarding his last movie, vanity fair. maybe... gay couple? to find out more about james, check out this bbc article.

for those still reading, ROME will be a shining moment for hb-ho. tune in this june to see the saga that will dominate your interest.