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to those of interest,

today i write to give my visitors a peek at what's to come with + aguysite blog. is the heart and soul of my work. it's a website that attempts to bring the best gay content together on one site. there you'll find monthly editions, aguysite sections, articles + web features that should interest every gay man. i recently started 'aguysite blog' for daily updates, rants + further website promotions. i think i've successfully built a simple yet entertaining blog that is currently gaining a solid audience.

recently i started a new blog, guytv, which follows reality shows + tee v antics. here i am currently writing episode summaries with a fag's twist for mtv's real world vs road rules: inferno 2. also, the 'guy tv' reality section on will now filter into this new blog and vanish from my website. if you're a fan of + my blog, do bookmark guytv for new fresh content from a gay viewer's perspective.

i'm working on bringing my newest interview with "muscle matt" to as well as working on the restruction of the "chat dot com" web feature. i was not happy with how things were coming out with the first attempt of "chat dot com". now i've been investigating chat rooms + profile websites to better help you chat your way to some kind of internet bliss.

one of my newest web creations will be featured on aguysite blog entitled 'the gentleman interviews'. i can't go into any further details about what this is about but i expect it's something i haven't seen on any blog.

remember if you have any questions, input or comments, please feel free to drop a note in any of my posts. i once wrote a post about "lurkers" in which people visit yet rarely say a thing. it's your choice to write a few words down. it's your choice not to write anything. i just ask that you click, jerk and educate yourself with everything, aguysite blog + guytv has to offer.

thank you for the new fans + the fans who were with me from the start. i do everything because of you. thank you.


Anonymous Long Tran said...

have i told you lately how BOMB you are! you're like the folgers in my cup every morning, yes you are...yesss you are. ;) keep it up!

1:13 PM  
Anonymous QueerClick said...

Hey AGS! =)

Thanks for the note on QC. Been an ardent follower of your blog since my schooldays! You are a great source of inspiration so keep it up and here's to more and better work from all of us!

Dun be a stranger!

11:59 AM  

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