Saturday, March 5

bruno + brazil = arousal

thanks to the helpful eye of "delicieus" [great name by the way] we discover a new, on-the-rise brailizan god. i'm serious, i'm gonna start planning a trip to the gay hotspots of brazil. well, maybe not that serious. here's something for those interested in a bit more brazilian flavor... [just copy and past brazilian meat] be sure to check out brazil's leading gay publication g magazine [i can't understand a word at this g mag site but click and jerk if you need too] and for those into more brazilian content, please check out a great blog where the creator [i think] was made in brazil. here we find out about a brazilian [gay inspired] reality show entitled camera h. and we discover 40 graus models. oh and glimpse at the creation that is felipe folgosi. ahh i would just ejaculate right now.


Blogger delicieus said...

Wish I had the Brazilian gene.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are complet sexy !!!without comments

6:23 AM  

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