Wednesday, March 16

daddy oohhh! . the 8th dvd

for fans of, many know about daddy oohhh! productions through 2 interviews, one with the ceo + one with a popular daddy oohhh! performer. on april 1st, their next dvd gets released nationwide entitled "Last Call".

the premise for this dvd is a bar is closing up with a few guys left playing pool attempting to leave but when "randy" bartenders clean up their work areas, the playful fun begins.

this is daddy oohhh!'s 8th full length production. go ahead and check out the official site by clicking the "Last Call" images. i can only post softcore images, the naughty ones can be found over at the official site. enjoy all that they can offer over at Daddy Oohhh! Productions!


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WOOOF, thanks for posting to my blog. I don't why the X's over my pic posts. That hasn't happened before. Have a great one. Big hugs.

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