Friday, March 4

the day palau died . jeff voted out

wait. before i start, i'm sorry for those who recorded it and tried to remain 'spoiler free' but one, you shouldn't be online 'cause you'll get spoiled. and 2nd, after midnight of the day of broadcast, it's your fault if you haven't found out who got voted out by now. MY eye candy was voted out last night. yeah i like the old fellas on the other tribe + the models implanted in this season's cast, but i wanted more tv jeff time. all i need now is jeff wilson dot something for his modeling pictures, maybe a calendar and news to follow his soon to be successful career as a reality star.

here is his direct video link to his exit interview the day after. part one. part two. i wonder how it would have been if the fag-vivor ended up on the same tribe as jeff.

and speaking of jeff's. now that mr. probst has had a "man relationship" with colby [season australia] and currently getting busy with half his age julie [season vanuatu], i think he'll move his beyond impressive body towards half his age jeff [season palau], aka personal trainer slash god. here's hoping!

i knew there was something up when jeff rated out jeff's attraction or alliance to that other 'model' girl. he had a reason for cock blocking jeff. will colby be jealous? will julie be jealous? expect to see jeff + jeff getting friendly for the cameras very soon... for those unaware of jeff probst's and colby's almost [i pray] love affair, check out's colby + jeff page. mr. probst has got to be leaning both ways. he's just got to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, what about Jeff and Colby...and Jeff?

- Glenn

4:59 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

this blog is really gay. awesome.

1:22 PM  

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