Saturday, March 12

d'geyrald & taneo . symba music

a label created in 2002 by louisiana boys is symba music corp. at first glimpse the site seems to cater to gay guys with a flare for electronic music, but it doesn't really state that they are gay operated or gay owned. they help promote dj's, authors and many talented interpreters with no hesitation to listen to your demo! their website states that "No matter our opinion about your project, we will give you feedback". sounds like a company i can enjoy and you could use.

inside the site you'll find an mv from a talented duo, d'geyrald & taneo. i checked out their video "i'm your man" and witnessed a behind the scenes featurette where they speak in french? [with subtitles] which quickly is followed by their full length video. this led to a d&t investigaytion.

this official symba music site reveals that d'geyrald was part of a group at the age of 16 that went by the name, GSQUAD. with world success on the group and female fans at his unwanted disposal, d'geyrald decided to go off for a solo career + come out of the closet. he later signed with independent label symba music and help the new company gain new artists. he currently is one of many individuals helping a europe gay tv station, pink tv, get off the ground. and that's d'geyrald in a smooth nut sac shell. not much info on taneo just yet.

i love how you can pass through one site through another and another with each discovery worth your time. thank you symba. thank you d'geyrald. thank you francoise.

bonus: for an interview in french with d'geyrald, click here + translate yourself. for additional party fotos, check out lyon clubbing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're both gay, right? But they aren't together...well, not at the time of that interview.

- Glenn

8:12 AM  
Blogger Rod said...

Looking at the Lyon page now. It's days like this that I wished my foreign language skills were not limited to latin, which millions speak in commerce and industry daily. Not.

The fotos are beautiful, I'm really lovin' the five o'clock shadow.


4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello from Paris!!
I'M D'GEYRALD, thanks for your comment about my new song
tenders kisses

6:46 AM  

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