Saturday, March 26

the hero . "i will make you a man"

listen to his theme music . the world is mine . windows media format

thanks to twenty-something blog, i've been able to bring you's first super hero. he even comes with theme music, the world is mine! [just click on his crotch to experience it!]
created to protect + its many fans from villainous fakers + gay bashers, this hero is your answer to all of your bedroom prayers. he fights gay crime. he protects those from seedy men when gay boys are out + about. and he teaches virgins, no matter what your age, how a true man kisses, sucks + f!cks.

born on a farm under his gay father's watchful eyes, this strapping young boy grew into breathtaking high school track + field nerd. though still a virgin through his school years, it wasn't until a spring morning when his gentleman neighbor stopped by for a cup of creme. the boy's father's were out on a cruise leaving the 19 year old son all alone. seduced by the gentleman, the boy experienced love making by a true man in the farmhouse.

when the climax of the passionate experience erupted from between his muscled thighs, his white eyes opened for the first time. his skin turned white. the gentleman's seed changed the boy into something new. something magnificent.

when his father's returned, the boy could not hide his new skin tone and "special" powers. he told them that he had changed. something was different. one of his father's bent down to his level and told him a few words that the boy would remember till this day. "you're not a faggot. you're the faggot!"

a special suit was created by the father's to protect their boy from std's, filth + women! they watched as he flew away into the rainbow sky, a tear escaping one of his father's eyes. the other father looked at him and said, "you're so the woman of this relationship."

today when a boy is in trouble or unable to "perform", the hero shows up to protect + perform. when you hear his theme music, you'll know he's near.

his true identity must remain a close guarded secret!

there's more to come on this new super hero. you'll meet his arch enemy. "the woman". you'll meet his super friends. and you'll find out how far he'll go to peform for a man. [trust me, he's a whore, he'll do about anything + anyone]


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