Tuesday, March 1

kaikesurf . does he know?

if someone could be so beautiful that they could make you cry on visual shock, that would be kaikesurf. it seems blogs across the board are visually obessed with this brazilian fotolog. i, unaware of this walking god-like creature, stumbled onto his site through fleshbot, a very powerful + important web source of gay [and straight!] material. as i and you and many others discover 'kaikesurf', his web addiction will continue.

what we know about this guy is that nearly all gay blokes are sexually attracted to him. none of us american bloggers have any idea what his website says. and no one knows if this guy actually is aware that he is the object of obession among a large portion of the online community.

recently i found his unedited kaikesurf blog in which 44 comments have been left after one 'teste....' entry. forty fcking four comments left! it seems the first comment was left way back in april 2004 with the newest one left feb 2005. i don't understand why people are still leaving comments on a blog that has been left for dead. here we find out his full name is Kaike Guterres Perez and was 19 yrs of age back in 2004. he's legal! he loves the colours Azul[blue] + Laranja[orange]. and the things he adores: surfing, sincerity + attention! what a surprise!

next i find a comment he left over at another brazilian's fotolog, Thiago Baguete on feb 12th '05. he wrote something about futebol[soccer] and uses the tagname 'kaikesurf: koee gay' not sure why gay is inserted after his name but one is hoping it means what we think it means...

on his official fotolog he does update as recently as march 1st '05. he writes + edits in portuguese so i thought i'd write something just for kaikesurf's eyes.

"aguysite quer perguntar o seguinte:
- Tem conhecimento do grande número de fans que tem entre cibernautas da comunidade gay? Interessas-te por mulheres? Gostas de homens? És gay? O que pensas das pessoas de orientação gay no geral?
thanks to * Portugueseboy *!

for you american blokes, here are recent favorite fotos of kaikesurf. now when you visit his fotolog site, be sure to leave some american comments behind after you visit. let's make him aware of his pop culture blog status.

one last thing kaike... mostre seu butt despido!!!

update: i give up. there's proof of straight love on his website. i think i was more focused on his solo images that i just didn't see his "sempre" girl playmate. there's hearts on one picture + they both seem to talk online with microphones and blah blah blah! so this is what it feels like to have an online just-by-foto crush on a straight guy who doesn't speak any english. oh well, moving on to my next sexual visual attraction!


Anonymous devnull said...


Your portuguese is VERY bad! He will never understand your questions! LOL

1:07 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

i used this online translater. it was my best attempt in getting one question at a time translated by some 'english to portuguese' program. if you speak + write in portuguese, help me out.

i asked him. i'll change some things up.

aguysite.com wants to ask you a few questions. are you aware of your online fans among the gay community? are you interested in
women? are you interested in men? how do you feel about gay people in general?

okay you laughing lifestock, help me out here. help all of us gay blokes and translate that. you do it here and i'll update the blog entry, if you laugh again, then why even post anything to begin with?

3:36 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

oh my god, this is funny. i just used the same program to switch the language back to english and this is what it translates to.

aguysite.com's wants to know if you it will be cliente of its to follow gay. I have some questions for you I am you gay? they are only you? they are you only interested in girls? e that you think on its image that is lusted and adored for men gay through America?

yes my friend. that is funny LOL but you know, all languages are so different and pretty much never translate perfectly.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"quer saber se você estiver ciente de seu seguir gay. eu tenho algumas perguntas para você. são você gay? são você único? estão você interessado somente em meninas? e que você pensa sobre sua imagem que é lusted e adored por homens gay através de América?"

The correct way:

"aguysite quer perguntar o seguinte:
- Tem conhecimento do grande número de fans que tem entre cibernautas da comunidade gay? Interessas-te por mulheres? Gostas de homens? És gay? O que pensas das pessoas de orientação gay no geral?

And this is the correct way in Portuguese of Portugal... but the brazilians understand too...

Take care! Big hug

* Portugueseboy *

9:17 AM  
Blogger mickeyitaliano said...

anyone this narcissistic has to dig guys as well.


12:04 AM  
Blogger delicieus said...

That friend of his on fotolog, brunosurfista, is pretty hot, too.

12:45 PM  

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