Sunday, March 13

learn to lust . arcepje ymm

i can't reveal the identity of this buff bod because he believes in the man upstairs and most likely slash maybe wants to see me go downnn... stairs. but i like that i can lust for him. he has the best arms on any rocker i've seen so far. unless you guys beg to differ, just point me in the right erection- i mean direction. his story is also heart felt. his... well if i told ya, you'd figure him out! enjoy this rocker's arms. here's a hint, he's somewhere on the web. [arcepje ymm is his first and last name switched around, i also posted this with his name and then quickly deleted it, oops.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know who it is.

Apparently, he likes "a lot of neutral colors. You know like earth tones." And Mexican food...


8:32 AM  
Blogger aguysite said...

well i just can't nothing past you glenn. abs su fckin nothing! LOL

2:00 PM  

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