Tuesday, March 22

musicography . educate urself

brotha2brotha once wrote that my blog "creates mood". and so i started thinking... he also stated "For some reason, there's an overwhelming urge to play bossa nova while enjoying this weblog and your companion site." and then it hit me. this wonderful man saw and somehow heard my vision of aguysite.com + aguysite blog. i smiled when i read that. he fckin got it.

for the past year i've been unable to create an audio companion to go with my websites. i didn't know how to execute one. i didn't know what tools i could use that would enable me to give my visitors my audio vision of what i think an experience through my websites should be like. and now i have. much thanks to itunes.

and so i created "aguysite musicographies". these are companion soundtracks that one can download + experience while they move through aguysite.com + aguysite blog. but i've taken my audio infusions one step further. with each audio companion mix i create, there is a story that unfolds. you will be able to better understand my track choices and why each track follows the next.

now each track is chosen for different reasons. some may hold the track to it's lyrics. i select a track based on 2 things. the instrumental backdrops + a few spoken words. if the mix does not make sense to you, the story will bring your vision in sync with mine.

music does have universal appeal. it gives us an international communication. brings social understandings to some. and sometimes non verbal messages are delivered with precise precision. this is my new audio vision. aguysite musicographies.

tune in april 1st for the first aguysite.com audio companion. it's entitled "pornostar musicography". [for those eager to get a taste of it, find in the usa section of itunes]

debuts april 1st!


Blogger Rod said...

Do I get it? LoL I'm not sure, but it's very obvious that you're trying to brand an experience. The art is fabulous, so my visits are planned when I'm playing music. There are several sites that do likewise; also, I'm writing scripts or other things. Television--for me, which means at work all day and then home--is a little too distracting.

Looking forward to the new multimedian experience, probably will be a hit.

Thanks for your support. It means a lot to a newbie.


7:29 PM  

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