Wednesday, March 9

new vintage . paris combo

last summer i came across some talented musicians that i shared with readers back in july.04. if you remember, they were displayed through two videos in which you can view again today. Paris Combo is described as a "quintet of young French musicians who take their influences from the late Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, punk and techno groups and the French screen siren Arletty. Together they play an infectious swing that's popular now in Paris cabarets."

back in in the year .99, they embarked on a two week u.s. tour. since then they've created a total of six albums that can be purchased through amazon dot com. their new album, motifs, was released in the states on jan 11th .05 with fourteen new tracks. [track #1 is one of my favorites, high low in]

the group includes an australian pianist + trumpeter, an arabic/gypsy jazz inspired guitarist, a frenchman swing influenced drummer and a madagascar born bassist/singer. the group has even captured the interest of the los angeles times who wrote "music with the sort of engaging appeal that bypasses any need for definition or category. This, when you get right down to it, is what all music should—and too often doesn’t—have to offer."

with a current canadian + u.s. tour in motion, kenny o. of chicago left this impression on amazon dot com spotlight reviews. "Having just seen them live last night in Chicago, they are every bit as good in the flesh. They are witty and urbane, but unpretentious at the same time... They had people dancing in the aisles. If Paris Combo does not find great success in the music world, it will be a shame."

i give you your first + maybe second introduction to paris combo. music with quality + world flavor. the videos below are from past albums as the group has yet to debut a new video for motifs. plus fans of paris combo can download some mp3's over at itunes, tracks taken from their last album + live cd. enjoy.


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