Monday, March 7

rome . the next hb-ho!

for those few million who caught the season debut of deadwood and the [explosive, should be recoginzed for emmyglobesguild awards] new episode of carinvale would have gotten their first sneak preview of ROME. the next big series from hbo, in association with bbc + rai, will debut in june for fans of the roman empire + fans of roman men. the creators have put 100 million dollars [75 million euro] into the project currently shooting its twelve episodes in italy. 350 crew members worked in two units separated by the colors red + yellow [the official colors of roma]. they also got 200+ men to play extras as roman soliders. 200+ roman meat. yum.

cinecitta studios, aka cinema city, in italy was the central shooting locations for the series. such powerful classics + current films shot on location include: ben-hur, cleopatra, gangs of new york + passon of the christ. i wonder if any gay porn epics were shot there. oh yes, the talented mr. ripley starring closet case matt damon.

for those unaware of the story behind hbo's "rome", here's the big, quick rundown. the series tells the story of Julius Caesar through the eyes of two of his soldiers, portraying both the upper and lower classes of ancient Rome in gritty, graphic detail. this show will be hbo's most expensive series in its history. with 27+ million subscribers, the network hopes the once pitched mini-series will pay off big as a series. also, the two soliders are actually based from actual writings by caesar himself.

as the for the setting, the creators want to show ancient rome as realisitc and not a polished hollywood vision. with that said, expect to see public toilets that conset of a hole along a plank used by both men + women. with such detail + attention, the production has undergone problems as highlighted by many articles across the net with one quote repeated that seems to make the days in italy go by just a little bit better. "We're learning as we go."

the first three episodes will be directed by michael apted. this is the man responsible for disastrous flicks such as enough, blink + the world is not enough. but just because he is not a hit at the box office doesn't mean he can't be a riot on tv. actually he is the head man over at the directors guild of america. other directors on board for future season episodes include Alan Poul [Six Feet Under], Allen Coulter [The Sopranos], Julian Farino [Entourage] and Timothy Van Patten [Sex and the City].

now onto the only actor that caught my interest. james purefoy has a role in the new series as... well that has yet to be determined but i believe he may play one of the 2 leading male characters.

what i do know about his past that may be of interest is that he screen tested for goldeneye as james bond but lost out to pierce. now, just a few months ago, he was up for consideration as the new, younger bond in the next film to be directed by martin campbell [the director of goldeneye] but purefoy lost out again to the final two bond choices... british actors Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. but listen to this excerpt taken from ny post page six back in feb. 2004.

"Which Broadway hunk lost his chance at being the next James Bond because of rumors he's gay? The movie's producers found out he was a little too close to his male assistant, and were worried about the secret getting out and weakening the Bond machismo..."

now james has done some theatre work but who's to say this story was about him trying yet again for the role when we all knew pierce was out after the last bond bomb. although, james purefoy does mention a son in his hello magazine interview regarding his last movie, vanity fair. maybe... gay couple? to find out more about james, check out this bbc article.

for those still reading, ROME will be a shining moment for hb-ho. tune in this june to see the saga that will dominate your interest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NY Post was referring to Hugh Jackman when he we starring in "The Boy from Oz".

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NY Post was referring to Hugh Jackman when he we starring in "The Boy from Oz".

10:14 PM  

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