Monday, March 21

troy aikman . the texan d.i.l.f.

this texan d.i.l.f. [dad i'd like 2 fck... and taste... and experience... and-] has been plastered all over my tee v channels here in dallas. he's in a series of some wing-eating fast food commercials and just bought his own car/truck dealership with him talking to us about buying his driving contraptions. he may be an unattainable d.i.l.f. but he can always be a fantasy of mine and now yours.

and yes, he's been done the road of being accused of being gay. i think some gayish guy somewhere wanted to sleep with the guy and he told one person and they told another about troy being gay... i just can't understand why we gay boys need to have our gay fantasies gay. just cause someone is famous, they're suddenly fighting gay rumors. i can't wait to deny, deny + deny when i get famous so i can have some outfckinragous coming out moment live on tee v!

i believe troy aikman is str8 as an arrow and that just makes my jerk off fantasy with the man that much better. you can view an article over at the advocate that covers how celebs deal with the gay rumor. oprah was also featured in this write up and makes a funny statement, "I am not in the closet. I am not coming out of the closet. I am not gay." [like a vinatage sitcom moment where i fold my arms and smile + shake my head left to right] "OOhhh oprah!" cue audience laughter and then fade to black.


Blogger hbjock said...

Mmmm Troy Aikman is a real hottie. ANd yeah I'd have to agree that I'd rather see him be a straight man with play on the side than a closeted gay man. Now, two men I wouldn't mind being gay would be Tom Brady and Jason Sehorn heheh.. Oh well, one can dream!

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