Monday, March 28

the woman . "no man shall say no to me"

here's my next "pathetic" attempt at a superhero. she is the arch villian of my last super one i created and it turns out her back story involves "the hero" himself.

one night as she and her fag friends went out for a night of clubbing at 'the pistol' + 'the rear end', she noticed a guy standing in line. waiting to get in. his skin was white and he wore something off the rack of some manchic designer's closet.

when her and her gal- i mean guy pals enter 'the rear end', she noticed her white skinned cutie sitting at the bar, drinking a cumtini. she left her friends and approached the guy.

with a gentle tap on his shoulder, he turns to her with a smile. he says hello as she attempts her best line on him. "i saw you in my dreams last night and i new if i wished hard enough, you'd be real."

he thanks her but turns away. after her next pick up line fails followed by a few more, she begins to grow 'emotional'. "do i not turn you on?" she finally asks grabbing his shoulder for a str8 answer. he shakes his head no laughing just a small bit. her awaiting answer expression turns to angry woman frustration because a man can never read a woman's true intentions. fearful, our hero jumps from his seat bumping into a bartender holding a tray of bitchtini's, each with a flame lit surface.

i'm watching you menthe drinks fall on the woman as she falls to her knees screaming. the bitchtini's secret juice disappearing into her skin. the fire burning her eyes! her hair ruined by getting wet. the bartender begins to take a step backwards, she's transforming! our hero leaves into the crowd, pushing past sweaty chests + flexed biceps. a large explosion is heard as our hero exits the club.

inside, sweaty twink dancers and pornstars have fallen as a woman now stands. her anne loft clothing ripped and burning off as "the woman" creates fire on her hands. her eyes are bright yellow and full of emotion. her gorgeous lips begin to move... "no man shall say no to me."

our hero created his arch enemy like that bat one created his funny one. she is a woman scorned. say tuned for the sidekick for our hero to debut... remember, he'll be pathetic too.

i'm watching you men


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