Saturday, April 30

dernier cri . collar trend

the f!cking trend has for some reason resurfaced and even fasion designers are using it. if i was to take my collar and flip it up, i would look like i'm in a hallwoeen getup posing as a white guy. when i'm out at the movies and 3 young white studs walk past, each with collars flipped up, then they're automatically hot as f!ck and i'd hope they keep those collars up when on my knees making tom cruise proud! i love fashion.

jake cruise . day nine

the entire 9 day promotion has a new home. 18 and over please.

Friday, April 29

foto . ll cool j

Wednesday, April 27

learn 2 lust . the wrestler

Tuesday, April 26

remake . the birds

thanks to the hollywood reporter, today has just got feathered. one of my all time inspirational films is about to get the remake treatment. oh save it. i'm tired of everyone asking "why?" and "this movie doesn't need a remake!" bullsh!t. just stop. no one is touching the original classic, which i love. but i get school girl happy when the hollywood power players decide to remake a film for a new audience. i can't wait for the theatrical teasers. i can't wait for the casting. who's going to replace one of my first gentlemen crushes, rod taylor. he was amazing on the big [tv] screen. i wanted to kiss him so bad.

i've been hoping they would remake the movie that changed my life. poltergeist. i have my own personal reasons why this film is so f!cking special. a midnight showing for this haunted funhouse is about to happen on mother's day weekend here in dallas area... but i've already seen the great midnight showing last halloween at the same theatre, upstairs in the haunted screenin room. for those interested in great midnight showings in the dallas area, check out landmark theatres, inwood theatre. if you're in the area on may 20-21st, PYSCHO has its 2 night midnight showings.

"The Birds," Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1963 horror tale, looks to be taking flight again as a Universal Pictures remake. Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes shingle is in negotiations to produce the film with Peter Guber though his Mandalay Pictures banner. The new version would be based on the short story by Daphne Du Maurier, to which Universal owns the rights and which inspired Hitchcock's movie. Tippi Hedren starred in the original thriller about increasingly vicious birds that terrorize a small town. It won't be the first time Universal, which was Hitchcock's home for the latter part of the producer-director's career, has been part of a remake of the master. In 1998, Gus Van Sant directed a scene-for-scene remake of "Psycho" for the studio. That same year, Warner Bros. Pictures and Koppelson Entertainment turned out "A Perfect Murder," based on the play that inspired Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder." And at Warners -- underscoring the rage for Hitchcock remakes -- the studio is mounting a new version of "Strangers on a Train," based on the Patricia Highsmith novel that was the basis for the Hitchcock film. Platinum -- run by Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller -- is no stranger to the remake genre itself. Its most recent offering, "The Amityville Horror," has taken in more than $43 million after two weekends at the domestic boxoffice. Platinum remade "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and recently set up a remake of "The Hitcher" with Focus Features to be released through Focus' genre label, Rogue Pictures. - hollywood reporter

Monday, April 25

may dates . + the gentleman

for those curious, may edition for is in production. click in on monday, may 2nd for an all new edition. some may have noticed that i've started focusing more attention on my blog these past few weeks then on here are the reason(s) why.

both + aguysite blog take in over 3,000+ hits daily. that's good for me and you. continued interest allows me to continue working on my web passions. thank you for that. now is a monthly edition and is updated once at the start of each month with minor updates throughout whereas aguysite blog is updated daily.

i have to maintain a daily maintenance for my blog to keep interest + help promote the homoerotic interest in guys. i hope to give you something new + fresh [and maybe something a little used] daily on aguysite blog + for those with negative comments or improvement thoughts, it's easy to dish them but makes it a bit harder to please just you. i don't mind critisim, i never have, i can take it and dish it right back without [too much] disrespect.

the next gentlemen interview will now debut sunday, may 1st. the reason is solely because of the jake cruise promotion. i thought it would not be so tasteful to have a gentleman in the mix of so much adult content. just below is a glimpse of his work. he is a painter + is not afraid to showcase his wonderful body in his art. makes me wish he wasn't taken by another man's romance. [if you are aware of this artist's identity, please keep that quiet until may 1st!] back to work.

if you are aware of this artist's identity, please keep that quiet until may 1st!

Saturday, April 23

for those of interest . the mann

searching some websites, i came across a company who has replaced underwear models with this flawless mann[equin]. he's like some life size ken doll. i'm creeped out.... but maybe many of you are not. there's a fetish for everything it seems. if god can create mankind, we can create mannkind. so for those of interest, i present "the mann".

Friday, April 22

and you are...

after 500 votes i am able to see the diverse audience aguysite blog has created. this is the results so far. yeah i know some blogs could do the same poll and get like 5,000 votes in a week, i'm just doing this for my own reasons. and for those wondering, the poll is fixed so that a pc user can not vote again.

i, of course, had the first vote in which i selected "a closeted guy". i'd be interested to find out who those 2 luscious lesbians were. i get most of the "f!cking lost, i'm not gay" votes during the weekend. i'll admit, there are some true blue straight guys. i don't blame some straight guys never wanting to get with a guy 'cause i don't want to ever mess around with women, not ever. so that makes me a true blue gay guy. that's just how we are, it's how we were made. but it's good to know there are a healthy amount of bisexual + closeted + curious guys out there.

Wednesday, April 20

the talent . the alexis brothers

watching the tee v screen last night, i actually was watching a bit of the mavericks game. during halftime, 2 men were doing something inspiring on stage. they were performing a balancing routine that i've seen before but not with a healthy woody! they were built to perfection. aged to perfection. i'm actually surprised the homophobic crowd of men at the game weren't being f!ckholes screaming at the guys. i hear the show went on for 15 minutes + the crowd cheered them afterwards.

researching i found out that they are currently part of the las vegas cirque du soleil show "KÀ". the story follows the epic saga of a brother and sister: twins who must embark on a perilous journey. now it's unknown to me why the alexis brothers are doing a halftime show that gets mere seconds on air to doing a show in las vegas... Vegas, people!

alexis brothers story: they come from portugal but grew up in countries like italy, spain + france. they've been working in circus life since they were young guys and have won awards + recognition worldwide. they said they were lucky to see + learn different cultures and languages because today they currently speak 6 languages: french, spanish, english, russian, italian + portuguese. they started with ringling brothers back in '83 but soon cirque du soleil got those hard bodies in their exclusive shows started back in '92.

official KA website

for those interested in seeing the alexis brothers in vegas, you'd have to find out how to contact them or the vegas show to see if they are appearing in the acutal mgm grand show. go ahead and check out the >official "KÀ" website. for those in the vegas area, buy tickets today online. for those eager to get a glimpse of the new vegas show, check out the tee v spot + the slave cage.

Monday, April 18

you're so intergalactic

i got my tickets for the very first midnight showing. i'm gonna be a star wars nerd for a day. i'm gonna sweat and sit in a theatre full of sweaty nerds. i'm gonna probably see a buff nerd underneath nerd clothing... and then get hard in the theatre thinking about him. i like nerds. especially star wars nerds who dress up as hans solo. mmmmm... f!ck yeah.

Friday, April 15

is the bum considered nudity?

now you and i both know what nudity is. it's the content that isn't exceptable on the tee v screen, pc screens or in theatres. it's what makes entertainment x rated. but i've always wondered why the buttock cheeks are considered nudity. here's my take on it all.

women get to wear g-strings and thongs in videos, publications, tee v shows + cinema. yes it may be an article of clothing but the cheeks are not covered up. so with this state of mind implanted into my thought processing,i would think it's okay to post an image of a closed bum on a blog because the cheeks are not open exposing his naughty bit.

now if the man's hands were on the cheeks about to open them or just touching them in any way... then it would be considered adult or x rated. if there was another guy in the photo, then maybe it would depend on what the other guy was doing. there's no sexual toys lying anywhere. no sign of a buffer on the set. just a random photograph featuring a male bum.

so again... is the male bum nudity? who makes the rules? educate me. and others with similar blogs.

Thursday, April 14

take it to the streets 2

educate yourself . my blog

today i like to inform my healthy amount of returning + new visitors what to expect when stopping by. each day, i will post something new. something used. something fresh + something informative. when i do post, i like to post BIG... by this i mean that i post with visual images large in size with some writing context added.

most who own blogs write about their lives, personal subjects, random pop culture happenings + political issues. i do not write about my own personal happenings as must as others do but i will give you an insight into my life on random posts. i understand some do not want to read a page of information day in + day out. some just want a quick visual aid to better their day. each blog has their own audience. and i just want my audience to better understand the method to my postings.

below is the list of what to look for each and every month. not every post will fall under one of these categorizes. some posts will stand on their own. just thought you'd like to know this information.

the letter . at the beginning of each month i will post a letter detailing current monthly happenings of my 3 websites. + aguysite blog + guytv blog.

learn 2 lust . when a guy begins to lust for another guy, in a way that would categorize him as gay or bisexual, it usually takes one image to start it. one guy is all it takes. when i feature a collection of images featuring a selected individual, he could be the image that sparks your curiosity.

the talent . i will feature a person of talent. their creative + artistic elements can be shown through paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, modeling, singing, etc. any form of talent given through the male body will be showcased here.

magmozine . 'mo' comes from the slang homo. this is where i will post information regarding magazines with a gay or straight male interest. it could be a write up, an article or a website found in a magazine.

foto . this is just a random photograph found on the net that should be shared with others. it is chosen based on my own personal reasons. the photography also may be a "whoregraph"... this image is taken, stolen, reposted, reused, reedited, re-everything. it's old news to some yet fresh to others.

new vintage . fans of aguysite blog know of my official website, the site is now a few years old but with no archive section available to look through. with this post i will feature past aguysite vintage selections that some will remember.

cinematic . if the post has information regarding movies, production news, announcements and all jobs that are featured in the opening + end credits, then that would be considered cinematic. who's not a fan of the cinema?

dernier cri . this would be a fashion related post. something that comes from a fasion designer's mind + talent. this would also include anything redone regarding fashion related designs or inspirations.

the gentlemen interviews . check out this introduction post that details these new blog interviews.

musicography . check out this introduction post that details this new blog feature.

dot com . when i visit a new website that leaves me feeling that my time was well spent, i like to write about my experience and of course share it with you. i like to give my readers some information on what to expect when they choose to visit the selected website for their first time.

[insert month] mv's . each month i will post an average of two music videos that deserve your listening pleasure. this would include videos featured in windows media format, real one format + quicktime format.

for those of interest . if a post does not have its own category or does not have its own unique title, then it would fall under this type of post. there may be a selected amount of readers who would be interested in this type of post. it is for those of interest.

thank you for your interest and expect a wonderful full summer of aguysite blog!

Tuesday, April 12

take it to the streets

Monday, April 11

carrot top . the new buff

carrot top . official website

either you love or you're really annoyed by him. carrot top is an orange redish force to be seduced by. i think he's funny. non-stop hilarity. i first saw him on the tonight show some years back and i laughed 'till it hurt like a mutha f!cker. a few years pass and he came through dallas/ft worth area for a one night show. i think it sold out and i never went to go see him. i like him but i'm not going to wait in line for a ticket to see mr. top in person...

love me or hate me... i'm still a human being.

...until now. yes, this is the superficial body conscience mindset talking here. the new carrot top is built with buff muscle perfection + a new sexy vibe. now, i will wait in line. in the cold! in the rain! in the snow! just to get close enough to touch his body and maybe get a photo with the guy. f!ckin lick the sweat off his chest after a performance. would i like redhead sweat, is it tangy? did i just make an offensive comment?

now, just like carrot top's audience, you're either annoyed by me or you love me. spread throughout this post are a collection of fotos with his new body image. for those interested in his stick figure fotos from the past, check out imdb's gallery. mr. top usually performances on the tonight show with "big chin" leno where some of you lucky fellas can see him in high definition widescreen buff vision.

immutablyme dot com was able to get a comment out of carrot top about his recent muscle gain. carrot's quoted answer to working out... "I think I’ve always been athletic. Maybe I’ve put on a little more muscle in the past year. The new Carrot Top? No. I was always an athlete. In high school I wrestled and swam and so forth. And my show is very physical. It helps to stay in shape." yeah, it just "happened" mr. top. muscle doesn't just happen. something made him change.

carrot top shirtless . you got a better one?

for those now wondering when he's cumming to your city, he's apparently got the summer off for something.. maybe a movie or more gym sessions. but he's back on the road in sept, nov + dec. [dates are subject to change] go ahead and check out his official calander for more info.

for those interested, over in an interview with F5, we find out carrot top's off stage name is scott thompson, talks about getting the "girls", talks about when people actually meet him in person they say "God, you're actually kind of attractive." and that mr. top thinks hairy matted chests are not very attractive. oh carrot, you've got so much queer stuff to learn. for more education on carrot, check out the full interview.

for those fags rich in power + wealth and who happen to own a comedy club or know a club in the gay sections of the city, book him today through national acts dot com. just remember, his act on stage is just that, an impressive sweaty act. he's different when the camera's + audience are off. he's just another average buff joe. enjoy his comedy. enjoy his website. enjoy his body.

Sunday, April 10

blogs 3 . tony hayden + moscow in paris

after viewing tony hayden's "acid bath" + "waiting for the night - at alegria" videos, i thought of this painting. his life makes me think. deeply for some f!ckin' reason. please note his very addictive personality + weekly ME-ality Series will be a weekly obsession for me. and maybe you. if you're willing to let tony into your life. are you?

as many will have seen, i've updated my blogmaster list + created a webmaster list, just on the side. this is a collection of the websites + blogs that i frequent for inspiration and/or interest. of course the list is never complete and will have blog + sites added on [with some taken away] to keep a fresh blog for my visitors.

i've had this blog since july 2004 but recently noticed its popular following + devoted audience [600-1,100 hits a day, i'm content with that but welcome more...] so now i've put a good part of my creative direction on aguysite blog. i'm still focused on with new features + updates + a new interview to debut this month. but i do want my blog audience, whether it would be a completely different audience than, to be satisfied when they choose to visit my blog on a daily basis.

one of my most beautiful finds is the blog entitled moscow in paris maintained by eliot. now i can't figure out what the blog is suppose to say due to my language barrier but it gave me one of the best visual mind f!cks in a good while. throughout this post is a collection of what i most visually remember from my first time visit. i invite you to move through the archived months of eliots' mesmeric + mind-blowing blog. he's worth your time.

for those not ready to move through his blog, here are a few of my web discoveries due to moscow in paris' appericated work. hugo leanovitz, portraiteer, photo session + seva galkin.

Saturday, April 9

believe . the tranism nightmare

windows media format

thanks to techno wiz over at tranism, i've found a new respect for technology. thanks to the chemical brother's believe video, i fear technology. it's like watching maximum overdrive all over again. you get fixated on this video from start to end. you think it starts out like some 'call on me' video redux but then it brings you into a creepy world of mind f!cking.

the buddist over at says "I just watched this video for the upcoming Chemical Brothers single, “Believe", and now I’m all oogala boogla over it. Creepy, paranoid, and full of robot-hating goodness. Check it. I think robots are replacing clowns as the object of hate/fear de jour." well said my buddist friend, well said!

i am fearful of clowns, thank god they didn't put one in this video. i've also been fearful of technology finding a way to eliminate us. we can't give technology the ability to think. oh f!ck- shhh, they're listening to us type right now. shut up. just... just keep doing what you're doing... that's right. technology is super cool!

all this video does is create paranoia... for a day. have fun with it.

the creators behind the visual fear

the creators of this mv's scary creature are the same guys + gals behind such visual creations as seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Buckbeak the Hippogriff], Die Another Day [madonna title sequence] + Animal Planet's The Last Dragon. for more information, check out their official website.

the chemical brothers . believe . remixes

Friday, April 8

tom bianchi . the gentlemen interviews

tom bianchi, a leader in male photography, is the first participate in the gentlemen interviews. i would say a large percentage of gay men know his name + the product he creates. if this is your first introduction to mr. bianchi, i invite you to check out his answers + experience his website.

in an interview with cybermale dot com, bianchi gives us two informative quotes relating to his subjects and work. "I'm interested in inviting men who would never do "porn" have the experience of seeing themselves as sexual beings. Our negative judgments about sexually explicit images has left the territory to mediocre (or worse) image makers. I want to reclaim that territory." + "I'm not interested in people who want to be 'models.' I like working with men who want to explore themselves more deeply (and erotically) and have some fun in the process."

today he's working on The Union of Sex and Spirit,a project that looks at relationships relating to HIV all the while educating men how to tease, flirt + foreplay. [no release date as of yet] for more information on tom, check out his complete bio divided by years on his website. for those wondering why a couch, check out his answer in an interview with outuk dot com. and in a recent interview with gay dot com, we find out that bianchi "feels his work fulfills a mission to help fellow HIV-positive men connect with their sense of pleasure, fun and sensuality."

was born in 1945. grew up in illinois. started his work life in law fields. at the age of 28, he became an art collector. he then changed his life work to sculpture, drawings + photography. his first book, out of the studio, was published in '91 and became a best seller. went on to produce a total of 10 books in the ninties and a docu-film entitled "the pool". met a gentlemen named bj in '01 who gave tom a digital camera and an infamous couch that we all know very well. this is his interview.

1. Tell us how you enjoy life.
I enjoy life by being productive and living (with the illusion at least) that I have made a difference in how we gay men view ourselves. To that end — I have been a passionate sensualist — reveling in the physical fact of ourselves. I am also passionate about beauty – in lovers - art – music – ideas – entertainment - design – food – pets – friends – flowers – cars – our environment – and in general about the world we can live in if we do it consciously. So I taste, smell, touch, hear, kiss and love as much as I can.

2. Your awe-inspiring body physique. What's your secret?
My body is a function of my belief that I do not have to die in a state of disease. My body is a function of my political beliefs — no matter what the world thought of me as a gay man — I was going to enjoy challenging their expectations whether it was about my potential strength or lack thereof — my masculinity – or lack thereof — or beauty – or lack thereof. I decided that actualizing my body to what ever my natural genetic potential was would be something I would enjoy. The gym has been a luxury I afforded myself. Moderation in habits that could be potentially physically destructive were things I let go of out of self love. Ego and pride were qualities I make the most positive forces I can. And bizarrely — the fact that I am HIV positive for a decade and a half now means I can eat all the ice cream, cake and candy I want without putting on fat.

3. What are your thoughts on 20 something guys?
I think 20 something guys are potentially wonderful sexy beautiful men. I am grateful for them.

4. Should I look for a relationship or f*ckbuddy in life? And why?
You should look for both relationships and fuck buddies. And as often as possible — combine them in the same person. There is nothing better than lovers who are ever changing playmates. And a truly evolved man will love his “tricks.” Why? Because sex is more fun — more fulfilling -- when it is engaged in with love.

5. What are your future plans for Is there someone who will take over the business?
My future plan for is to keep it growing. I have the largest body of photographic evidence of the beauty and sexiness of us gay men in the world. I have not nearly scratched the surface of what I have to show the world. I have the largest number of books made by any artist in the world on the subject of gay erotic life — and for every picture you have seen published — there are hundreds and hundreds more that were shot. Since my publishers could only cut down a certain number of trees to make the books — there was a limit to what I could show. But the internet is an unlimited tree, so to speak. If I die before I show everything I think is worth exposure (which is probable) — my will permits the continuation of publication. As long as people are interested in who I knew and what they were about -- and since I’ve known some of the sexiest men on the planet in this life — who knows how long this all will go on.

6. Educate me about sex.
Educate you about sex? Just do it and educate yourself. Approach it with curiosity and love — and respect it as a divine gift to be respected and enjoyed. Find men who are not judgmental and free of shame and share the joy of the exploration of with them.

7. Educate me about love.
Love? You are alive for one purpose. To love. Don’t let anything – anyone – any idea — get in the way of that insight. Learn about love by not being afraid of being alive. Learn about love by taking risks with it. Look at the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store and imagine what a person who loves them sees. And never forget to look at your lovers the same way.

8. Voice your opinion(s) on pop culture, politics and/or religion?
Pop culture — some of it will survive — much will not. If I have any ax to grind — I hate music that has no emotional substance. “Let’s get down let’s get down let’s get down and party” repeated 50 times is not a lyric. And a lot of reality television is the entertainment equivalent of traffic accidents on freeways. How can so many people not have a life?

Politics — we are living in a sick time politically. We have frightened men and a handful of sycophant women running the show in America who have no faith in democracy. They are desperate to have and maintain power at any cost. They are not committed to truth. I am a lawyer trained to respect the intelligence of law — to love ideas – to respect intellectual honesty and quality. I find myself living in a dumb culture that has slept through the lessons we have been confronted with during my life. I am appalled that dishonest people win elections because too many people in America don’t know what our country’s principles are — or were. How many Americans know that “separate but equal” was a concept rejected – wisely – by the courts as an intellectually and morally corrupt idea? How many know that that history is relevant, for example, to the issue of gay marriage?

Religion — I consider myself a deeply religious man. And that means living by the Golden Rule — not some system of beliefs that are projections of ignorance from ancient confused cultures. I want everyone who believes we should live by the literal law of the Bible to keep their god damn hands out of the shrimp bowl as Leviticus teaches. Period. I will trust the rest of us to do the best they can leading honest moral lives with out intruding in one another’s business.

9. What's the best thing about being 60 years old?
The best thing about being 60 — which I am not quite yet — is being confident that my answers to the questions posed above are worth reading.

10. Would you take a 20 something guy's virginity if he offered it?
Ah — funny you should ask. I am my lover’s first man. He gave me his virginity — literally — just recently. He is 30 something — and to my incredible good fortune, saved himself for me for ten years after discovering his longings by seeing my books when he was a 20 something. I consider his gift and the love it represents to be the most sacred gift I have ever been given. I promise to respect that awesome honor as a loving trust all my life forever. So — the answer to your question is yes.

any last words:
Last words? Each of us the power to make our life heaven or hell. If you don’t believe that, you will make many messes that you will blame other people for. If, on the other hand, you believe that what I say is true, you will still make many messes — but you will take responsibility for them and live much more happily.

Thursday, April 7

the talent . helvio faria

the only way i can express my new found interest in photography is by showcasing work that completely defines the statement that life should be captured in silent moments forever remembered.

today i feature a sample of helvio faria's work. his official website does not list much information about the man behind the photographs but does inform of us "Sales Venues" in which we can purchase his work. he currently resides in new york city and has a few pieces featured on various online galleries such as art4love. i believe his work is on the walls of david greggory resturant + lounge located in washington dc. now according to gayguynyc, faria has won a logo contest for a tv news magazine. helvio did capture a few personal pictures for michael [aka gayguynyc] in which you can view on his personal website. for those interested in purchases other various works of helvio, please check out his section over at stock visions dot com.

my favorite pieces are featured in this blog entry with 'sunrise 1, venice 2004' being my absolute favorite piece. yet for some reason, the link is broken and i am able to showcase that piece. if you are in the dc area, check out his work in person at the vastu gallery.

thank you for your work helvio faria.

Wednesday, April 6

dot com . c-in2

[dot com . my new blog feature that will showcase what i experience when i visit a website. these blog entries should give you some direction as to where to go while visiting the featured website + what not to miss while exploring the featured website.]

C-IN2 . official website

what i first see is a question. "can you 'c' it?" suddenly the walking posse music from kill bill vol.1 kicks in. i would have rather they'd get a local dj and create a new beat. possibly an mp3 for us to download. but i know, we ask for so much and we should just be happy with what we get. and we are about to get mucho happy with this site. although i can't figure out the artist or name for track 2. i am enjoying this one quite a bit.

now we've got 2 options. dry + wet collection. of course i want wet. if you've got flash player media properly installed you've going to have a visual good time. first you get to turn the model 360 degrees around and around. [i'm easily amused folks] this model is lean, hairy in all the right places, and lifting up his arms for those with pit fetish.

next the images just to the right are amazingly large. very large. poster size quality. now if they would sell these fotos as posters for us horny boys, i think they'd have some college dorm rooms filled wall to wall. and one for the bathroom door, cause... you know.

there's also a color grid to the side that doesn't do very much except showcase their variety. they have colors like titled experesso and volcano. and the minute you roll your mouse over the body, it changes to the model's backside. music gets repeative at this point so have the option to turn it off. now if you head on over to the dry collection, you'll get about 18 more body shots [front + back] with the same model... i assume. who is this model?

the website says that they have a swimwear collection that pushes the envelope and their line of underwear introduces a patented sling support system. check this page out, it shows this undies make your package bigger. we also find out the creators/co founders are 2 very dashing gentlemen, gregory sovell + jason zambuto. sovell created the worldly popular 2(x)ist brand and boasts 17 grand years in the fashion business while zambuto comes from jil sander with ten years in the product branding + operations business.

next on the C-IN2 wesbsite is the where to buy feature. very nice + simple to use. i clicked stores, then USA, then texas which leads me to find the products are carried on the gayest street in dallas, cedar springs! over at the online option, we find that 18 websites carry the product for you to have sent directly to your home.

now under the media section we find some rather old pdf documents about the company. here we find out the company officially got off the ground in july '04 and targets "single men who care as much about how they look getting undressed as they do while dressed." we also find out that this year they plan on including men's premium denim + accessories and the year after that, they'll focus on women stuff. go ahead and check out this flyer detailing a launch party for the company.

steven klein . c-in2 ad campaign

their ad campaign [pictured above] is very popular with gay web blogs due to the photos featuring cops nearly nude baddies. these memorable shots were taken by fashion photographer steven klein. for more information on "fashion world’s current superstar" mr. klein, check out this article by new york metro dot com.

i may be a six plus months behind the times with this product but it's new to me and so now it's new to many of you. enjoy your website experience with C-IN2.

steven klein studio

Monday, April 4

the italian . walter nudo

the gentlemen interviews . introduction

this is your introduction to my newest web creation. the gentlemen interviews. currently hosts a good amount of full length interviews with many talented individuals but this new blog venture is specific in its target audience. i look for men who are 40 years of age and older with impressive online profiles who are willing to answer a few curious questions from a twenty-something guy.

the purpose for these interviews is to inform + educate twenty-something guys that when seeking companionship, friendship or relationship, the gentlemen are worthy of a healthy male pursuit.

if you are chosen for a gentlemen interview, i've chosen you based on your profile content. i, like many, can only know a certain amount of information based on your web profile. the questions for these interviews are there to gain a wider audience of interest for those men participating.

most describe men over 40 with several categories which include: silver. mature. daddy. bear. older. etc. every single type of man listed here all fall under the gentlemen category.

this image shows my type of gentlemen

below is an example of the 10 questions i would ask a participate.

[state your name, age, residence, and list any amount of words that describe you, whether it be your personality, mind and/or body.]

1. Tell us how you enjoy life.

2. Question #2 deals with your body image.

3. Question #3 is always different

4. Question #4 deals with love and/or relationships.

5. Question #5 is always different

6. Educate me about sex. (from your life experiences)

7. Educate me about love. (from your life experiences)

8. Voice your opinion(s) on pop culture, politics and/or religion?

9. What's the best thing about being [insert your age] years old?

10. Question #10 is always different

any last words:
[please feel free to rant about anything in your last words]

for those with further questions + concerns...

Which pictures will you use for the interview?
my only request is to be given permission to post images from your profile. there are a few i have my eye on to accompany with the interview. now for those who have reservations or concerns, please continue reading. i will not post any nudity. i treat all photos used on the gentlemen interviews with respect.

i may crop an image and i may write text over the image to reassure that the image belongs to you and only you. i use about 4 photos or less for the interview. it's just nice to have a quality, visual aid to go with the interview. if you're quite bold enough to post your images online, why not with the interview?

What if I want to change an answer or delete it completely?
if for any reason you want to edit or change an answer, contact me, nothing is final. those who i contact for the gentlemen interviews should have my email. once i get any requests for change or deletion, i'll do what you ask.

I'm not a gentleman. Why did you choose me?
please don't think of the word 'gentleman' as stated word for word in the dictionary. i don't expect everyone i interview to be always civil + social. you can be crude. fowl mouthed. educated. well spoken. enduring. just be you.

Can I post this interview link on my profile?
of course you can. please feel free to add a link to your website or online profile. if you need the direct link, let me know and i'll email it to you.

lastly, i just want to say that i hope my aguysite blog readers enjoy this new web creation. i created this for those who enjoy + appericate gentlemen. stay tuned for more interviews to debut soon. letter . april

grab those gay umbrellas guys

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for + aguysite blog. april brings new moods + new web ventures for my fans. when i started this web experience, i had no idea the type of new joys it would give me. i love how i can have an open communication with my fans. whether you have a negative opinion or something positive to add, please feel free to write your heart's out anonymously on any recent blog post or in my guestbook located on

the gentlemen interviews . in production

i'm very happy to say that after many "gentlemen" i've pursued, one man very high on my gentlemen list has shown interest in helping me get these new interviews started. i can't say who he is because nothing is final until he returns the final email in which i can then post here for you guys. i hope many will follow after this gentlemen becomes my heart pounding first!

i bet he's enjoying pornostar musicography...

my first musicography has also been released. as of today, the musicography has only gotten 3 votes via members with an average of 2 stars. i and you should not showcase your work expecting complete perfection and total acceptance from your web audience. we can't make a product or form of entertainment that satisfies everyone. i do everything for those who show interest in accepting the joy behind its creation. with that said, my next musicography deals with love + romance. if just a few of you enjoy it, then that's why i created it.

recently, brotha2brotha blog has done a flattering write up on my work. everyone loves when someone says "Certain weblogs should be experienced; they offer more than the pedestrian "read me, look at me, become bored by me" fare that has over-run the blogosphere. aguysite blog is one such site." i also enjoyed when he wrote "That[] and it's companion weblog are brilliantly designed: a dash Herb Ritts, a measure of Blue magazine, sprinkles of music, literature, books and travels ... shaken, not stirred ... voila! The result is a sexy, clever and engrossing read." i just wanted to return the favor for this gentlemen behind these comments with a visual thank you.

i just thought i'd thank you brotha2brotha... by taking this off. would that be okay with you, if i took this off... and get more comfortable.

as most can tell my blog is more visual than writing. if i thank someone it's with the use of big visual aids... and of course carefully chosen words of encourgament for those who create unique, wonderful web contributions. i want people who create great gay web content to keep doing their best work so that we can understand that a gay life is a beautiful thing. we all have our own vision. please open up a space on the web and show us your vision of how we can enjoy our gay life. the world belongs to humans, not straights.

update: i've just been informed that has been going through some "issues" as of sunday. today, the site is still down but will be up and erect shortly. thank you for your patience.

Sunday, April 3

april 26th . hug an australian day

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