Monday, April 4 letter . april

grab those gay umbrellas guys

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for + aguysite blog. april brings new moods + new web ventures for my fans. when i started this web experience, i had no idea the type of new joys it would give me. i love how i can have an open communication with my fans. whether you have a negative opinion or something positive to add, please feel free to write your heart's out anonymously on any recent blog post or in my guestbook located on

the gentlemen interviews . in production

i'm very happy to say that after many "gentlemen" i've pursued, one man very high on my gentlemen list has shown interest in helping me get these new interviews started. i can't say who he is because nothing is final until he returns the final email in which i can then post here for you guys. i hope many will follow after this gentlemen becomes my heart pounding first!

i bet he's enjoying pornostar musicography...

my first musicography has also been released. as of today, the musicography has only gotten 3 votes via members with an average of 2 stars. i and you should not showcase your work expecting complete perfection and total acceptance from your web audience. we can't make a product or form of entertainment that satisfies everyone. i do everything for those who show interest in accepting the joy behind its creation. with that said, my next musicography deals with love + romance. if just a few of you enjoy it, then that's why i created it.

recently, brotha2brotha blog has done a flattering write up on my work. everyone loves when someone says "Certain weblogs should be experienced; they offer more than the pedestrian "read me, look at me, become bored by me" fare that has over-run the blogosphere. aguysite blog is one such site." i also enjoyed when he wrote "That[] and it's companion weblog are brilliantly designed: a dash Herb Ritts, a measure of Blue magazine, sprinkles of music, literature, books and travels ... shaken, not stirred ... voila! The result is a sexy, clever and engrossing read." i just wanted to return the favor for this gentlemen behind these comments with a visual thank you.

i just thought i'd thank you brotha2brotha... by taking this off. would that be okay with you, if i took this off... and get more comfortable.

as most can tell my blog is more visual than writing. if i thank someone it's with the use of big visual aids... and of course carefully chosen words of encourgament for those who create unique, wonderful web contributions. i want people who create great gay web content to keep doing their best work so that we can understand that a gay life is a beautiful thing. we all have our own vision. please open up a space on the web and show us your vision of how we can enjoy our gay life. the world belongs to humans, not straights.

update: i've just been informed that has been going through some "issues" as of sunday. today, the site is still down but will be up and erect shortly. thank you for your patience.


Blogger savante said...

Glad to know you're appreciated since you do run one of the nicest blogs around. Keep up the good work, man.


8:27 AM  
Blogger lone_wolf said...

Nice to hear such great words of inspiration. Keep up the awesome work.


12:45 PM  
Blogger Rod said...


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