Saturday, April 9

believe . the tranism nightmare

windows media format

thanks to techno wiz over at tranism, i've found a new respect for technology. thanks to the chemical brother's believe video, i fear technology. it's like watching maximum overdrive all over again. you get fixated on this video from start to end. you think it starts out like some 'call on me' video redux but then it brings you into a creepy world of mind f!cking.

the buddist over at says "I just watched this video for the upcoming Chemical Brothers single, “Believe", and now I’m all oogala boogla over it. Creepy, paranoid, and full of robot-hating goodness. Check it. I think robots are replacing clowns as the object of hate/fear de jour." well said my buddist friend, well said!

i am fearful of clowns, thank god they didn't put one in this video. i've also been fearful of technology finding a way to eliminate us. we can't give technology the ability to think. oh f!ck- shhh, they're listening to us type right now. shut up. just... just keep doing what you're doing... that's right. technology is super cool!

all this video does is create paranoia... for a day. have fun with it.

the creators behind the visual fear

the creators of this mv's scary creature are the same guys + gals behind such visual creations as seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Buckbeak the Hippogriff], Die Another Day [madonna title sequence] + Animal Planet's The Last Dragon. for more information, check out their official website.

the chemical brothers . believe . remixes


Anonymous long tran said...

that video is awesome! It would be very cool if I saw machines like that running a-muck. Those assembly machines run on the EOS2 operating system so techinically I could easily breach the system's bios and rewrite whatever was wrong with them. Maybe they can become my minions. Then again, this guy was just paranoid. Worry about me if I tell you one day I have an army of bots at my beckoning.

P.S. You're in Dallas. I am from there. You didn't attend Forestridge Elementary or Liberty Junior High or Berkner High did you?

4:46 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

This is my second attempt to post a comment. I keep getting an "Internal Server Error" message. Anyway...the video is outstanding and, as you indicated a bit scary. This blog is outstanding, also. You have a fine eye for things intriguing. Oh, to be so talented, but then, if we were all as talented, there wouldn't be anyone around to be awed. Thanks to brotha2Brotha for linking to you, he has good taste....

12:13 AM  

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