Sunday, April 10

blogs 3 . tony hayden + moscow in paris

after viewing tony hayden's "acid bath" + "waiting for the night - at alegria" videos, i thought of this painting. his life makes me think. deeply for some f!ckin' reason. please note his very addictive personality + weekly ME-ality Series will be a weekly obsession for me. and maybe you. if you're willing to let tony into your life. are you?

as many will have seen, i've updated my blogmaster list + created a webmaster list, just on the side. this is a collection of the websites + blogs that i frequent for inspiration and/or interest. of course the list is never complete and will have blog + sites added on [with some taken away] to keep a fresh blog for my visitors.

i've had this blog since july 2004 but recently noticed its popular following + devoted audience [600-1,100 hits a day, i'm content with that but welcome more...] so now i've put a good part of my creative direction on aguysite blog. i'm still focused on with new features + updates + a new interview to debut this month. but i do want my blog audience, whether it would be a completely different audience than, to be satisfied when they choose to visit my blog on a daily basis.

one of my most beautiful finds is the blog entitled moscow in paris maintained by eliot. now i can't figure out what the blog is suppose to say due to my language barrier but it gave me one of the best visual mind f!cks in a good while. throughout this post is a collection of what i most visually remember from my first time visit. i invite you to move through the archived months of eliots' mesmeric + mind-blowing blog. he's worth your time.

for those not ready to move through his blog, here are a few of my web discoveries due to moscow in paris' appericated work. hugo leanovitz, portraiteer, photo session + seva galkin.


Blogger eliots said...

Merci bien ;-)
French kiss from Paris

*Mosocow In Paris*

7:44 AM  

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