Monday, April 11

carrot top . the new buff

carrot top . official website

either you love or you're really annoyed by him. carrot top is an orange redish force to be seduced by. i think he's funny. non-stop hilarity. i first saw him on the tonight show some years back and i laughed 'till it hurt like a mutha f!cker. a few years pass and he came through dallas/ft worth area for a one night show. i think it sold out and i never went to go see him. i like him but i'm not going to wait in line for a ticket to see mr. top in person...

love me or hate me... i'm still a human being.

...until now. yes, this is the superficial body conscience mindset talking here. the new carrot top is built with buff muscle perfection + a new sexy vibe. now, i will wait in line. in the cold! in the rain! in the snow! just to get close enough to touch his body and maybe get a photo with the guy. f!ckin lick the sweat off his chest after a performance. would i like redhead sweat, is it tangy? did i just make an offensive comment?

now, just like carrot top's audience, you're either annoyed by me or you love me. spread throughout this post are a collection of fotos with his new body image. for those interested in his stick figure fotos from the past, check out imdb's gallery. mr. top usually performances on the tonight show with "big chin" leno where some of you lucky fellas can see him in high definition widescreen buff vision.

immutablyme dot com was able to get a comment out of carrot top about his recent muscle gain. carrot's quoted answer to working out... "I think I’ve always been athletic. Maybe I’ve put on a little more muscle in the past year. The new Carrot Top? No. I was always an athlete. In high school I wrestled and swam and so forth. And my show is very physical. It helps to stay in shape." yeah, it just "happened" mr. top. muscle doesn't just happen. something made him change.

carrot top shirtless . you got a better one?

for those now wondering when he's cumming to your city, he's apparently got the summer off for something.. maybe a movie or more gym sessions. but he's back on the road in sept, nov + dec. [dates are subject to change] go ahead and check out his official calander for more info.

for those interested, over in an interview with F5, we find out carrot top's off stage name is scott thompson, talks about getting the "girls", talks about when people actually meet him in person they say "God, you're actually kind of attractive." and that mr. top thinks hairy matted chests are not very attractive. oh carrot, you've got so much queer stuff to learn. for more education on carrot, check out the full interview.

for those fags rich in power + wealth and who happen to own a comedy club or know a club in the gay sections of the city, book him today through national acts dot com. just remember, his act on stage is just that, an impressive sweaty act. he's different when the camera's + audience are off. he's just another average buff joe. enjoy his comedy. enjoy his website. enjoy his body.


Blogger Saintly71 said...

Now I saw him recently on one of the late night shows but something is not natural about his growth.

Believe me living in NYC I am used to seeing this "miracle grow" type. I remember when he was small and then started to put muscle on, naturally, and he looked great, lean and strong.

Now it seems he has gone over the deep end.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

I accept that my perspective is often a bit different from others, but I find Carrot Top to be just a little less funny than Hannibal Lechter and a lot more scary.

8:31 PM  
Blogger aguysite said...

oh guys, mr. top just gives me a funny feeling... in my pants.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like he is now Carrot BOTTOM.

6:55 PM  

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