Saturday, April 30

dernier cri . collar trend

the f!cking trend has for some reason resurfaced and even fasion designers are using it. if i was to take my collar and flip it up, i would look like i'm in a hallwoeen getup posing as a white guy. when i'm out at the movies and 3 young white studs walk past, each with collars flipped up, then they're automatically hot as f!ck and i'd hope they keep those collars up when on my knees making tom cruise proud! i love fashion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, they are models. dress them in rags and they would still look hott...and do/able.

4:03 PM  
Blogger jon said...

Growing up in Texas, I too thought that an upturned collar was pretentious. Then I went to SMU. OK, so then maybe it is a fashion thing. But, after having spent the winter in Austria, I won't hesitate to flip mine up because it's fucking cold here. Upon return to Dallas this summer, I wonder if I will still consider it a practical measure; or will I have finally joined the Parkies?

1:09 AM  

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