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[dot com . my new blog feature that will showcase what i experience when i visit a website. these blog entries should give you some direction as to where to go while visiting the featured website + what not to miss while exploring the featured website.]

C-IN2 . official website

what i first see is a question. "can you 'c' it?" suddenly the walking posse music from kill bill vol.1 kicks in. i would have rather they'd get a local dj and create a new beat. possibly an mp3 for us to download. but i know, we ask for so much and we should just be happy with what we get. and we are about to get mucho happy with this site. although i can't figure out the artist or name for track 2. i am enjoying this one quite a bit.

now we've got 2 options. dry + wet collection. of course i want wet. if you've got flash player media properly installed you've going to have a visual good time. first you get to turn the model 360 degrees around and around. [i'm easily amused folks] this model is lean, hairy in all the right places, and lifting up his arms for those with pit fetish.

next the images just to the right are amazingly large. very large. poster size quality. now if they would sell these fotos as posters for us horny boys, i think they'd have some college dorm rooms filled wall to wall. and one for the bathroom door, cause... you know.

there's also a color grid to the side that doesn't do very much except showcase their variety. they have colors like titled experesso and volcano. and the minute you roll your mouse over the body, it changes to the model's backside. music gets repeative at this point so have the option to turn it off. now if you head on over to the dry collection, you'll get about 18 more body shots [front + back] with the same model... i assume. who is this model?

the website says that they have a swimwear collection that pushes the envelope and their line of underwear introduces a patented sling support system. check this page out, it shows this undies make your package bigger. we also find out the creators/co founders are 2 very dashing gentlemen, gregory sovell + jason zambuto. sovell created the worldly popular 2(x)ist brand and boasts 17 grand years in the fashion business while zambuto comes from jil sander with ten years in the product branding + operations business.

next on the C-IN2 wesbsite is the where to buy feature. very nice + simple to use. i clicked stores, then USA, then texas which leads me to find the products are carried on the gayest street in dallas, cedar springs! over at the online option, we find that 18 websites carry the product for you to have sent directly to your home.

now under the media section we find some rather old pdf documents about the company. here we find out the company officially got off the ground in july '04 and targets "single men who care as much about how they look getting undressed as they do while dressed." we also find out that this year they plan on including men's premium denim + accessories and the year after that, they'll focus on women stuff. go ahead and check out this flyer detailing a launch party for the company.

steven klein . c-in2 ad campaign

their ad campaign [pictured above] is very popular with gay web blogs due to the photos featuring cops nearly nude baddies. these memorable shots were taken by fashion photographer steven klein. for more information on "fashion world’s current superstar" mr. klein, check out this article by new york metro dot com.

i may be a six plus months behind the times with this product but it's new to me and so now it's new to many of you. enjoy your website experience with C-IN2.

steven klein studio


Anonymous long tran said...

I'm gonna buy one. I wanna see just HOW BIG I can look. Maybe I'll take before/after photos and post them up on my blog.

Oh and thank you very much for the words and advice. Very sweet of you. :)

2:58 AM  

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