Thursday, April 14

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today i like to inform my healthy amount of returning + new visitors what to expect when stopping by. each day, i will post something new. something used. something fresh + something informative. when i do post, i like to post BIG... by this i mean that i post with visual images large in size with some writing context added.

most who own blogs write about their lives, personal subjects, random pop culture happenings + political issues. i do not write about my own personal happenings as must as others do but i will give you an insight into my life on random posts. i understand some do not want to read a page of information day in + day out. some just want a quick visual aid to better their day. each blog has their own audience. and i just want my audience to better understand the method to my postings.

below is the list of what to look for each and every month. not every post will fall under one of these categorizes. some posts will stand on their own. just thought you'd like to know this information.

the letter . at the beginning of each month i will post a letter detailing current monthly happenings of my 3 websites. + aguysite blog + guytv blog.

learn 2 lust . when a guy begins to lust for another guy, in a way that would categorize him as gay or bisexual, it usually takes one image to start it. one guy is all it takes. when i feature a collection of images featuring a selected individual, he could be the image that sparks your curiosity.

the talent . i will feature a person of talent. their creative + artistic elements can be shown through paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, modeling, singing, etc. any form of talent given through the male body will be showcased here.

magmozine . 'mo' comes from the slang homo. this is where i will post information regarding magazines with a gay or straight male interest. it could be a write up, an article or a website found in a magazine.

foto . this is just a random photograph found on the net that should be shared with others. it is chosen based on my own personal reasons. the photography also may be a "whoregraph"... this image is taken, stolen, reposted, reused, reedited, re-everything. it's old news to some yet fresh to others.

new vintage . fans of aguysite blog know of my official website, the site is now a few years old but with no archive section available to look through. with this post i will feature past aguysite vintage selections that some will remember.

cinematic . if the post has information regarding movies, production news, announcements and all jobs that are featured in the opening + end credits, then that would be considered cinematic. who's not a fan of the cinema?

dernier cri . this would be a fashion related post. something that comes from a fasion designer's mind + talent. this would also include anything redone regarding fashion related designs or inspirations.

the gentlemen interviews . check out this introduction post that details these new blog interviews.

musicography . check out this introduction post that details this new blog feature.

dot com . when i visit a new website that leaves me feeling that my time was well spent, i like to write about my experience and of course share it with you. i like to give my readers some information on what to expect when they choose to visit the selected website for their first time.

[insert month] mv's . each month i will post an average of two music videos that deserve your listening pleasure. this would include videos featured in windows media format, real one format + quicktime format.

for those of interest . if a post does not have its own category or does not have its own unique title, then it would fall under this type of post. there may be a selected amount of readers who would be interested in this type of post. it is for those of interest.

thank you for your interest and expect a wonderful full summer of aguysite blog!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your site. You've got a terrific eye. Where's the pic of the guy with the nice arm and backpack from?

8:32 AM  

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