Saturday, April 23

for those of interest . the mann

searching some websites, i came across a company who has replaced underwear models with this flawless mann[equin]. he's like some life size ken doll. i'm creeped out.... but maybe many of you are not. there's a fetish for everything it seems. if god can create mankind, we can create mannkind. so for those of interest, i present "the mann".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they would sell him at I would buy one TODAY!! But online, anonymously!!!

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

No way guys . . . it's face is WAAAAAY to much WO-mann in my regard . . . come on, boys, let's be boys!! I thought we were about to get the razors away from our nuts and butts and asses . . . and now . . . it's PLASTICMAN!!!!

2:32 PM  

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