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pornostar musicography

pornostar musicography . itunes .

this is a soundtrack that follows the career of a just out of high school kid who enters the adult industry with curiosity and leaves the industry with no regrets. each song was chosen for different reasons. each sets the mood of a time in the kid's life as he grows into an adult while in the business. if you do decide to purchase the entire 12 song musicography then i hope you would enjoy and post your comments. [you'll need itunes for to download + enjoy]

we are so beautiful (bastard mix) . naomi

pornostar musicography . itunes . aguysite.comevery kid with a somewhat envious body + smile becomes the focus of attention by many. his friends may be beautiful. he may not be materialistic but his fashion choices stand out among the rest. he is designed by god to be perfect from the outside. he brings curiosity from those just watching him. he is not a virgin. he has experimented. he is wild. funny. infectious...

and then someone sees him. while out on the town. a watcher with a smile. the stranger begins to walk towards the boy. it is as if the world slows down so that the stranger can make direct eye contact with the kid. a business card flipping into view, slipping into the kid's hand. the stranger says just a few words... "call me... if you're interested."

the kid looks down at the card breaking eye contact. a few words pop out. "industry". "work". "money". when the kid looks back up, the stranger is walking away, disappearing into the crowd...

nevermore (andy c's rework) . owusu & green

pornostar musicography . itunes . aguysite.comafter a third phone call is made with more inviting words, a meeting is scheduled. downtown, in a somewhat trendy street, the kid pulls up in his vintage ride wearing designer jeans and a tee just tight enough to showcase his large pecs. sunglasses pulled off, the building tall and regular becomes unattractive.

the kid doesn't shut his door. a look behind his surroundings, he sees average joes + janes walking about their business. no one notices him. no one's watching. the door slams shut and the boy makes his way inside.

past a few doors and a few attractive employees pointing the way, the kid finds himself in an empty office. adult material on the walls, shelves and on the pc. the kid shakes his head no yet his feet are unable to move from their planted positions. the smell is funky. the environment inside is nice but his feelings inside is beyond what nervous should be.

the familiar stranger walks in with papers. a handshake and then a smile. words are exchanged. eye contact always met and then broken. sweat building under the boy's pits. the stranger's words are just sounding too good. the pc is now turned his way to view some adult material. the kid watches. his body movement suddenly stops. eyes widening. a rise in his jeans emerges quickly noticed by the familiar stranger.

"so, you interest?" yes, the boy answers.

get it on (dj bomba & paolo remix) . intenso project & lisa scott-lee

the kid finds himself on another summer day in another area of the unattrative building. the built set is a 80ish style bedroom. 80's pin up girls are plastered on the walls. the desk next to the bed is piled with school work. several men of various ages are moving about the set. last minute adjustments. our new star entitled 'the kid' sits in his director's chair dressed in short shorts + a star warish designer tee, again just tight enough to showcase his pecs.

an employee places their hand on the kid's shoulder. "are you ready?" the kid nods with a forced smile. his costar walks in with the familiar stranger. he's about the same age. toned. well built. very attractive. this costar walks onto the set with ease and comfort, all the time ignoring the new kid.

minutes later, a director watches from a distance as the handheld cameras push forward on the kid and his costar sitting on the bed. horrid lines of dialogue are delivered with facial expressions that can only lead to one thing. the costar's lips push against the new kid's, the scene begins.

pornostar musicography . itunes .

"that's good. come on, get in there! that's real f!cking good. now turn over. camera two move in. keep your hands there. ease back. not too hard. f!ck kid, that's nice work, real nice..."

corcovado (knee deep remix/ben watt vocal re-edit/2002) . everything but the girl

pornostar musicography . itunes . aguysite.comthe life of a pornstar begins. the first bedroom scene with the kid has turned into more bedroom scenes. which then turns into a dvd with the kid as the featured star. then comes the sequels + photo shoots. fast forward to another title where the kid is now able to walk onto the set with ease + comfort as a new twink joins the roster.

money is beginning to flow in. the kid's merchandise is beginning to gain a solid audience. fan mail + emails are pouring in. the life of a pornostar is getting nicer. a little more grand. as a year passes, the kid is becoming a young man.

his relationship with the company located within the unattractive building is growing. distributors are picking up their newest titles that are now gaining a nationwide audience. adult nominations are beginning. awards are now being handed to the young man. parties. clubs. sex shops. appearances. meeting fans. everything that happens in the life of a pornostar is just getting started.

flawless (go to the city) [boxer remix] . george michael

the body of a pornostar becomes flawless to the viewer. the maintenance for the flawless body becomes a daily routine. you workout. you use products. you become a little more self aware and vain. the gym, for some, becomes a second home. as the body matures for a man, the physical attention intensifies.

our young man has aged a few years. his body has grown taller. his arms are bigger. he's got more meat around his thighs. his natural six pack has become an eight pack. a hairy body has become hairless. tanning has become more important. colored contacts begin rotation. hands are manicured. hair is styled and groomed. breath is fresh. our pornostar is becoming absolutely flawless.

pornostar musicography . itunes .

pornostar (club mix) . supermatic

the rise for our featured pornostar has come. the company he started with has expired and so another company has offered him a much nicer contract. a company with power + name. a company with an audience world wide. best sellers. our pornostar has arrived.

pornostar musicography . itunes .

his costars are now men. bears. daddies. maybe a twink here and there. the sets are bigger. the directors are superstars. the clothes are nicer. the cameras are top of the line and the catered food is not fast food. the money is just a little fatter and our pornostar is reaching his young thirties. a good number of years put into the industry has paid off. nothing comes over night. a career of a pornostar is built.

rock star (jason nevins remix edit) . n.e.r.d.

pornostar musicography . itunes . aguysite.comsuddenly what started off as being introduced to the right people now becomes being introduced to the wrong people. drug + alcohol addictions begin for our pornostar. experimentation from high school years makes it easier to get hooked. the lifestyle of clubs + bars become more important. sex becomes bareback. a rock star persona is created. and then the question is repeated over and over... can this major company exist without you?

next comes a night in the hospital which becomes a week in the hospital. a boyfriend becomes an ex. a fight at a club becomes an arrest. a violent exchange of words with a stranger becomes an everyday thing. sunglasses are now his eyes. the daylight is no longer a friend. the gym is no longer a haven. nothing matters anymore.

new questions begin asking themselves inside his head... can your friends exist without you? can words of concern mean anything now? can the life of a wannabe rockstar grow any more out of control? yes.... yes it can. because he thinks he can get away with it.

as the song of the night fades off, we leave our rockstar slash pornstar dancing under the influence at a club. drowned in a crowd of shirtless men. bathed in sweat. it's almost over now, almost over now.

sufi (the soulsavers remix) . broadway project

a new morning begins for our rockstar. the sun pushing through drapes of a hotel room. high above the city. his weakened eyes peel apart as he is unaware of his late night happenings. a business man is getting dressed. a thousand dollars on the side table. no eye contact. no goodbyes. "i'm not a hooker you fcker"

the business man smiles and leaves the room. sitting at the foot of the bed, face buried in his hands, his rockstar persona begins to die. too many similar nights just like this, flood his memory. this is not how his life is suppose to turn out. this is not how it's suppose to turn out... he thinks again.. and again... this is not how it's suppose to turn out...

pornostar musicography . itunes .

tempermental (pull timewarp remix) . everything but the girl

our pornostar is experiencing rejection. from his company. from his costars. from his friends. and now his family. horrible choices were made. nothing can be taken back. words can't be taken back. some friends won't come back. the money that once was is nearly gone. years of his life have faded away.

but just a few friends who have been there step forward. they help. we all need help. not everyone who rises to fame can handle it. our pornostar is taken out of the business. no goodbye is given to his fans. he's released from his contract with the company and enters a rehab facility.

our fallen pornostar just couldn't handle the life that some still live today. new questions are asked within his constant thoughts. will this help he seeks change how things are? can he exist without the adult industry? can he exist?

humanity (feat. louise rhodes) . a guy called gerald & louise rhodes

pornostar musicography . itunes . aguysite.comhumanity. qualities of a human being. some weeks have passed. our pornostar is now just another average joe. he's left the life behind. he made certain choices + took certain path's that made his life uneasy. now back in the world with not very much money or a career to continue, our man makes a new decision.

he becomes an escort. he knows he's good at the job and he knows now how to play it safe. he takes on smaller clients which turn into overnight clients which leads to business men clients.

he even gets hired by the same business man that smiled and left him a thousand dollars. but this chance encounter becomes pleasant and this business man becomes a friend. no longer a client. and now a friend. it's a little bit wonderful how life works out.

until the morning . thievery corporation

with almost a year of escorting ventures putting good money in the bank, our escort gives it up. he is now just another average joe. his business man friend being his last customer gives him a plane ticket. a way out of the world that he can't escape because now the company that released him wants him back. he has to make yet another choice. the life... or the ticket.

je reviens . autour de lucie

pornostar musicography . itunes . aguysite.comi'd like to think our pornostar left the country. that he took the business man's ticket and started fresh elsewhere... and that's just what he did.

our ex pornostar now sits at a cafe somewhere in the streets of paris. a french friend is getting some coffee from the counter. a sigh of relief is taken by our man. a smile grows. no regrets. his life in the adult industry just a memory. his new life just beginning. one final question is answered. yes, this is how his life is suppose to be.

note: if you for some reason think this doesn't reflect the general adult industry, then well, you've taken this musicography too seriously. this is a form of entertainment. i hope you enjoyed the selection of songs and the story that follows the soundtrack. the next musicography debuts late apr/early may.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Job, I'm not sure if I can relate to this musicography soundtrack but I really enjoyed the last track. I downloaded it and didn't even know it existed if it wasn't for your hard work!

3:24 PM  
Blogger Rod said...

Awww, you should see the smile on my face. What a beautiful experience, the words, the music and the storytelling.

Also to not: the composite "tale" is quite indicative of that of many porn stars. Most that I know--and yours truly knows/has been with many--are suburban and small town boys who became caught up in the lights, camera and action.

Great job. As always.

2:38 PM  

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