Wednesday, April 20

the talent . the alexis brothers

watching the tee v screen last night, i actually was watching a bit of the mavericks game. during halftime, 2 men were doing something inspiring on stage. they were performing a balancing routine that i've seen before but not with a healthy woody! they were built to perfection. aged to perfection. i'm actually surprised the homophobic crowd of men at the game weren't being f!ckholes screaming at the guys. i hear the show went on for 15 minutes + the crowd cheered them afterwards.

researching i found out that they are currently part of the las vegas cirque du soleil show "KÀ". the story follows the epic saga of a brother and sister: twins who must embark on a perilous journey. now it's unknown to me why the alexis brothers are doing a halftime show that gets mere seconds on air to doing a show in las vegas... Vegas, people!

alexis brothers story: they come from portugal but grew up in countries like italy, spain + france. they've been working in circus life since they were young guys and have won awards + recognition worldwide. they said they were lucky to see + learn different cultures and languages because today they currently speak 6 languages: french, spanish, english, russian, italian + portuguese. they started with ringling brothers back in '83 but soon cirque du soleil got those hard bodies in their exclusive shows started back in '92.

official KA website

for those interested in seeing the alexis brothers in vegas, you'd have to find out how to contact them or the vegas show to see if they are appearing in the acutal mgm grand show. go ahead and check out the >official "KÀ" website. for those in the vegas area, buy tickets today online. for those eager to get a glimpse of the new vegas show, check out the tee v spot + the slave cage.


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God I love Brothers!

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