Thursday, April 7

the talent . helvio faria

the only way i can express my new found interest in photography is by showcasing work that completely defines the statement that life should be captured in silent moments forever remembered.

today i feature a sample of helvio faria's work. his official website does not list much information about the man behind the photographs but does inform of us "Sales Venues" in which we can purchase his work. he currently resides in new york city and has a few pieces featured on various online galleries such as art4love. i believe his work is on the walls of david greggory resturant + lounge located in washington dc. now according to gayguynyc, faria has won a logo contest for a tv news magazine. helvio did capture a few personal pictures for michael [aka gayguynyc] in which you can view on his personal website. for those interested in purchases other various works of helvio, please check out his section over at stock visions dot com.

my favorite pieces are featured in this blog entry with 'sunrise 1, venice 2004' being my absolute favorite piece. yet for some reason, the link is broken and i am able to showcase that piece. if you are in the dc area, check out his work in person at the vastu gallery.

thank you for your work helvio faria.


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