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tom bianchi . the gentlemen interviews

tom bianchi, a leader in male photography, is the first participate in the gentlemen interviews. i would say a large percentage of gay men know his name + the product he creates. if this is your first introduction to mr. bianchi, i invite you to check out his answers + experience his website.

in an interview with cybermale dot com, bianchi gives us two informative quotes relating to his subjects and work. "I'm interested in inviting men who would never do "porn" have the experience of seeing themselves as sexual beings. Our negative judgments about sexually explicit images has left the territory to mediocre (or worse) image makers. I want to reclaim that territory." + "I'm not interested in people who want to be 'models.' I like working with men who want to explore themselves more deeply (and erotically) and have some fun in the process."

today he's working on The Union of Sex and Spirit,a project that looks at relationships relating to HIV all the while educating men how to tease, flirt + foreplay. [no release date as of yet] for more information on tom, check out his complete bio divided by years on his website. for those wondering why a couch, check out his answer in an interview with outuk dot com. and in a recent interview with gay dot com, we find out that bianchi "feels his work fulfills a mission to help fellow HIV-positive men connect with their sense of pleasure, fun and sensuality."

was born in 1945. grew up in illinois. started his work life in law fields. at the age of 28, he became an art collector. he then changed his life work to sculpture, drawings + photography. his first book, out of the studio, was published in '91 and became a best seller. went on to produce a total of 10 books in the ninties and a docu-film entitled "the pool". met a gentlemen named bj in '01 who gave tom a digital camera and an infamous couch that we all know very well. this is his interview.

1. Tell us how you enjoy life.
I enjoy life by being productive and living (with the illusion at least) that I have made a difference in how we gay men view ourselves. To that end — I have been a passionate sensualist — reveling in the physical fact of ourselves. I am also passionate about beauty – in lovers - art – music – ideas – entertainment - design – food – pets – friends – flowers – cars – our environment – and in general about the world we can live in if we do it consciously. So I taste, smell, touch, hear, kiss and love as much as I can.

2. Your awe-inspiring body physique. What's your secret?
My body is a function of my belief that I do not have to die in a state of disease. My body is a function of my political beliefs — no matter what the world thought of me as a gay man — I was going to enjoy challenging their expectations whether it was about my potential strength or lack thereof — my masculinity – or lack thereof — or beauty – or lack thereof. I decided that actualizing my body to what ever my natural genetic potential was would be something I would enjoy. The gym has been a luxury I afforded myself. Moderation in habits that could be potentially physically destructive were things I let go of out of self love. Ego and pride were qualities I make the most positive forces I can. And bizarrely — the fact that I am HIV positive for a decade and a half now means I can eat all the ice cream, cake and candy I want without putting on fat.

3. What are your thoughts on 20 something guys?
I think 20 something guys are potentially wonderful sexy beautiful men. I am grateful for them.

4. Should I look for a relationship or f*ckbuddy in life? And why?
You should look for both relationships and fuck buddies. And as often as possible — combine them in the same person. There is nothing better than lovers who are ever changing playmates. And a truly evolved man will love his “tricks.” Why? Because sex is more fun — more fulfilling -- when it is engaged in with love.

5. What are your future plans for Is there someone who will take over the business?
My future plan for is to keep it growing. I have the largest body of photographic evidence of the beauty and sexiness of us gay men in the world. I have not nearly scratched the surface of what I have to show the world. I have the largest number of books made by any artist in the world on the subject of gay erotic life — and for every picture you have seen published — there are hundreds and hundreds more that were shot. Since my publishers could only cut down a certain number of trees to make the books — there was a limit to what I could show. But the internet is an unlimited tree, so to speak. If I die before I show everything I think is worth exposure (which is probable) — my will permits the continuation of publication. As long as people are interested in who I knew and what they were about -- and since I’ve known some of the sexiest men on the planet in this life — who knows how long this all will go on.

6. Educate me about sex.
Educate you about sex? Just do it and educate yourself. Approach it with curiosity and love — and respect it as a divine gift to be respected and enjoyed. Find men who are not judgmental and free of shame and share the joy of the exploration of with them.

7. Educate me about love.
Love? You are alive for one purpose. To love. Don’t let anything – anyone – any idea — get in the way of that insight. Learn about love by not being afraid of being alive. Learn about love by taking risks with it. Look at the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store and imagine what a person who loves them sees. And never forget to look at your lovers the same way.

8. Voice your opinion(s) on pop culture, politics and/or religion?
Pop culture — some of it will survive — much will not. If I have any ax to grind — I hate music that has no emotional substance. “Let’s get down let’s get down let’s get down and party” repeated 50 times is not a lyric. And a lot of reality television is the entertainment equivalent of traffic accidents on freeways. How can so many people not have a life?

Politics — we are living in a sick time politically. We have frightened men and a handful of sycophant women running the show in America who have no faith in democracy. They are desperate to have and maintain power at any cost. They are not committed to truth. I am a lawyer trained to respect the intelligence of law — to love ideas – to respect intellectual honesty and quality. I find myself living in a dumb culture that has slept through the lessons we have been confronted with during my life. I am appalled that dishonest people win elections because too many people in America don’t know what our country’s principles are — or were. How many Americans know that “separate but equal” was a concept rejected – wisely – by the courts as an intellectually and morally corrupt idea? How many know that that history is relevant, for example, to the issue of gay marriage?

Religion — I consider myself a deeply religious man. And that means living by the Golden Rule — not some system of beliefs that are projections of ignorance from ancient confused cultures. I want everyone who believes we should live by the literal law of the Bible to keep their god damn hands out of the shrimp bowl as Leviticus teaches. Period. I will trust the rest of us to do the best they can leading honest moral lives with out intruding in one another’s business.

9. What's the best thing about being 60 years old?
The best thing about being 60 — which I am not quite yet — is being confident that my answers to the questions posed above are worth reading.

10. Would you take a 20 something guy's virginity if he offered it?
Ah — funny you should ask. I am my lover’s first man. He gave me his virginity — literally — just recently. He is 30 something — and to my incredible good fortune, saved himself for me for ten years after discovering his longings by seeing my books when he was a 20 something. I consider his gift and the love it represents to be the most sacred gift I have ever been given. I promise to respect that awesome honor as a loving trust all my life forever. So — the answer to your question is yes.

any last words:
Last words? Each of us the power to make our life heaven or hell. If you don’t believe that, you will make many messes that you will blame other people for. If, on the other hand, you believe that what I say is true, you will still make many messes — but you will take responsibility for them and live much more happily.


Blogger aguysite said...

hey guys, blogmaster nate here for aguysite blog.

just wanted to let those know that was having some server problems pretty much all day thursday. i finally got the chance to post the 1st gentlemen interview today and i hope you enjoy it.

look for more to debut this month...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been following what has been going on at this site because it is always felt.
i was vaguely interested in the 'gentelmen interview'
(shouldn it be the gentlemen's interview or the gentleman interview??)
anyway, tom bianchi has his pulse on the things that transcend what goes on everyday in life.
it gives me this amazing sense of satisfaction hearing a mature guy stating what he's learned in life and defying expectations while at the same time
living up to a self-made standard that is unique and f-ing sexy.
whatever, it makes me happy to be getting there myself.
i have so much i want to accomplish and reading this kind of stuff makes me that much hungrier.
thanks for that.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Perez Hilton said...

"The best thing about being 60 — which I am not quite yet — is being confident that my answers to the questions posed above are worth reading."


Read 'em twice.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Rod said...

Hey Nate. Great interview. Did not know that Tom's background was so diverse.

And to think that he met his BF .. via a photo.


8:06 PM  
Blogger enricko said...

he is kinda hot :p

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Posh gay said...

I loved the interviev.
It's hard to believe that there are such kind of guys...
I want him!!!!!!

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Lory said...

wow..It's man...

11:47 AM  

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