Monday, April 18

you're so intergalactic

i got my tickets for the very first midnight showing. i'm gonna be a star wars nerd for a day. i'm gonna sweat and sit in a theatre full of sweaty nerds. i'm gonna probably see a buff nerd underneath nerd clothing... and then get hard in the theatre thinking about him. i like nerds. especially star wars nerds who dress up as hans solo. mmmmm... f!ck yeah.


Blogger Marcue Z said...

i got inspired by your site, too. I'm trying to create these articles of men art etc. but for some won't let me do it. i'm havin' some troubles. what program do you use to add multiple pictures? I have Hello and Picaso ....i used the < i m g s r c = " " > < / i m g > to get pictures from sites but it won't. the pictures are from my yahoo album. is there a way you could help me? if it's your secret to keep your site so cool...then it's ok. i'll find a way to fix it. thanks

8:56 PM  

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