Monday, May 30

educate yourself . my blog 2

today i like to inform my healthy amount of returning + new visitors what to expect when stopping by. each day, i will post something new. something used. something fresh + something informative. when i do post, i like to post BIG... by this i mean that i post with visual images large in size with some writing context added.

most who own blogs write about their lives, personal subjects, random pop culture happenings + political issues. i do not write about my own personal happenings as most of others do but i will give you an insight into my life on random posts. i understand some do not want to read a page of information day in + day out. some just want a quick visual aid to better their day. each blog has their own audience and i just want my audience to better understand the method to my postings.

below is the second list of what to look for each and every month. not every post will fall under one of these categorizes. some posts will stand on their own. just thought you'd like to know this information. for those curious about the first list, check out educate yourself . my blog.

desenho . this is the portuguese word for 'drawing'. all homoerotic stylized works of art in the form of a drawing falls under this category.

sunday . every sunday i plan on posting content that could be sacrilegious, blasphemous and maybe impertinent. it may offend some but it's not meant to be heinous. just queer sunday fun.

pintura . similar to desenho, pintura is the portuguese word for 'painting'. each post will feature the work of a gay artist and sometimes an artist who is of the straight culture. art is art, work meant to be viewed by all men.

the gentleman or the guy? . one of my more popular posts dealt with asking my blog audience to help with the choice of sleeping with a gentleman [40 years of age + older] or a guy [18 years of age + up]. i plan on asking a few more times.

blogmaster . every so often i'll reveal a small part of my personal + private life within these posts. you will not get an image of me but a verbal introduction into some aspects of my life. we're all private to some extent.

the [insert category] . fans know of sections that help one seek those with similar interests. the bear, the fetish, the workout, the italian, the love, the asian, the fetish + the amateur each will now get a some much needed blog attention.

hard sell . these posts will feature new adult content that involves visually stunning + talented performer(s) and/or sexual performances. adult content that i believe deserves your mature attention. each post will feature a disclaimer for individuals 18 years of age and older.

thank you again for your interest and expect a wonderful full summer of aguysite blog!

Sunday, May 29

sunday . the o'ahu pastor

he sweats holy water

Friday, May 27

learn 2 lust . brawn

Thursday, May 26

june 1st's june edition debuts this wednesday the 1st! and return here on june 1st for the debut of my new web venture, guytvblog! i'll explain more information about guytvblog in my june blog letter.

Wednesday, May 25

pintura . chasing dreams

original oil painting . chasing dreams .

Tuesday, May 24

marques houston . naked has crashed because of the recent reveal of his new video that hints at mr. houston's almost nude appearance. i was lucky enough to get the full quicktime video last night from the official website but hopefully now you can as well by heading on over to the official naked download. and no, i will not email or post the video. too many bandwidth issues. if you're not a webmaster, you don't understand this problem.

the video is not just a d'angelo rip off, there's a girl in the video, a white background, etc. but who cares about the beautiful woman. where's the damn posters for our bedrooms and closets? where's the time square billboard that will cause accidents and people bumping into each other? where's mr. houston's tabloid shot of him naked on the beach?

today, marques is in times square virgin megastore promoting his new album, naked and recently made a comment that he's never dated a fan. he also states he's only 23 years old and says that his new album is his "best work to date and it shows my growth as an artist in music but also within the game." his fan base is crazy, one post on his website gets up to 500 comments!

move the f!ck over Omarion. it's marques houston's time to strip!

Saturday, May 21

dernier cri . guido new york

Friday, May 20

the gentleman or the guy?

lately i've had to choose between a gentleman [40 years of age + older] or a guy [18 years of age + up] for a night of sex. i go online, talk, meet someone i'm interested in and occasionally have 2 offers in one night. now i'm not posting images of the actual guys i chatted with but these 2 images above represent the body types i've been having to choose between.

i already know which body type i would chooose in a heartbeat. you'll have to view the comments below to find out which one i choose but if you had to choose between one or the other for a sexual encounter [and threesome is not an option] which one would you choose? i'm also curious as to the reason(s) why you choose the gentleman or the guy.

Thursday, May 19

star wars 3 line . 2 kinds of cute

my experience at the star wars line in plano, tx was an overall well spent day. there was a great handful of cute muscled nerds mixed among a sea of plump star war nerds. i even got a cute muscled nerd to let me lick the sweat off his 6 pack. but there was one guy with a backpack that caught my eye, i lost sight of him once inside the theatre but i was able to capture one photo. i like to call him my "star wars 3 line fantasy boyfriend slash f!ckbuddy". god he was so f!ckin' cute. at least my kind of cute!

the next cute photo was of a lil' lady dressed as princess lela. she was completely adorable and should have won best dressed of the day. in other daily happenings, the only drama that occurred was the "line campers" taking up the entire middle section of the theatre saving too many seats + some guy spoiling the movie inside the theatre but was quickly removed by security. and i didn't win a damn thing after spending close to 50 bucks on raffle tickets.

there was also a very, very handsome muscled gentleman cop, in his early fifties. i did get the chance to exchange a few words with him but i noticed a wedding ring. i would have loved to been hand cuffed, taken to his patrol car in the parking lot and made his male bitch. some day nate... some day.

Tuesday, May 17

mv + audio . the rock edition

i would think there's some gay rockers who could appericate this post. i have to share a few songs that i've come across while researching online. i have a vaste taste in music and love to share tell as many as i can about my personal web discoveries.

the first comes from prodigy. after seeing the house of wax soundtrack on itunes, i saw a [new to me] track listed, "spitfire". so i clicked and listened. my ears quickly silenced everything else out. where the f!ck was i when this track was released!?! my eyes suddenly widened when i found the music video. please enjoy the somewhat new single.

real one format

another track i discovered [thanks to itunes] is dark new day . pieces. now me being a big slasher movie buff i immeditaly found a personal connection to slasher movies with this song. producers could put it on the end credits of scream 4. i love the idea and i apologize if it cheapens the song for some. just my opinion. you can buy the track off of itunes for a single buck! it's part of dark new day's EP album. for those wanting an audio taste, please click below now.

the third and last track comes from benzos . glass souls. i, like many, first discovered this snip of this track on the promos for mtv's i want a famous face season 2. i'll be damned if i can figure out the lyrics but the male vocals can only be described as awakening, you take a listen, nothing else matters. just you and his voice. makes me want to scream with the lead singer right when the track hits 3 minutes + 15 seconds. the best thing about this track is it's free! go now to the official website and download a free legal version while you can!

Monday, May 16

ringedstud's ideal man list

in one of my online research spurts, i found a profile over at with a list. a 100 item "ideal man" list that is "NOT an application for ANYTHING" but just a scorecard type thing where one can see if they are compatible with the guy who created the list, ringedstud.

reading his profile i find that he's a well aged 40 year old man, quite hairy, piercings in lower body, has stubble facial hair and is into leather. he is also a supporter of we should all support websites such as + for their free services. [hint: the only way ringedstud's profile link works is after you agree to the terms + conditions warning on]

below is his master "ideal man" list. it shows that he last logged in today, may 16th 2005 so ringedstud is still looking for the "ideal man". he says that when we create our list, we should start with #100 first which will put a whole different spin on your individual list. go ahead and start your own list on your blog. i'm curious what everyone's would be.

ringedstud's ideal man list:
[1.] Wants a Christmas tree every year.
[2.] Has or loves dogs, especially mine.
[3.] Needs a sling in his life.
[4.] Avoids drugs 99% of the time.
[5.] Has a job that he attends roughly 40 hours per week.
[6.] Has perfect hands and feet and doesn’t know it.
[7.] Has an active fantasy life and can manage to bring fantasy to reality successfully.
[8.] Sees me as a vulnerable man and a child-like god.
[9.] Espouses a personal brand of spirituality.
[10.] Can access his emotions freely.
[11.] Can communicate effectively.
[12.] Can accept responsibility for his mistakes with minimal drama and maximum sincerity.
[13.] Is honored and awed by our relationship.
[14.] Is just as willing to hold hands and cuddle, as he is to swing from the chandeliers, naked and bound.
[15.] Is fiscally responsible.
[16.] Can cry.
[17.] Is both sinner and saint.
[18.] Clips coupons.
[19.] Isn’t afraid of dirt, motor oil, blood, or grass stains.
[20.] Reads labels.
[21.] Likes to go out as much as “creating an evening” and staying in.
[22.] Has minimal neuroses, psychoses, and stupidoses.
[23.] Loves to cook.
[24.] Can empathize with my HIV status and the vicissitudes that the disease brings with it.
[25.] Is muscular but not overdone.
[26.] Has light eyes and dark hair.
[27.] Is totally versatile.
[28.] Sports a medium-sized dick, and knows how to use it to its fullest advantage.
[29.] Has bull balls.
[30.] Understands the difference between your and you’re, their and they’re, and its and it’s.
[31.] Speaks French so we can converse together in our own “private” language.
[32.] Smiles beautifully, broadly, and often.
[33.] Laughs frequently, especially at my dry sense of humor.
[34.] Owns and rides a bike regularly.
[35.] Has a well-used gym membership.
[36.] Hates clowns too because they’re creepy.
[37.] Thinks chateaubriand and scrambled eggs and ketchup both have their time and place in the culinary experience.
[38.] Thinks bottled water is a waste and a racket.
[39.] Would want a big house only to fill it with visiting friends.
[40.] Would want a large professional kitchen only for us to cook for those friends.
[41.] Would pay top dollar for a reliable car, not a trendy car.
[42.] Has two eyebrows.
[43.] Looks at an expensive antique four-poster bed and immediately thinks “I could tie him to that!”
[44.] Knows which end of the hammer is the business end and isn’t afraid to use it.
[45.] Suggests that we take night classes together and then comes home with the course catalog so we can choose.
[46.] Spoons automatically with me when he crawls into bed.
[47.] Infuriates me by taking a bite out of every chocolate in the box and then surprises me with my own box.
[48.] Is also a coffee fiend and aficionado, appreciating the fact that the most important life events happen over coffee.
[49.] Reads to me while we’re driving.
[50.] Holds my hand when we’re, well…everywhere.
[51.] Knows the difference between smelling like a man and polluting the atmosphere.
[52.] Feels the same way about clothes that I do: they’re extraneous but sometimes necessary.
[53.] Loves kids and wants several of our own someday.
[54.] Hopes for the best and plans for the worst.
[55.] Takes the reins with conviction.
[56.] Hands them over with complete trust.
[57.] Would bathe me daily if I were incapacitated.
[58.] Would bathe me daily even if I weren’t, but reserves that for special occasions.
[59.] Collects but doesn’t hoard, being more than willing to release and return things to the Universal Library.
[60.] Would only want to win the lottery to be able to help his friends and family.
[61.] Respects waiters and servers.
[62.] Understands the difference between righteous anger and throwing a tantrum.
[63.] Is judicious with his time, talent, energy, money, and spirituality.
[64.] Understands the importance of balance in all things.
[65.] Spends time working on himself and growing as an individual.
[66.] Creates and delights in his own sacred space and time.
[67.] Fosters his own hobbies, friends, and opinions.
[68.] Would never eat the last piece of anything before offering it to others first.
[69.] Would never leave without saying goodbye, whether that was a kiss, a hug, or a handshake.
[70.] Can whistle and wants to teach me.
[71.] Is proud of our relationship and comfortable with our sexuality.
[72.] Is forever hearing “You’re GAY??”
[73.] Doesn’t smoke, but can appreciate the fine aroma of a primo Cuban cigar.
[74.] Clips fingernails, toenails, and nose hairs regularly.
[75.] Loves to travel.
[76.] Loves coming home.
[77.] Appreciates the power of silence and feels no need to fill it.
[78.] Surprises me with his creativity.
[79.] Trusts his intuition and instincts as much as he trusts his own experience.
[80.] Can change his oil, his fuses, and his mind.
[81.] Makes my toes curl in bed without even trying, and makes me talk to God when he is trying.
[82.] Would rather buy a “fixer-upper” and fix it up with me than move into something new.
[83.] Looks behind himself when walking through a door to make sure that it doesn’t close on someone behind him.
[84.] Can say “You’re full of shit” so sweetly and diplomatically that I want to thank him for pointing that out.
[85.] Has men and women going out of their way to tell me how adorable he is.
[86.] Doesn’t go to the window first in a hotel room to check the view (as 90% of travelers do), he goes to my zipper first because hotels make us both horny as hell.
[87.] Sees gray hair as a sign of maturity, not something that must be dreaded and dyed.
[88.] Is equally comfortable in jeans and T-shirts or a tuxedo, but prefers to be naked.
[89.] Flirts shamelessly making sure that I’m the recipient of the lion’s share of his trysts.
[90.] Takes his meds, including antidepressants, regularly.
[91.] Considers therapy a necessary part of the routine emotional tune-up process.
[92.] Has a child-like curiosity and enthusiasm.
[93.] Would take a bullet for me.
[94.] Wouldn’t want flowers at his funeral, or wedding for that matter, preferring that that money go toward good food, drinks, and entertainment to celebrate the occasion.
[95.] Would be such a revered soul that there would be standing room only at his funeral and wedding.
[96.] Sees life as an active pursuit, full of active verbs, and a few passive naps.
[97.] Considers my feelings, needs, wants, and desires as valid as his, and wants to hear them all make room for as many as possible.
[98.] Sees computers and TVs as distractions and entertainment, but not as replacements or surrogates for friendships or relationships.
[99.] Is prompt and on time, respecting other people’s schedules.
[100.] Knows that I’d be doing all of these things and more for him and us too.

this blogmaster can't whistle. i do suprise people with my creativity. i won't read to anyone while they're driving. i also hate clowns but my reasons come from a movie called poltergeist. i also cry + read labels. but i would pay top dollar for a trendy car, not a reliable car. overall i'm about 62% match for a guy like ringedstud.

should we always be a perfect match for someone? no. the best moments in a relationship is learning how to understand someone other than yourself. have fun creating your own list and i bow to ringedstud for creating such a detailed, thought provoking list. i'm working on mine to post in the coming weeks.

Sunday, May 15

take it to the streets 3

Saturday, May 14

for those of interest . behidden

attention all straight + bicurious + closted web users. is your solution to surfing queer sites with adult content so that your girlfriend, friends or family members won't find out about you're male interests. i actually discovered this helpful web surfing tool through my web stats for someone was using it and protected them.

i even tried it on my pc. i use windows xp so i deleted everything in my temporary internet files folder. i also cleared my history + autocomplete features and then opened a new window. typed in, and then typed in "" in the "enter the web location (URL)" area and hit GO. and there was my website.

the download rate is a bit slower due to working as a proxy but it works. i quickly checked my temporary internet files folder to find nothing connecting my pc to my own website! f!ckin amazing. and yes!... i'm easily amused. states "If you like visiting adult websites but want to protect your children from seeing the sites that you visited in your browser history, then can help by hiding your browsing activity." maybe they should replace "children" with "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".

there's even more goodies to learn how to use at including anonymous email and member registration for bandwidth purposes [yes you'll have to pay at some point to use this free service daily]. there's also no downloads necessary, you use the website and that's it.

if someone asks why you're using so much, just say you're looking for a gift for them or you use it to check your email or some bullsh*t lie that should cover your bubblebutt homo-interested ass. this is also great for those bored + web searching at work.

for more information, check out the very detailed FAQ section. and for some reason there's a spider that pops up every now and then. i'm fearful of spiders and this just freaked me out. be aware of those animated .gif files. and lastly, is number 9 in a list of the top ten proxy services over at

Thursday, May 12

desenho . wolverine

Wednesday, May 11

morcheeba . skye out, daisy in

f!ckin a, i just found out about morcheeba's new single + album over at itunes. but i was shocked to find Skye Edwards has been replaced by another skye lookalike/soundalike that goes by the name, Daisy Martey! i just thought she had a new vivacious look but, for whatever reason, i'm sorry to see the talented miss edwards depart morcheeba. was it bad blood or a solo career?

i have to say, the guys behind morcheeba still got it and the new soultastic lady has a wonderful hypnotic voice that puts me at a comfortable ease. the guys, ross + paul, stated in an interview that "Daisy’s vocals changed everything". go ahead and check out the full interview.

their new single, "wonders never cease" is the first song to get the video treatment. please do check out the full length musical journey in quicktime format + windows media format. [the quicktime format is the best for those wondering] and for those interested, the new morcheeba is currently touring through the UK ending around late may. for those in the area, quickly buy your tickets, a show in london has already sold out! don't forget to check out their revamped official website with new image decor and information on their new album. much love morcheeba... much love!

Tuesday, May 10

foto . sal mineo

inspired by homovizion the website

dot com . homovizion

in it's 22nd issue, homovizion continues to be a homof!ck mind trip. i discovered this website some time ago and just re-discovered the site again. these are the thoughts and feelings written out for you about my online journey through homovizion.

i first see an image of a porn star, colton ford. he's apparently a singer now who may or may not be dating another porn star, blake harper. i suddenly feel like i'm going to enjoy my web stay on homovizion.

on the left i see 6 words: beauty, truth, grace, balance, courage + wisdom. i also see 70,000+ hits + an email address, dawg at leatherdawg dot net. quickly visiting i see a message about archived homovizion issues and a "make a donation" box. well, it being my first visit, i'm not about to make a donation just yet so i head back to main page.

i click "beauty" and i hear beautiful music suddenly wishing i knew the name + artist so i can ipod the song. i see a creative mix of images with almost every image opening another window fresh with queer information. there's a nice collection of colin farrell images in this area as well as well written sal mineo biography. [as one can see, vintage sal surrounds this homo post.]

next i click "truth" and get another dose of background music. here there's a cookie of the month recipe as well as a salute to an avenue Q broadway actor. i like the music track in this section even better than the last. of course, no artist name or song title for me to ipod it.

in "grace" section i see male beef every f!cking where. i of course click the hairy chested cowboy cause i like my texans. it turns out the creator of the site is looking for "raunchy cowhands and horned up cowpolks" for a possible photo shoot. looks like i've now found a bear section with a very creative image of a stuffed bear undressing his fur for the bare skin underneath.

in "balance" i get an 80's song... i think. my eyes quickly find a franky g biography. this guy is possibly the most beautiful man ever to attempt an acting career. there's also a section featuring patti lupone, broadway actress/singer in which i was first introduced to her through will & grace. i laughed so hard when jack's character told patti in a resturant... "shut up patti lupone". oh that scene had me rolling in queer laughter.

in the "courage" section i see a burly man with his lips wrapped around a big, long... cigar. the fetish inside me urges to click discovering the webmasters's lust for cigar smoking. oh no! is that a business man getting urinated on? clicking on that with the fetish kink interest at hand, i see an article entitled "the extra e is for extra pee". here he explains the reasons why we [yes you!] get horny in the men's restroom.

and lastly, in the "wisdom" section i see a beautiful nude body. i of course click it to find out that the next issue for homovizion debuts late summer 2005. i also see the webmaster's letter to his readers. here we find out that once you donate to his site, he'll send you the link to access the archived issues of homovizion.

he goes on to explain the site is about men + art. "i feel fortunate to be enveloped by a community which fosters expression, and art, and a sense of belonging someplace special". well put leatherdawg. we also find out through his biography that his name is frank, has a pierced penis [jealous? he asks], has a degree in fine arts, obsessing over dred scott the porn star + either worked or attended the infamous eagle bar.

go ahead and check out his visually pleasing website, homovizion. thank you leatherdawg for the work you do. for the site you've created. and for the music seletions.

foto . sal mineo 2

inspired by homovizion the website

Monday, May 9

blogs 4 . andrew the blogmaster

in the fourth installment of "blogs", i bring you andrew. he currently runs 2 websites, each offering very different web comforts. one is a moblog while the other is a blog. confused, i'll explain shortly. but first, let's check out the first of his two websites.

bravehound is the blog that andrew updates a few times a month. now to some, it might not worth your time, but once you take the time to listen to some of his posts, then you've got some well spent time on your hands. labeling himself as "dj bravehound", he offers 2 80 minute plus mixes for your ipod via mp3 format.

on a december 14th blog entry, andrews writes that he "recently made a hobby of mixing continuous house CDs for the listening enjoyment of my friends and I." he then created a "DJ Bravehound's Penetration Mix" of bratney spears "do somethin'" crap song. the mix is great but i could care an ounce of breastmilk about the woman. but it makes me happy to know that she was the one of the many artists that have inspired andrew to post his work online.

the most beautiful image andrew has ever taken

now that you've most likely taken a web trip to bravehound's blog , you'll soon discover his other website, andrew's moblog.

you know, i didn't even think there were blogs that featured photos captured by one's phone camera but apparently they've been around for some time. if you're interested in starting your own moblog, check out the official website textamerica where andrew hosts his photos from. but remember, there are rules. only PG rated content. no nudity. and no images from a movie screen. all will result in termination of your somewhat free account.

back to andrew. a collection of his photographs each feature comments left behind by other fellow mobloggers and people who have free accounts to post some kind words. there are even some videos mixed in within his photos, quicktime format. with 21 pages of content dating back to march 2004, you'll just may be inspired to begin your own lifeblog.

again, andrew does not post daily due to his busy life off the web but when he posts, it should be a pleasant surprise when stopping by andrew's moblog. some of his favorite mobloggers include shower moblog + muscles moblog. this muscle moblog is now part of my blogmaster list. very good stuff.

for those who seek a bit more information about andrew and his work, check out his online profile. here he states that he's " a Montana-born, late-sleeping, coffee-drinking, sneaker-wearing, hiphop-listening, net-surfing, text-messaging, graphic-designing, weight-lifting, night-owling, jeep-driving, Thai-eating, street-running, video-gaming, self-blogging fool." he also tells us that he likes to "list things". don't we all.

Saturday, May 7

new vintage . the room planner

last summer i came across a great web tool that i shared with readers back in feb|05. if you remember, this item was displayed within the 2nd post of "a boy explores...", an area where i show you the kind of fun a gay guy can have while spending time on the net.

today i bring back the room planner. you'll need flash player 7 to get this very useful + creative web tool to work. once installed, you'll be able to design: a living room, bedroom, youth bedroom, home office, dining room + empty room in which you can start from scratch to format any room of your house.

the way it works is with measurements that you adjust yourself. if you know the floor plan to a specific room in your home or apartment, then you can begin. if you don't, then you'll need to get some kind of measuring tool. those with nothing may use their 9 inch erection to measure with. the dick has other uses.

once you have your measurements you can begin expanding furniture, turning pieces 360 degrees, overlapping pieces, deleting a piece out, using the sidebar to add another piece in, changing the walls in length + height at any given moment... it's such a great tool for those planning a new home design. endless queer fun.

each piece of furniture in the application has an "i" icon in which you can edit everything just a bit quicker. i used the the room planner to redesign my living room. no errors + everything was perfectly in place.

this could become the best web tool for all gay men who have money to burn and drop on furniture with no regrets + worries. it's also for the everyday man who just wants to add one amazing piece within his already mastered comforat collection of personal taste. enjoy this fun web tool and remember to tell your friends. don't forget to email the creators and thank icovia for creating the room planner.

Friday, May 6

learn 2 lust . the wrestler 2

Wednesday, May 4

fotography . luis caballero

Tuesday, May 3

blogmaster . i'm 14% nerd

this is the question that all nerds ask themselves

note: whenever you see "blogmaster" in the headline, it's a small amount of information about the guy who runs + aguysite blog. you'll only get maybe one or two a month. and no, my foto is not in this post.

i like to think i'm part something in other categorizes [in which i will not say], but i have come to the conclusion that i'm part nerd. 14% actually. how i came up with this number can only be understood by other 14% nerds. here's a few reasons why this calculated percentage for came to be.

star wars: i'm going to wait all day in line for a midnight showing. why because i'm part nerd. while i'm there, i want to hook up with a buff nerd drenched in nerd clothing, maybe suck him off in the parking lot. all in the name of star wars. i also have no desire to collect any "star wars" merchandise, i'm not a star wars nerd. but i want to wear a tight fitting retro movie tee. anyone know where i can get one before may 18th? i'm a tight medium, loose large.

attack of the show crush: i've just started watching "attack of the show" on g4tv [on cable] and i've fallen pocket protector over heels for co host slash producer brendan moran. he looks so much better on screen rather based on his web picture. all nerds just look better off camera. he was asked about what gives him the most happiness. he says "Trying new things." oh [laughing] don't we all. i heart brendan.

halo 2: i play halo 2. i'm currently a 14 rating in matchmaking and play under an alias name in which no one here can have. i love the slayer option + i have the ace of spades logo on my shoulder. only halo 2 nerds can understand what i'm writing about.

html codes: i like to think i'm s.m.r.a.t because i built + aguysite blog with no help from classes or horny tutors. yeah html may be beneath the super nerds but for me, it's an accomplishment. man, if i was a super gay nerd, just imagine how rad + aguysite blog would be? man... i'd probably be on "attack of the show" with brendan, that is if they would allow a gay based show in the network. straight tv producers suck!

these few tidbits make me 14% nerd. being a homo is a whole bigger percentage, i think we all know that! enjoy the nerd fotos within this post. i don't think nerds actually dress like the ones in the photos anymore but i wish a few did. nerds rock!

Monday, May 2

wim heldens . the gentlemen interviews

the next to participate in the gentlemen interviews is wim heldens, a dutch painter from amsterdam endowed with heart + a truly prolific talent. i first discovered mr. heldens through an email and have since been after him for these interviews. his work has been housed in such galleries that include henoch gallery, ganymede gallery, national portrait gallery, stedelijk museum, the open studio ps 122 among other private collections held in the netherlands, england + germany. the best way to introduce you to his work is for you to view his work. below are a few selected pieces that emotionally effect this blogmaster. my favorite selection is entitled 'saint jelle', i can't say why but this piece tugs at my heart. do enjoy the work of wim heldens. he is quite a discovery.

born in 1954. has an obsessive fascination with drawing from an early age. trains at barry's fitness centre [according to "paw's cave"]. wears funderwear. is listed among the professional artists. his work is categorized as "modern realistic oil paintings" by the online art navigator and categorized as "contemporary psychological realism" by

1. How did the picturesque journey begin for Wim Heldens the artist?

I don't remember when I started painting, but I must have been little, probably as soon as I was capable of holding a brush and had access to paint! I was always painting and drawing as a child. When I was a teenager, I experimented with every style in painting one can imagine. On my 17th birthday my parents gave me an oilpaint-kit ( on my request), that changed things dramatically!; now I became absolutely obsessed with painting! After 2 years of experiments with oil-paint, I discovered gradually that realism was my true love and great passion, and that is what I have been doing ever since!!!

2. Does the love for your work leave room for a relationship?

I am in a relationship with a man who lives in another country, when we are together I don't paint and when I am alone again I do nothing but paint ( have painted him twice already). But if we would be living together, he wouldn't be in my way if I was working, he understands my drive, my love leaves room for painting... ;-)

3. How should an up and coming artist handle world criticism?

An up and coming artist should put criticism aside most of all. Art comes from within, an artist should listen to his inner voice. The problem of the art-world nowadays, is that it is dominated by people who work professionally in the arts but are not artists ( curators, critics, artdealers, consultants etc.) but art, however, is still made by artists, not by the curator, critic etc.

Remember that a critic is someone who can't paint, he doesn't have the talent or the courage to be an artist himself ( because if he would have that talent he would be painting and not writing about it!) Time is the only real judge capable of deciding which art is really worthwhile!

There are many examples of artist who weren't appreciated by their contemporaries during their lifetime, but who's work , in the long run, proved to be of great importance for the history of art.

4. What do you suggest an American gay couple do while visiting Amsterdam?

Visit the Gay Monument, although I personally don't like the design of it, it's nevertheless absolutely unique!! It's the perfect place to celibrate and memorize our history.

5. Which selection of your artworks has the most heartfelt or humorous story that you love to retell.

My painting "The Goatee" is probably the most touching to me. It's a portrait of my (adopted ) son in which I went through a very intense process of regaining his trust, after I had lost that by selling a painting I'd promised him, to an important museum collection.

It should be my luck that the first time in my career a museum wanted to buy a piece, they insisted on wanting just that painting I had promised my kid. I had to sell it to the museum though, such a thing is just too damn important for an artist's career. But my kid was only 15 and he couldn't fully understand how much this meant to me, he felt betrayed and I felt very very guilty.

"The Goatee" I painted for him, and this time I didn't promise him the painting but I gave it to him. We're "cool" now but it was a painful process!

6. Educate me about art.

Oh boy! would have to go look at paintings together with me, that is the only way in which I could "infect" you with some of my enthusiasm and passion.

7. Educate me about love.

I wonder if that is possible. Maybe you'll just have to live your own life and have your own experiences to learn about love... isn't that what life is all about? I've made many stupid mistakes in my life, so who am I to educate you?

The only advice I can give is this: If you're in love with someone, make sure you still have your own life, don't sacrifice everything to be with your lover. Don't neglect your friends and keep doing the things you are interested in.

Relationships between people have a much better chance when a couple doesn't make emotional prisoners of each other, you are much more attractive to your partner in the long run anyway, if you still have your own life ( versus just being an appendix of him).

8. Voice your opinion(s) on pop culture, politics and/or religion?

Let me start with religion;...I am highly suspicious about anything religious, I think that most world-religions are institutions of power. They use the same tool to control and oppress people; they take away what is so natural and essential for human beings; their sexuality! And then make them feel guilty about it. ( works all the time)

Buddhism is the only religion I can find sympathy for.

As for politics; I feel we have to learn from the past, many ideoligies from the 20st century have failed, nevertheless I want to believe in a better world for ALL people. The capitalist society with its shareholder-economy is a disaster, because it is only fueled by greed and it doesn't care about people or the world.

I think we need an enlightened free market system with a social face, we need to re-evaluate our political believes and systems,...non of them is working. Our cultural climate craves for something deeper, for something meaningful, for something with substance. Since the introduction of conceptual art, any fool who shits on the museum floor can call himself an artist.

Since the introduction of "reality-TV" any fool who has been on TV long enough is a celebrity.

There are no qualities required to be an artist or a celebrity. Modern art has become sheer madness, absolutely in-comprehensable for any normal person. Televison has become a platform for exploiting human values and emotion. Our culture knows no quality, it only seems to celebrate cheap and shallow shock-effects. But history always goes in waves... so it will change eventually.

9. What's the best thing about being 51 years old?

I am painting better than ever and I am getting a bit more successful after 30 years of struggle. This is a very exciting time in my life!

10. What could a 40 something guy do to romance a gentleman?

I cannot speak for other gentlemen, of course, but I can tell you what would I would appreciate ( If I wasn't "spoken for" already..:-)) My work is my passion, so I like it when a guy who's interested in me shows an interest in my work, seems obvious right? But you wouldn't believe how many times I've met guys who would express sexual interest in me, but would ignore my paintings! I can assure you; that is LETHAL!!!

In romance I like to have the feeling that I am the only one, number one on the list that has only me on it!! Even when that is an illusion in that moment, it's still a nice illusion! Many gay men feel the need to talk excessively about other sexual experiences they've had.... WHYHYHYHYHYHY?????? It is so un-romantic... is that supposed to make me feel special????

I like the whole package, I find that sex gets better when there are a whole lot of other things to share. It's a bit of a paradox; but when it's not only about sex, that is when the sex gets really good. And a sense of humor is absolutely essential, if I can't laugh with you I am going to get bored very soon.

any last words:

The best argument I've heard so far why gay people should be able to get legally married: We should have the full right to suffer like anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 1 + blog letter . may

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for + aguysite blog. may brings the tease of an american summer... and thirty-one more days of queer blogging. thanks to your continued interest, aguysite blog is a favorite for 1,000's of visitors daily. i hope to increase that number by 500 by the start of summer and well go to a much stronger place by the end of august.

my blog is pretty simple compared to others. i know that but i do this because of you. i can say i'm not about writing meaningful, life changing articles but more about writing pop culture queer content that any guy can relate to. i'm about posting crystal clear and very beautiful photos for your viewing pleasure. i'm about showcasing queer websites that are high quality and worth your time. i'm about promoting those who are looking for a queer audience with varied tastes + interests. i'm just a guy making other guys enjoy life.

this past month i've recieved a few emails stating that my blog is one of the many reasons why they have decided to start their own blog. other websites + blogs inspire me and it makes me happy to inspire a few of you. email me any questions or comments about your blog or website, i'll check it out, honestly give you my opinions what you can do to improve or gain a larger web audience. i'll do my best to help my fellow gay webmasters + blogmasters out.

email. if anyone wants to email me a question or comment please check out my blogmaster section and obtain my email through there. the reason i don't post my email on the front page or side panel is because i hate spam mail. now, for those willing to go through a small amount of time to get to my email are the ones worth writing back to. i write back to everyone. even hate mail.

just recently, Rod 2.0 had emailed me and other blogmasters to help inform of his blog changes. for some reason, when something he does inspires me or gives me a fresh idea. so here's one. starting in may, one selected blog will get a side ad created by me. free of charge. just because i choose to do so. i would hope you would take the time to enjoy the featured blog monthly. everyone's got a new vision that you just may be able to relate to. bookmark them and write helpful + flattering comments. rod, thank you for your work online.

for those new to aguysite blog, i'm a big fan of the "gentlemen". these are what i like to categorize men who are aged to perfection, in both body + mind, who deserve my attention... and yours. it's the reason why i created "the gentlemen interviews". my next interview debuts may 2nd and i plan on debuting new very beautiful gentlemen all summer long. as for interviews, those have not been working out as i planned due to the last 2 subjects' outside interests which have delayed the interviews. it's their choice to continue an interview with + aguysite blog. everything is a choice with my websites.

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