Sunday, May 1 + blog letter . may

to those of interest,

today i write to inform those of recent web happenings for + aguysite blog. may brings the tease of an american summer... and thirty-one more days of queer blogging. thanks to your continued interest, aguysite blog is a favorite for 1,000's of visitors daily. i hope to increase that number by 500 by the start of summer and well go to a much stronger place by the end of august.

my blog is pretty simple compared to others. i know that but i do this because of you. i can say i'm not about writing meaningful, life changing articles but more about writing pop culture queer content that any guy can relate to. i'm about posting crystal clear and very beautiful photos for your viewing pleasure. i'm about showcasing queer websites that are high quality and worth your time. i'm about promoting those who are looking for a queer audience with varied tastes + interests. i'm just a guy making other guys enjoy life.

this past month i've recieved a few emails stating that my blog is one of the many reasons why they have decided to start their own blog. other websites + blogs inspire me and it makes me happy to inspire a few of you. email me any questions or comments about your blog or website, i'll check it out, honestly give you my opinions what you can do to improve or gain a larger web audience. i'll do my best to help my fellow gay webmasters + blogmasters out.

email. if anyone wants to email me a question or comment please check out my blogmaster section and obtain my email through there. the reason i don't post my email on the front page or side panel is because i hate spam mail. now, for those willing to go through a small amount of time to get to my email are the ones worth writing back to. i write back to everyone. even hate mail.

just recently, Rod 2.0 had emailed me and other blogmasters to help inform of his blog changes. for some reason, when something he does inspires me or gives me a fresh idea. so here's one. starting in may, one selected blog will get a side ad created by me. free of charge. just because i choose to do so. i would hope you would take the time to enjoy the featured blog monthly. everyone's got a new vision that you just may be able to relate to. bookmark them and write helpful + flattering comments. rod, thank you for your work online.

for those new to aguysite blog, i'm a big fan of the "gentlemen". these are what i like to categorize men who are aged to perfection, in both body + mind, who deserve my attention... and yours. it's the reason why i created "the gentlemen interviews". my next interview debuts may 2nd and i plan on debuting new very beautiful gentlemen all summer long. as for interviews, those have not been working out as i planned due to the last 2 subjects' outside interests which have delayed the interviews. it's their choice to continue an interview with + aguysite blog. everything is a choice with my websites.

back to work,
aguysite blogmaster.


Blogger Rod said...

Hello Blogmaster Extraordinaire.

Your words are too kind. The imagery is ... pure? It's quite beautiful.

I've taken the liberty of sending you something at your other addy.


12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi dear, I saw you in site, and you were wearing a brasilian t-shirt, do you speak portuguese?
i am brazilian boy, pls write me um grande abra├žo
de teu amigo ricardo choary

4:14 PM  

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