Tuesday, May 3

blogmaster . i'm 14% nerd

this is the question that all nerds ask themselves

note: whenever you see "blogmaster" in the headline, it's a small amount of information about the guy who runs aguysite.com + aguysite blog. you'll only get maybe one or two a month. and no, my foto is not in this post.

i like to think i'm part something in other categorizes [in which i will not say], but i have come to the conclusion that i'm part nerd. 14% actually. how i came up with this number can only be understood by other 14% nerds. here's a few reasons why this calculated percentage for came to be.

star wars: i'm going to wait all day in line for a midnight showing. why because i'm part nerd. while i'm there, i want to hook up with a buff nerd drenched in nerd clothing, maybe suck him off in the parking lot. all in the name of star wars. i also have no desire to collect any "star wars" merchandise, i'm not a star wars nerd. but i want to wear a tight fitting retro movie tee. anyone know where i can get one before may 18th? i'm a tight medium, loose large.

attack of the show crush: i've just started watching "attack of the show" on g4tv [on cable] and i've fallen pocket protector over heels for co host slash producer brendan moran. he looks so much better on screen rather based on his web picture. all nerds just look better off camera. he was asked about what gives him the most happiness. he says "Trying new things." oh [laughing] don't we all. i heart brendan.

halo 2: i play halo 2. i'm currently a 14 rating in matchmaking and play under an alias name in which no one here can have. i love the slayer option + i have the ace of spades logo on my shoulder. only halo 2 nerds can understand what i'm writing about.

html codes: i like to think i'm s.m.r.a.t because i built aguysite.com + aguysite blog with no help from classes or horny tutors. yeah html may be beneath the super nerds but for me, it's an accomplishment. man, if i was a super gay nerd, just imagine how rad aguysite.com + aguysite blog would be? man... i'd probably be on "attack of the show" with brendan, that is if they would allow a gay based show in the network. straight tv producers suck!

these few tidbits make me 14% nerd. being a homo is a whole bigger percentage, i think we all know that! enjoy the nerd fotos within this post. i don't think nerds actually dress like the ones in the photos anymore but i wish a few did. nerds rock!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nerds are the secret hotness. Seriously! Now if only the rest of the gay community would catch onto that...maybe I'd get a date.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous young twink #18 said...

aw that what's so hard about guy is so cute. he reminds me of my childhood crush

2:05 PM  

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