Monday, May 9

blogs 4 . andrew the blogmaster

in the fourth installment of "blogs", i bring you andrew. he currently runs 2 websites, each offering very different web comforts. one is a moblog while the other is a blog. confused, i'll explain shortly. but first, let's check out the first of his two websites.

bravehound is the blog that andrew updates a few times a month. now to some, it might not worth your time, but once you take the time to listen to some of his posts, then you've got some well spent time on your hands. labeling himself as "dj bravehound", he offers 2 80 minute plus mixes for your ipod via mp3 format.

on a december 14th blog entry, andrews writes that he "recently made a hobby of mixing continuous house CDs for the listening enjoyment of my friends and I." he then created a "DJ Bravehound's Penetration Mix" of bratney spears "do somethin'" crap song. the mix is great but i could care an ounce of breastmilk about the woman. but it makes me happy to know that she was the one of the many artists that have inspired andrew to post his work online.

the most beautiful image andrew has ever taken

now that you've most likely taken a web trip to bravehound's blog , you'll soon discover his other website, andrew's moblog.

you know, i didn't even think there were blogs that featured photos captured by one's phone camera but apparently they've been around for some time. if you're interested in starting your own moblog, check out the official website textamerica where andrew hosts his photos from. but remember, there are rules. only PG rated content. no nudity. and no images from a movie screen. all will result in termination of your somewhat free account.

back to andrew. a collection of his photographs each feature comments left behind by other fellow mobloggers and people who have free accounts to post some kind words. there are even some videos mixed in within his photos, quicktime format. with 21 pages of content dating back to march 2004, you'll just may be inspired to begin your own lifeblog.

again, andrew does not post daily due to his busy life off the web but when he posts, it should be a pleasant surprise when stopping by andrew's moblog. some of his favorite mobloggers include shower moblog + muscles moblog. this muscle moblog is now part of my blogmaster list. very good stuff.

for those who seek a bit more information about andrew and his work, check out his online profile. here he states that he's " a Montana-born, late-sleeping, coffee-drinking, sneaker-wearing, hiphop-listening, net-surfing, text-messaging, graphic-designing, weight-lifting, night-owling, jeep-driving, Thai-eating, street-running, video-gaming, self-blogging fool." he also tells us that he likes to "list things". don't we all.


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