Tuesday, May 10

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in it's 22nd issue, homovizion continues to be a homof!ck mind trip. i discovered this website some time ago and just re-discovered the site again. these are the thoughts and feelings written out for you about my online journey through homovizion.

i first see an image of a porn star, colton ford. he's apparently a singer now who may or may not be dating another porn star, blake harper. i suddenly feel like i'm going to enjoy my web stay on homovizion.

on the left i see 6 words: beauty, truth, grace, balance, courage + wisdom. i also see 70,000+ hits + an email address, dawg at leatherdawg dot net. quickly visiting leatherdawg.net i see a message about archived homovizion issues and a "make a donation" box. well, it being my first visit, i'm not about to make a donation just yet so i head back to main page.

i click "beauty" and i hear beautiful music suddenly wishing i knew the name + artist so i can ipod the song. i see a creative mix of images with almost every image opening another window fresh with queer information. there's a nice collection of colin farrell images in this area as well as well written sal mineo biography. [as one can see, vintage sal surrounds this homo post.]

next i click "truth" and get another dose of background music. here there's a cookie of the month recipe as well as a salute to an avenue Q broadway actor. i like the music track in this section even better than the last. of course, no artist name or song title for me to ipod it.

in "grace" section i see male beef every f!cking where. i of course click the hairy chested cowboy cause i like my texans. it turns out the creator of the site is looking for "raunchy cowhands and horned up cowpolks" for a possible photo shoot. looks like i've now found a bear section with a very creative image of a stuffed bear undressing his fur for the bare skin underneath.

in "balance" i get an 80's song... i think. my eyes quickly find a franky g biography. this guy is possibly the most beautiful man ever to attempt an acting career. there's also a section featuring patti lupone, broadway actress/singer in which i was first introduced to her through will & grace. i laughed so hard when jack's character told patti in a resturant... "shut up patti lupone". oh that scene had me rolling in queer laughter.

in the "courage" section i see a burly man with his lips wrapped around a big, long... cigar. the fetish inside me urges to click discovering the webmasters's lust for cigar smoking. oh no! is that a business man getting urinated on? clicking on that with the fetish kink interest at hand, i see an article entitled "the extra e is for extra pee". here he explains the reasons why we [yes you!] get horny in the men's restroom.

and lastly, in the "wisdom" section i see a beautiful nude body. i of course click it to find out that the next issue for homovizion debuts late summer 2005. i also see the webmaster's letter to his readers. here we find out that once you donate to his site, he'll send you the link to access the archived issues of homovizion.

he goes on to explain the site is about men + art. "i feel fortunate to be enveloped by a community which fosters expression, and art, and a sense of belonging someplace special". well put leatherdawg. we also find out through his biography that his name is frank, has a pierced penis [jealous? he asks], has a degree in fine arts, obsessing over dred scott the porn star + either worked or attended the infamous eagle bar.

go ahead and check out his visually pleasing website, homovizion. thank you leatherdawg for the work you do. for the site you've created. and for the music seletions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the site!! Just in case you haven't figured it out the song you're refering to under beauty is "I Put A Spell On You" sung by Nina Simone, you can get it on iTunes they also have other versions of the song by other artists!!

8:07 AM  
Blogger NANDO J said...

Hey! Love the site too. Visit every day to see what you'll be giving your admiring readers. The 80's song under balance is actually an early 90's hit called "Real Love" by Mary J Blige. Just in case you were wondering.

12:44 AM  

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